Cancer woman left me, How can I get her back do I honestly have a chance?

  • My x called me the same day she got the two dozen roses.. She said to me I know your at work but I personally wanted to thank you for the roses. I was so nervous I was shaking as I ran from my desk to the lunch room to finish my conversation. We talked briefly and she was off the phone

    It was such a joy to hear here voice since a Long time

    After being numb for a few min. I decided to send her a short e

    Mail. I told her I was glad to see she accepted the roses. I said enjoy the roses and I hope they last till her birthday. I asked ever so briefly if she had time we could meet for coffee in a few weeks. She replied sounds like a plan 🙂 . I was so happy. I sent her one last e mail telling her when im available. She didn't respond. Well I guess will see. I came Home and thanked god. I prayed to god and asked if he would give me a second chance.

  • What are my odds are she will tell me she is seeing someone special? I say low. What do you think?

  • I guess this subject is dead. Had coffee with my x . We had a nice time. I felt like I was on an interview. She didn't tell much about her life. A few days later she had to come clean an admit she is involved with some one. So game over I loose. I tried to hard.

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