Cancer woman left me, How can I get her back do I honestly have a chance?

  • Thank you so much for all your advice. I didn't understand all of irt but grisly do appreciate it. Her family. Was great to me. Why I didn't move out to save our relationship? I had no permanent job. I. Was in a love bubble and I couldn't see how to fix things. I asked her why she didn't try to give me a chance. She said you had two years of chances. She likes to drink. When she left me she said she missed her old life. I wouldn't mind her drinking. If we would have talked about it. She held resentment against for not drinking and the day I did drink she had a cow. She said he can't drink his diabetes. Never seen her so mad. Her whole family drinks like fish. We went to parties and she stopped drinking. She lost weight after our break up. Cuz of not drinking and my friend told me she was in pain. My friend dated the sister till recently. He said those Garcia women have an expiration date 2 yrs. Her family is important to her.

  • I never said I couldn't marry her. I want to marry her. She wanted to get married in Vegas@ first. Then she wanted to get married in Puerto rico. She said she want to marry me on the beach.

  • I met my love july 5. 3yrs ago. We had a date on july 5 in a small mexican restaurant. I was so nervous. I normally arrive early to my date. For the first time my date beat me to the restaurant early. I remember like it was yesterday. I walked threw the door and looked to the right and then I saw her. She looked so beautiful. She had a corona in one hand and a smile that could lite a room. I touched her and I knew she was the one. A literal spark jumped from me to her. I was in heaven. After we had dinner. She had mole and I had. Carnetas. I can't believe I remember what we ate. After dinner we went to see the perfect date movie wallee. After the movie we drove to the park and kissed. We were there to late. A cop pulled up and gave us a ticket for parking@ a park. What a first date huh? I have never loved anyone as much as

  • I hope you called her on your anniversary.

    That said, Kabalista's analysis makes your cancer woman sound like an exhausting drama queen that you have to wear kid gloves for and walk on eggshells. whew!

  • Not really.

  • did you call her on your anniversary?

  • Why? Would I do that? We are not together. To late now

  • Cjstone48, I looked up her chart and there are two major things that I think are really important for you to notice about her. First, she is on the Cusp of Oscillation (Cancer/Leo cusp). That means that she embodies some qualities of Cancer and some of Leo, so she's not a "true Cancer." Secondly, her Venus is in Gemini, a sign that is notorious for being flaky lovers (you should look up this placement if you don't know much about it).

    Also, the fact that you didn't have a stable job (her Cancer side thinks that you can't provide security for her, her Leo side thinks you can't lavish her with gifts and dinners at nice restaurants) was probably the biggest factor in her leaving you.

    All in all, I don't think this woman was right for you. Hold out hope, though - you'll find someone much better for you than she was. =D

  • Thank you so much. I would probably agree but everything in my heart and soul tells me she is the one. I sent her two dozen roses she will get Tuesday with a card that says celebrating you! Here is a rose for everyday till your birthday. May the smell of roses lift up your spirits. Your friend Carlos. If she don't respond positive I will give a personally made b day card. If after this month I get no kind of response then im done. She has someone or just is done with me. My question for u is I sent her the money to pay off the engagement ring which was in layaway would she take the ring odor Take the store credit. ?

  • In my opinion, you are too good for this woman. That is probably the sweetest, most romantic thing I have ever heard of a man doing for a woman. I think it's good that you're considering moving on after this month - I think that's the healthiest thing for you to do.

    To answer your question (as horrible as this will sound), I sincerely doubt that she would use the money to pay off the ring. I don't know her at all, but from what I've read by you and by her chart, she doesn't seem like the kind of person who would do the "right thing," so to speak. Did she purchase the ring or did you? If you did, I would check with the company that you bought the ring from and make sure that it is paid off.

    I worked at a bankruptcy law firm when I was eighteen-years-old and the standing attorney there (with whom I became great friends with) gave me one of the best pieces of advice I've ever received: "You can be stupid in love and you can be stupid with money but you sure as he'll can't be stupid with both." Keep that in mind with this woman.

  • Thank you for all your advice. Maybe I should give up on her and pursue you.? Well my heart says to try. The ring was put in her name so the company will not tell me what happened. The fact that I didn't have a stable job and I didn't helped her pay the ring showed lack of commitment on my part. I feel I sabotaged my own relationship in that respect. You can be a fool in both.. I was with my kids mother 15yrs she cost me a fortune inn stupid

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  • No problem - that's the beauty of forums like this one. There's always hope in any situation, I'm just wording my opinion on it. When it comes down to it, no one can make the decision but you. I hope that you make the right one for you because I hate seeing anyone getting hurt over another person.

    With the mother of your kid, she was the one being stupid with money and you were the one being stupid with love (sorry if that sounds harsh). That probably contributed to the ending of your relationship with her on some level.

  • Harsh as it maybe it is what it is. If its meant for her to come back I win.if not she loose.

  • Well said, Carlos. =D

  • I live in Whittier ca. And you?

  • On the other side of the country in Ohio.

  • I would fly to Ohio. 😉 im a true romantic. Give ya my e mail and number.

  • I think I'm a tad bit younger than your target age group, though lol.

  • Younger is good. I love a intellectual and smart woman. Maybe a little older than you but hey things happen for a reason. Life is full of surprises. I met my kids mother by writting to a total stranger. We were together 15 years. Here is my e mail . hopeless romantic. Castaway, notebook, walle, cars, I'm mister romantic.

  • Today she will receive the two dozen flowers. I hope she accept the flowers. I prayed to god that I. Get a second chance. If not then I have to accept the reality that she is not coming back.

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