Real newbie needs some help...

  • hi im new here and would like some help with a 3 card past/preset/future spread:

    past = reversed 8 of wands

    present = the moon

    future = judgement

    any insights as to how best to interpret this spread would be really appreciated



  • This spread could be talking about a relationship or work issue. I am treating it as relationship, but the same would apply for any other situation.

    In the past things have been moving slow and not as fast as you want. At present, you are confused about where the relationship is going and where you want it to go. You still have a lot of doubts about your partner and the relationship in general. But, in the future, you will have a revelation of some kind that will make your path clear. This may either lead or be a cause of you getting out of the present relationship, or a new positive turn to the present relationship. Either ways it will be what's best for you. So you need not worry.

    Some people read the judgement card as having to take a major call in your life. So this may be suggesting you will need to make a call (on whether to end the relationship or not) in the near future.

  • thanks so much, that makes a lot of sense - it is work related I think. Thanks again x

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