Scorpio in need of a reading!

  • My boyfriend, a taurus, and I just broke up last week.

    We dated over a year, and were very much in love.

    We are reconsidering our relationship status at this time,

    yet there's a Cancer man who I have been talking to and loved for many years, yet it was long distance.

    Still is.. but I'm willing to relocate for love.

    I just would fully appreciate some advice! I'm so stumped.

    My birthday 10/27/90 I have a master life path number 11, the ex has a master 22 I feel this connects us on an intellectual level, however being the scorpio I am, I feel it can be competitive,

    Taurus ex- 5/10/1987

    Cancer- 7/6/1987

  • You and your Taurus ex: The determining factor in the success of both love and marriage here is whether your emotional communication is as good as the mental and physical kind. Empathic bonds are somewhat rare here since your ex doesn't live on the more emotional levels, and usually resists the kind of intense psychological scrutiny that is your speciality. Even so, sympathy and understanding can become a trademark of the relationship as long as the two of you are determined to make it so. Your ex will generally have an aversion to your dark moody side, but may also be fascinated by it. Luckily it is the sunnier aspects of your personality that this relationship tends to activate. Quick mental communication will likely be the main focus here however. Intelligence and the transmission of ideas are highly valued and there may also be a shared interst in books, puzzles, games and feats of memory and reasoning. There will also be a concern with social and moral codes, issues of justice and injustice, and rather forward thinking or visionary ideas. The connection between you is often so close that each person may know what the other is thinking without a word being spoken. The question is whether you can become as close emotionally. The answer is 'yes' if you both are willing to work hard for it. A longterm relationship here is only possible if the two of you can compromise on what you want and how you behave.

    You and the Cancer man: A love triangle is often a typical scenario here - this relationship can be highly secretive, virtually subterranean in its refusal to allow its goings-on to see the light of day. This may be about the three-way triangle between you, the Cancer man and your ex or about someone the Cancer man is also involved with. Some adeptness at and consistency for deception is present here. It is unfortunate for the third party who is kept in the dark, but the thrill of an illicit or forbidden action is just too great to resist here and may the biggest part of the attraction. The relationship can centre around the member of the triangle who is involved in two intimate relationships, often both sexual ones, at the same time. You two can have a very happy marriage if you manage to disentangle yourselves from your other relationships but must beware of spending too much time alone together. Sharing friendships that do not carry the temptation or peril of ever new love triangles, but function simply and purely as friendships, will add stabilty. But there may always be the fear of one of you cheating again.

    Brandy, you are still young - does it have to be only one or the other of these guys?

  • Thanks so much for your time !

    I know it's silly, but I just love to be in love. Maybe not the best idea, you're right I should focus on myself I guess.

    It's just so hard I don't know how I've been in so many bad relationships, then had two boyfriends for over a year each back to back.

    I don't want to have a pity party, I just feel the classic scorpio way of needing to be loved, and feeling depressed at times.

    I've had a rough time, truly.

    But I appreciate you so much.

  • Any advice on how to evolve and become more self-empowered

  • Brandy, you are here in this life to stir things up, to serve as a catalyst to impart new ideas, modes of thought, or revolutionary concepts to society. You have all the dynamism, charisma, and invention to be a mover and shaker, to make your influence felt in the world, and to lend spice with your exciting energy to family gatherings and other social events. So, instead of desiring to escape into fantasy or isolation, you must step forward and use your highly developed intuition and love of all that is innovative to help yourself and others to turn their lives into success stories.

    You are not particularly suited for settled family life because you come from a place of emotional oscillation and must struggle for evenness and normality in your relationships. What you really want is to be in love, to be adored, and to share the centre stage of life with someone who returns your passion. To do this, you must learn to go with the flow and tell the Universe what you want - then let life with its perfect timing bring others to you who will recognize and adore you. You need to receive love naturally and not to fuss or worry or devise strategies about it. Often the best partner for you will be someone quiet and stable who can be grounding and a balance for your electric energies. However, unless you deal with issues about being honoured, revered, adored and worshipped, no amount of success will satisfy you. You must learn to regulate your energies so as to keep your cataclysmic personality on an even keel and under control. Otherwise you may have an upsetting influence on others and may even be labeled a troublemaker. The very thing you want most - excitement - may be the very opposite of what you really need - peace and quiet. You have a hard time knowing what is best for you so you need dedicated ad grounded family and friends around you who can keep you from going over the edge, especially where alcohol or other drugs are concerned. Spending time with like-minded people, who openly express their unorthodox ideas and visions of the future, will give you the support you need. When you focus on enacting your altruistic dreams, life will send special people to charge your dreams with romantic energy.

    You will find your life journey very unpredictable because that matches your nature, but you need to develop a deeply spiritual orientation so as not to slip into extremism. Both extreme worldliness and extreme escapism can figure in your journey. One of the biggest stumbling blocks can be your need for other people's approval. You value and seek relationships with others because you lack a sense of relationship with yourself. You want someone to be there as a source of support but you sometimes get caught in the double bind of seeking relationship while simultaneously trying to assert your independent nature. You will always march to the beat of your own drum. But you are blessed with an ability to thrive on pressure, and your highly charged, intense character can mesh well with the energies of your life path. If you don't allow your desire for extremes to manifest in self-destructive tendencies, you will discover in yourself a capacity for real transcendance and extraordinary vision on this breathtakingly polarized life journey. You don't have to fear being a nobody or a regular person - you are destined for greatness if you can get control of your electric energies and channel them into creative avenues of expression.

    You will find how effective you can be with groups of people, promoting open, harmonious cooperation. You are capable of doing what's best for the group as a whole and can further the success of idealistic causes or humanitarian goals in which you believe. You are extremely creative and can bring enthusiasm, passion, and raw energy to get any job done well. You are the inventor, the artist, the athlete, or the leader. A natural networker who will enjoy many contacts, you represent the paradox of the strong individualist who is also here to serve the larger good of the community. You would excel in positions that require objectivity, such as a scientist, astrologer, electrician, technician, computer expert or in any occupation where the ability to see the future and upcoming trends and bring them into the present is an asset. Bringing innovative ideas to the public in any form is your forte. Positive results are produced by applying your properly applied creative energy. Broadcast work in radio or television is another field in which you have innate talents. Professionally you are capable of sticking with jobs that are less than ideal for you, but the temptation to leave and move onto something more exciting will always be strong. Financially as your energy flows, so flows your abundance. Any blocked creative energy means a blockage of money flow and when you are not working in the positive, you may experience down-in-the-dumps feelings of insecurity and lack.

  • all i can say is WOW.

  • thank you, this was crazy accurate!

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