May I please have a reading if anybody feels up to it?

  • Hi,

    I would like to receive a relationship reading.

    My date of birth 4 May

    His 23 September.

    My question - The potential of this relationship

    Thank you in advance


  • Friendship and love here can be squarely based on physical attraction and will feature seductive, often sensual forms of persuasion. In the interest of preserving harmony and good feeling, important issues that should actually be thrashed out may instead be avoided. Differences in fundamental values make a marriage or longterm love relationship here problematic. Your friend's more superficial nature and social aspirations may prove unacceptable to you, and you will eventually come to judge him rather harshly. Resentments and conflicts are likely to surface. Ambivalent feelings, especially over social issues and in matters of style, can emerge - you on the one hand are extremely interested in everything up-to-date, stylish and aesthetic, yet on the other hand you hate snobbery, putting on airs and all forms of elitisim, which of course abound in the worlds of fashion and art. Your friend's attitudes meanwhile are for tthe most part unequivocally elitist, and his sensibility is highly refined.

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