How to get libramale to commit

  • Hi,

    Im a pisces gal n enamoured 4 lord knows which time with a libra male. Ive known him 4 ten years by now, n we´ve had a hole of the durance of small 3 years.

    I never forgot what he n I had, so up to xmas 2008 i went on a limp n snail mailed him on his home address. In the years we was not in touch he was divorced n had relocated.

    We take it slow, 4 now it is email n it goes swell. Yet i try n hint i wish more, but he holds back.

    How can i help him overcome fears after his terrible ordeal of a failed marriage in which he was burnt n hurt so much?

    Between the lines he do say how crazy he is 4 me, n how much he loves me. He doesnt use love but other strong metaphores.

    I feel he wants this as much as me, yet his past burn still holds him.

    What can i do? I love him very much. I know if i didnt I wouldnt have reached out with the last try, u know the if he replies YES we have a go, or if no reply ok gr8 i can move on then.

    If u have any experiences with libra males do post thanx

  • Question, if he is not ready for a comittment why would you want him to committ before he is ready? Maybe this is not the one for you? I have had experience with a Libra man and they tend to take their sweet time about making decisions. Remember they are the scales and they are trying to balance everything. Maybe moved ahead and then he may realize what he has with you.

  • Ye u have a point. cant force what wont b. Its not force per se juss me being impatient. pisces r by nature impatient. no matter what any says LOLOLOL

  • Hi, It seems you already have a fixed idea of what you want. He doesn't right now. I think it's unrealistic to want a commitment at this point. Listen to what he tells you and keep the friendship. Maybe later on the commitment. I feel if you come on too strong you will drive him away.

  • ye dalia u have a point, i do take it slow u know set on his pace, there4 i ask at times what can i do to speed it up, the reply is nothinhg. besides it will do me well to slow down also LOL

    anything else u get dalia?

  • Hi - Pisces just abruptly pulled from a relationship with a Libra/Scorp cusp. Oh my, I have adored this man for 17 years but circumstances are not "right" now. Anyway, main purpose of my post is to say to watch the movie, "He's Just Not That Into You". Think it might help you frame your current situation. 🙂

  • Thanx. i know of that movie, but ill hang onto to him. at best which is gr8 i can have him as a best friend. besides more n more comes from his mails that he loves me n wants me, BUT due to him being burnt he wanna build it nice n slow. Its fine by me, when i get impatient i juss need to selfremind that i dont like fast n furious courtships. I read an article that we women tend to find a man that is alike our dad. now my pa likes to take his sweet time on things both said written n done. my libra male is like this n its y i love him. not saying he is my dad but the pattern is there. Ive too often been courted by wham bam hurry more woman guys on chats, in datesites n in out of blue email. Frankly those dudes spook me. No i prefer slow n easy loveydovey going. Thehehehhehe

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