A Yin and Yang relationship?

  • I am involved with the most intense and passionate man I have ever been involved with. We flock together like two birds of a feather. We have not had relations as of yet but he is the most incredibly intense lover I have ever had.

    We seem to have the "Complete Each Other" type of relationship, he is the most amazing man I have ever been involved with and he seems to be just as head over heals about me as well. Could it be possible he is the Yang to my Yin or my Yin to his Yang?? (lol, I have no idea which is the masculine side and feminine side).

    I have checked our charts but I do not know his time of birth so I guessed at 12 noon for a mid day and it seems to explain him pretty well. Can anyone give me more insight and if there is a better time to use for not knowing a birth time?

    This is an incredible relationship of all the ones I have ever had in my entire life!! Oh my Stars!! He is awesome and he thinks I am too!!

  • 12 noon is the general time astrologers use to calculate the chart when the exact birth time is not known.

  • Thank you again Captain, I will keep that knowledge

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