Tarotred can you help me

  • Can you do a reading for me?

    I'm interested in one guy , but don't know should i tell him or try to forget him.

    If you can see would he like if i send him a message.I don't know much about him so idk.

    I'm virgo he is taurus. 🙂

  • Hi Doree. Would love to do the reading for you.

    Would really appreciate if you could give yours and the guys name and birthdate (if possible). Will make the reading more accurate. Thanks.

    Looking forward to reading for you.


  • Thanks 🙂

    mine 7/9/91 his 18/5/91

  • and i didn't see nancy ,tony :)thanks

  • plz don't forget : 3

  • Hi Doree,

    I am really sorry for the late response. its been a very hectic few days.

    I am sorry Doree, but the cards do not show any interest on his side, and I think if you really were to honestly ask yourself, you would feel the same way. You do feel he is everything you want, but unfortunately he does not feel the same way. So i don't think you will gain anything by contacting him.

    I feel really sad for some reason with this reading, but all i can say is that you will find the right person who truly loves you and you deserve that. So wait for that moment, and you will know in your heart when he comes.

    Let me know if I can be of nay further help. God bless!!

  • It's okay, i just thought you forget.:)

    I feel that i could get that kind of answer :(.Idk i feel very sad in life general, so i hoped that love could make things better, but it just not him.

    You can do me a reading fir a love life in general, when you have time :).That would be great.

    Thank you very much. 🙂

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