What do I do?

  • Someone give me a reading on this guy Im involved with, Please? I dont have his birth date. Im so confused. I dont know where this is heading.

  • We need something by which to tune into his vibes. If you don't have his birthday, do you have a photo?

  • No is there something I could give you?

  • A name or something?

  • Its doesnt really matter he blocked me on his phone & wants nothing to do with me. Has me all upset. Telling me I need to only call him only twice a day. Ignores me. Upsets me. Has me so confused. I go over to his house the other night its all going great and then its time for me to leave he doesnt want me to leave right yet. I stay the mood feels like its going somewhere.. He walks me to the door. I wanted to kiss him goodbye cause this has been stringing along for way to long and then I dont kiss him. Just as I am too far away I realize I should have kissed him. I miss him & I love him. I am going through way too much turmoil inside me and all this back and forth and confusion is making second guess every step Ive taken to get to this point. So maybe I missed my chance. Maybe I need to throw my hands up with this one and move on. Ive already made a total fool of myself getting so mad at myself for not taking chances when I had them I just was very scared. Through the beginning of this relationship I had just moved out from living next door. Alot had gone on in the house and I had to deal with a lot of sealing up the past kind of thing every time I went back to his house. None of this is fair. None of it I should have never gone through it. I was scared for my future. I was scared of what was going to happen next. All the while he is there through it and not making it much easier by just dropping hints with what he wants. Cause clearly I couldnt read them. Cause he'd back it up just like he did yesterday before he blocked him phone calling me up the day after I leave his house saying How did we end up like this then telling me there was no relationship and for me to come over every once in awhile. When clearly he made a point the other night that again he was attached emotionally by his actions. Ive screwed up. Ive become angry. Theres no way I can change how I acted and he tells me thats not going to do any better. Im so sad and messed up and angry.

  • You say you miss him and you love him, but you don't even have a photo or know when this guy was born? Are you sure you haven't rushed into this without getting to know each other properly first, and only then deciding if you are right for each other?

  • Yeah you're right. I didnt realize I posted that probably rushed a lot. It was a passing feeling. We do know few about eachother. I just turn into this crazy B**** around him.

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