Captain, pls read.

  • Hi Captain,

    i havent visited with site for acouple of weeks now, or month.. anyhow, i met a man. we have been talking for a little over a month now. Im going to be honest with you and say that I feel scared. I never exp what i feel when im with him.. i feel silly saying all of this becuase ive fallen so many times..but never have I felt what i feel when im with him. I feel safe to be open and honest with him.I feel safe to bring down walls that i build all my life. i can go on and on about what special feeling i fee at this moment in time, but lets make this short lol.

    captain, i sit here with mix feelings fear, wondering if his words are real when i "feel" that they are etc.. im afraid bc I know im falling..again.. but this time i feel like..idk..someone brought us together.. . can you help me bring down one more wall pls. or is this feeling something that i feel because its been ong time since i made a connection with a man?

    thank you Captain, always for you time and wisdom.


  • oh if you need our DOB.

    mine 1/26/1981

    his 1/11/80

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