Had an insecure/crazy moment with a Cancer man, now what?

  • So I had an insecure couple days with my cancer. We've only been dating for a month, but I really like the guy. This week, I pulled a couple Pisces over-thinking moments. He even tried his hardest to reassure me the first time I did it. Well then a few nights ago, he ended up getting stuck with fixing his car (it had to stay in the shop overnight) and I freaked out. I called/texted 6 times in 2 hours...and believe me, I've NEVER done that before. He texted me back saying "You REALLY need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and calm down." I told him I was just frustrated with things. He then said "What do you expect me to do when every time I return to my phone I've got 3 missed calls and 3 more texts? Advice: when you text/call someone, they'll eventually get it and get back to you." I said "Ok." And left it alone, for a bit. 24 hours later, I texted him to apologize for acting so silly/crazy/insane/insecure, and that there really wasnt a good excuse to act like that. And hoped that he accepted my apology. He texted me back rather quickly saying "No need. I've done the same thing myself. Walking into a movie with ma. Talk at ya later tonight." Well that was 2 days ago, and I haven't heard from him. Any advice? Should I contact him again? I feel like the ball's in his court. Should I leave him alone? How do I let him know I still want him around without being pushy/insecure/etc? Your advice is much appreciated!!!

  • Let him call you! This is your chance to show him you can be secure enough to not have to talk to him all the time! I always give myself a goal when I'm in a situation, a little mind trick, I say "I'll call him in five days", or some number a couple days from now. That releases me from feeling like I'm waiting for him. They'll call before the time that I give myself! This happens to all of us, just be happy he's so understanding. I did that to my Cancer guy one night- I knew he was working and I had a really bad day. He manages a resturant and I knew they were closed so I called him....no answer-text, I even called the restaurant! I knew I was being psycho but I felt I HAD to talk to him! I finally gave up and texted, "Sorry I've been calling so much, I just had a bad day and talking to you makes me feel better. Oh well, goodnight I guess..". I got a text an hour later he'd been talking to his brother and was wondering if I was still up! So he called and we ended up having a really cute conversation. He was still at work, he called right after talking to his bro and still had alot to do at the restaurant, but called me 🙂 I joked about how psycho I must've seemed- I'm never gonna do that again! When you feel out of control, take a step back.

  • So in other words, just leave him alone. No inviting him anywhere and no texts to say hello. Right?

  • Unlike your lucky self, Karma, I STILL haven't heard from him. I'm starting to think I never will. How long will it take him to come out of his shell? And is there any sense in contacting him at all?

  • NEVER call a cancer guy. They luv it when you don't call. It drives them crazy and they feel compelled to call YOU. I hope it's not too late in your case. best of luck

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