Equinox, Evolution and more Ascension Symptom

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    If you haven't noticed, life has amplified, and intensified since the equinox this past March. I know we felt a huge shift on March 19th while we were in Egypt. I know you are feeling it too. But what is IT that we are really feeling anyway? If we had ever doubted that the shift of the ages was an actual reality, this is becoming a time where it is very clear to us. We are definitely in the pressure cooker that triggers a shift of an age! In the Maya world, they would call this the energy of Cauac (Kawak) . . . the light the proceeds full realization.

    From April 24th to May 13th, we are in the Maya core days. These 20 days acts like the cosmic kundalini of the Maya calendar. It also anchors all intent and consciousness of all things that preceded these days. So what happened in the past 9 months will be anchored into physical reality.

    On the 6th day of these core days, I had a powerful dream/vision. It was a really unsettling night. I kept having flashes of darkness being released off the planet. Huge dark beings were being vacuumed off and returned to source. Then, as we all know, two days later we got the news about Bin Laden's demise. I think this event was an echo in our physical world of the darkness that is being cleared. It was a good day for the Earth and humanity. This is also a great confirmation that the Earth and its natural law is self-justifying to a higher octave.

    All this shifting and acceleration of the evolution of the collective consciousness is coming with a lot of interesting symptoms. Some of the symptoms we have had before; while others are new. I have been swapping notes with people I trust, good clear intuitive folks, and the following seems to be the common feelings people are having . . . being unclear, ungrounded, unendingly bored, feeling pressure in the ears, feeling pushed while being un-committed, depressed, taking naps, and feeling generally very unsettled. We are feeling a deep yearning for something that we don't know what that is. Many are also having wild deep dreams of realities that seem so real that when we wake up you can't tell where you are?

    Many are worried that our indecisiveness and spiritual clarity has flown out the window for good, and now might be looking for a the latest crystal ball to get a clue to what in the world is going on? It makes me wonder what this new energy might make us stoop to. Are we really considering not trusting ourselves, our intuition, our hearts, and regress back to look for answers outside of ourselves? . . . or . . . is this just one big, very grand test to see how much we trust our inner truth. It is not a good time to relapse into old ways and patterns to find new answers.

    There a lot of positive reasons why we are feeling the way we are. For one, feeling bored will help us let go of all things we are attached to. If we are unattached, when the time comes to leap to the new world, nothing will hold us back. After all . . . you would not want to miss the shift of the ages if you were concerned about watering your plants before you left right?

    The deep yearning we are feeling is the fuel or the impetus to actually make us move. This deep yearning is our wings. The yearning drives us a little crazy, but yet it keeps our eyes open and aware of any new door that might open. We are all feeling that door looming out ahead of us like a carrot dangling out in front of us.

    I have to admit that I have fallen prey to the pitfalls in this new energy these days. The deep yearning inside of my soul has triggered me to do things I would not normally do. I have always trusted my inner guidance. But right now my inner guidance appears to have merged with the whole . . . that means merged with everyone folks! So I am a little confused right now as to what is best for ME . . . and not the entire human race. But it makes me question... is this part of the new world that we are moving into? Maybe we have come to the point in our evolution where we can not think just about ourselves anymore. Maybe everything we think, feel, and do has to be considered in the collective and react in regards to how it affects the whole. Maybe this is part of unity consciousness!

    I went and talked to a good local astrologer the other day about relocation. I have been living here in Sedona for 12 years, and I have been feeling, for quite some time, that it is time for a change. This astrologer confirmed that everything that I was feeling was something that is part of the collective mind. She said everyone is feeling pushed forward while feeling like they are in a straight jacket. Does this sound familiar? It feels like a pressure cooker that does not have a release valve.

    It appears that no direction feels right at the moment . . . yet I feel completely excited about planning future trips. My guides, the Star Elders, say to keep moving. So I try to do this in as many areas of my life as I can. I feel like I need to just keep moving. We even consider getting a little green RV and roam for a bit. But we have to take feelings lightly as The Star Elders strongly state "Wait, be patient, and wait for the RIGHT door to open. Don't settle for less." Astrology, and other forms of divination, is only one way to look at things. How much we have evolved will really determine how we react to the planets and the shifting of our reality. I think all of THIS is us FEELING the shifts and the unification in our world. I feel there will be no place to escape from this pressure as we are becoming unified with every living thing. We are all connecting. We will need to stay grounded and play hard in order to stay clear. We will need to put into practice all that we have learned in the past years about listening to our hearts and following that wisdom. Our wisdom, inner truth, and heart connection will prove to be our flawless gyroscope to keep things balanced in a world where there is so much in flux. But as the Star Elders remind me... what we are feeling today is only a temporary but necessary bridge to a new world that will surprise and awe us : )

    My song for the day . . . "Maybe there is a world" . . . by Yusuf Islam

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