• I agree with you LoaP, they are fun, certainly not to be taken seriously. The Tarot is both simple and complex, card placements and combinations can alter the tone of a reading not to mention the readers insight which is the most important thing of all!

  • Call TV - Of course this is an excellent thread to get to know the cards, but if you are interested in getting a reading, create a new thread and ask your question (look through the threads to see how others do it), there are many excellent readers in the Tarot forum that would be happy to give you a reading.

    If you want a daily reading and to learn the cards, get yourself a Tarot deck, I recommend the Rider Waite deck to beginners.

  • Hey all, curious if anyone has learned tarot interpretation via elemental dignities and/or card counting à la Golden Dawn… Rukargi? It seems to complicate matters a bit as learning goes but maybe yields readings with deeper insight? Would love to hear anyone's experience with these approaches.

  • LOAP - Yes, I am very interested in learning the cards. Today's my birthday and I got my first legitimate reading done. "Anyone Want to Elaborate On My Reading" is the name of the forum I posted that has the information on what I got. I couldn't believe how accurate the cards were for me - it's made me more interested in the cards. Perhaps I should purchase my own set of the Rider Waite cards. How much does a set cost? Thanks for all of your help so far.

    Rukargi - That is a very interesting interpretation. I recently had a bunch of stuff happen to me that really shook me up but I'm finally getting back on my feet and I am proud of myself for the things that I have done in the past few months - they've been huge steps for me. I got a reading done for my birthday and I would love to know your interpretation of it. "Anyone Want to Elaborate On My Reading." Thanks for your help, too.

    Peace and Love, CALLTV

  • Happy Birthday CallTV

    I hope you had a great day , yes if you are going to purchase a deck of cards the rider waite is the best for beginners .

    Graceful Daisies,

    Sorry ive never heard of tarot interpretation via elemental dignities sounds interesting i will have to google it .

  • Hi all,

    Welcome CallTV,

    As for the elemental dignities we all might actually read the cards in that manor instead of just looking at the book for the meaning. with out realizing it.

    Rukargi used it when she discribed the hang man when she used the numorlogy number of the card the number 12. What the elemental dignities are just that the four elements that the suits represent. Plus numorology and astrology and symbols in the cards. For example cards that surround the querent or significator card that have the same number or same symbol or represent the same element. It is just a more in depth look at the cards. Here we have been saying LOOK and SEE what the card represents to you. Look at the whole card not just part of it.

    Loap you are welcome about the candle magic information. My first pendulum was a needle and thread. It was held over someones left hand a question was asked. If it went around in a circle the answer was yes, if it went back and forth the answer was no. Interesting that your hubby made one. You know scropios are very intuitive. They just have to much going on in their head to stop and take a real good look at it.

    There is another kind of candle reading too. I forget the name of it. I read about long ago. Something about the way the candle flame moves after it lit. for example it pulls up or it bounces or it goes to the left or the right. I did not really take much stock in that information as it the oxygen in a room will pull the candle flame around a bit till it settles in and just burns.

    As for on line reading I have never really had any and I agree the best way to have a reading is the old fashion way by using a deck of tarot cards. One would get a better feel of the cards and the readings.

    CallTV there is a lot of information on line and even at your local library, and book stores. At a bookstore some even come with at deck of cards at the book stores. If you have any new age stores in your area that would really be the best place to go and get a reading and buy the cards and check out the books. Look for the Rider Waite cards and books as that is really the better of the cards for beginniers or for experianced. However there is something that happens when we are looking for this kind of material it Picks us. So see what cards and or books pick you and what draws you to it.

    Well you all have a great day,


    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Hi TQOW,

    Thankyou for the info on the pendulam , i thought it was really cute actually how my hubby made the pendulam with one of my ameythst crystals that i used to wear on a chain it came out of the clasps that were holding it . I have to say i do healing with candles i focus on ithe flames and send out affirmations i find it really works one family friend was really sick a few weeks ago and it was a child who was in hospital he wasnt responding to medication very well, so i lit the candle and started my affirmations at first the flame was low and i kept saying positve things and then it started to rise and then i heard he was on the mend and made a dramatic recovery in a couple of days . Have you ever used the pendulam when someones pregnant? I have several times and its always been accurate .

    Hope you have a good night LOve and light LOap:)

  • TQoW - I understand Astrology pretty well and I've been learning about Numerology for a few months, so it's helpful to know that I can use that knowledge to help understand Tarot. I am so enchanted by the power of Tarot that I am excited to learn all that I can about it.

    Speaking of the candle, when I got my reading done (it's the Celtic Cross reading on this website), there was a candle (I chose to make the candle blue) and the flame went left, right, center - like it was dancing, almost. Is that significant in any way or am I adding meaning to where there is none? It was online, so maybe it's just a generic flame.

    I'll have to look around to see if there are any New Age bookstores around here. I know that there's a public library not to far from where I live, so I'll try that first. Thank your for your gaiadance.

    LoaP - Thank you again for your powerful interpretation of my card placements. I appreciate your willingness and patience to explain it to me.

    Peace and Love, CALLTV

  • Your welcome Call tv i really enjoyed doing it . There are acouple of sites i go to as well for the readings but like i said i dont take them to seriously ,there is a really good site called biddy tarot that ive found really usefull for interpreting the cards ., and She (Biddy) explains them in a way that they are very easy to understand good luck let us know when you get your first deck .

  • I'm glad to hear that! I will definitely let you all know when I get my first deck. 😃

    Peace and Love, CALLTV

  • Its been a busy weekend, it will be nice to have a couple of quiet days.

    I did a reading recently for a friend and as often happens, didn't have a clue of what I was talking about, I just go along with it, and as it turned out I was very accurate. I bring this up because it put me in mind of the many psychic adventures we go on when we open our psychic eye. I remember several years ago my sister had seen an item privately advertised in the newspaper and asked me if I would take her to collect it. The address was in a neighbouring city, I don't go there often and don't have a map or GPS. My sister said, 'I trust you, just you 'it' and we'll get there'. So I looked at the address and started to drive through the city, no idea where I was going. I took a left here and a right there etc. and stopped the car, I suddenly felt I was going the wrong way, I looked around and the name of the street I had just passed was the one we were supposed to be going to! No one could have been more amazed than me! I have no idea how I did it, I just did it! lol

    Anyway, that was my thought of the day 🙂

  • Isnt it bizzarre how things like work out like that , i remember years ago my hubby and i went looking for a glassblower as i wanted something decorative for the cake , well we got lost so we pulled over to read the map and then i looked at the shop we were parked next to and it was a cake decorating shop ,with heaps of bridal decorations beautiful brides and grooms .I was so happy we got lost or i would have never come across that place.

  • soryy i should have added that it was for a wedding cake .

  • Was wondering what anyones experience w/the 3 of swords in a reading. Also, the tower in a personal reading request in the future. I know what the history says, just wondering if anyone can relate their experiences w/these cards.

  • I've been reading a long time and have had both of these cards come up umpteen number of times, so I am just going to pick to examples.

    In my experience the 3 of Swords has often come up when there is a three way dispute. Not surprisingly it arises when someone is having an affair, but this is not always the case. I have had it in the position of Hopes and Fears, where it represented the girl's fears that her boyfriend was seeing someone else. In that particular case it wasn't true and she was fretting unnecessarily.

    As for the Tower... let me see... I have had this card come up in a reading for a pregnant woman. In this case it meant that she would have a difficult time adjusting to life after the birth. I suggested that she organise help before the baby was born to lessen the stress after. As it turned out she got post natal depression but had taken my advise and had previously arranged for her mother to stay with her for a while.

  • Rukargi,

    Can you post a copy of the celtic cross you use ? I am interested in doing readings with the cross but there are so many versions out there that im not sure which one is the easiest one for beginners I was wondering what do you suggest .?

  • Hi Daliolite ,

    Did these cards come out in the same reading? I always veiw the 3 of swords as a sad time depending on where the card falls in the querants life as it represents heartbreak and sadness,

    The Tower to me represent s a sudden disruptive upheaval in the querants life again depending on where the cards fall.

    hope this helps love and light loap:)

  • Hi Guys this isa reading i helped interpret for Call Tv , as you all know have just started taking the plunge doing and helping others on the forum with readings , i would really love your insight

    on how you thought i went ,

    Card 1 ) Six of coins- Self - the card of giving and receiving pentacles relate to the things we have money and possessions and can also represent generosity towards you or you are a generous person .

    Card 2) Situation -Nine of coins-self satisfaction wishes fulfilled complete happiness regarding the situation .

    Card 3) Princess of Pentacles Challenges / opportunities -Good news is coming your way , this princess or what is called a page in the rider waite deck is very reliable , hardworking committed and cautious , I strongly feel that if you have been looking for a new job you will hear of one very soon .

    Card 4)Foundation - Temperance - The card of moderation and balance there is a need for patience when starting from the ground up , make sure you test the waters before jumping in head first

    Card 5) 5 of Swords Recent past - There has been a battle in your past that was never ending and its still haunting you today ,you need to learn from this and let it go in order to move forward .

    Card 6) 2 of wands- higher power - You are holding the world in your hands , calling the shots ,you have the power to make your own decisions , you are making plans for the future that will soon be put into action .

    Card7) 3 of pentacles -near future - The card of the apprentice , study and on the job learning ,you will be working with a team ,coordinating with others in the near future and achieving more than what's expected, you will excel at this .

    Card 😎 Queen of swords - Blocks and inhibition's - You need to be more straight forward and assertive , you tend to stew on things and this is whats causing these blockages you have , i feel you analyze them over and over in your head to the point where you have steam coming out of your ears , say what you feel when it happens so that it will be off your chest and not stuck in your head .Let it go stop holding on to past wrong doings by others, karma will get them in the end it always does .

    Card 9) Allies - The Tower - The Tower represents a sudden change that can cause upheaval and shaking routines up , having plans disrupted . I'm assuming allies means people,that will stick up for you and be on your side ,well i feel that maybe something is going to come too light about someone you are very close to something that will be either a shock or a surprise .

    Card 10) Advice - Princess of wands -The page or princess of wands represent good news coming concerning creativity or career opportunities . A new challenge is coming your way and this page will give you some advice it could be a friend or someone you are about to meet that will help you .

    Card 11) Long term potential - The Magician - A great card you will realize what your potential is , you will do what you set out to do you will take action , carry out plans and become totally committed to your purpose which will be very successful in the future you will believe and have totall faith in yourself ..

    Love and light LOap 🙂

  • Hi LoaP

    The Celtic Cross version that I do is as follows.

    1. (center) Significator – Basically this is the central issue – what or who the reading is about.

    2. (cross over center) – Cross – This shows the condition of the above – usually the problem that is surrounding it.

    3. (Below) Below - This is the foundation of the above two cards – this describes what the above situation is based on. This position is often connected to the past – for example it might indicate a strong relationship, or basic feeling of dissatisfaction.

    4. (Left) Behind - Is the past. It shows the most influential part of the past that is affecting the central cards. Sometimes it can show something that needs to be dealt with from the past in order to make progress.

    I usually read cards 3 and 4 together. Just as cards 3 and 4 have their roots in the past, so cards 5 and 6 look to the future.

    1. (Above) Above - What the Querant wishes to happen. I have found that this is often subconscious and sometimes seems a little odd.

    2. (Right) In Front of – The future, usually short term.

    3. (Bottom of column) Self – Describes how the Querant sees themselves in this situation.

    4. Others and/or Environment – This card will describe the environment around the situation, i.e. caring, stressful, exciting, interfering relatives or financial difficulties etc. or else it will indicate how other people see the Querant in the situation.

    Cards 7 and 8 can show how well the Querant is representing themselves; that is, are they projecting the image they think they are or are other people (or in the case of a relationship, the significant other) misreading them in regard to this situation?

    1. Hopes and Fears - Obviously shows either the best or worst that the Querant imagines. Can show if the Querant is an optimist or pessimist and by this can indicate how the Querant will receive the information and deal with the situation.

    2. Outcome – I tend to read this in conjunction with card no. 6. It usually shows the longer term picture. How things will work out.

  • Thanks Rukargi ,

    I will use it next time i do a reading and i will let you know how i get on .

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