• I agree wholeheartedly TQoW, I love how all of our varied insights make a fuller picture and further our own understanding. On that note thanks for fleshing out the Sagittarius energy in the Temperance card, Marc, that makes perfect sense to me now! And of course you're right and very wise : ) in the reminder that all wisdom springs from the same source… I like to synthesize systems because to me it seems to add depth to the interpretation, but I know some people prefer to stick with one or another for simplicity and/or clarity's sake, because as we all know there's already a whole lot of learning involved for us "academic" readers (I forget whose term that was from another thread, and what her term was for the other group of readers, so I'll call them "auto-intuitves").

    HP, perhaps I can clarify what I meant about love conquering fear on the Strength card: It's my understanding that we have a basic choice in every situation we face in life to respond from a place of fear or, conversely, from a place of love. Since the strength card to me is all about proper channeling of powerful forces, it also speaks to me of the need to choose to act from love, which by the law of nature always trumps fear. By way of illustration, according to legend the ancient Maori could actually "disappear" from the sight of their enemies while standing right in front of them, by sending powerful thought-beams of love at them with all their… strength. Talk about an awesome use of strength!

    That said, I should add that my interpretations tend toward the positive, and I don't generally read reversed cards per se. This has something to do with my practice of laying out the cards in a circle, which feels most natural to me but also results in a high proportion of reversals, as the cards in the bottom curve of the circle will be mainly upside down by default. But it's also because I try to mine the gold in any situation, however difficult or challenging or apparently calamitous—of course I am far from always succeeding, but I am always trying—and my card interpretations definitely reflect that preference.

    I won't jump in on the practice reading as I don't have time to do it justice right now but am much enjoying everyone's insights on it—thanks all! blessings, gd

  • Just to add to gd's interpretation of the Strength card (which I wholeheartedly agree with btw), read the fable about the Sun and the Wind...

  • ooh, way cool Marc! I'm going to look it up now. In my Goddess deck the Strength card is the Oya, the Yoruban goddess of wind. Don't you just love synchronicity?!?

    p.s. HP, I love the idea of a Jane Austen deck too! I've never seen that one and it's not on the Browse Decks page on this site, but I hope you can post some images for us at some point. Sounds right up my alley : )

  • Hi Loap, gd and PHMarc,

    One thing that I found that was amazing about this reading was the cards we all pulled and the question LOAP came up with. I was with the thought ok a relationship!! As I laid the cards out it all for me started to fall into place with what I had to read with. I try to read the cards as they fall weather it be right side up with reverse cards or just right side up. When I see cards, come up in reverse in a question that is where I find the balance with in the reading for the question.

    What I found interesting is that my reading was opposite of all the cards turned right side up. What most interested me was the relationship between temperance and the star in the reading and how we had to show they were connected and the reason behind the question. I think Loap did a great job here with this idea.

    This was really good for me. On the first day of the year I decide this is what I wanted to do this year was to reconnect with my psychic, metaphyscial inner self. I have neglected this side of me for so very long. So far is what is happing for me is this 1: In my mines eye or my head which ever. I am seeing a row of doors. The first door has the word in bold black letters PSYCHIC just like that. The door is opened, The next doors in a row that follow are also opened. Now as I look on these doors the rooms are dark with no light on in the room at all. However they are opened waiting for me to walk in. Then I think the lights will come on once I go through the doors. I have not gone through the doors yet I am still standing outside getting ready to enter the first door PSYCHIC. This is not done during meditation as I really do not meditate. Just as I go through my day and I see it before I fall asleep at night.

    The 2nd thing that is happening is this as someone mentions a card I can see that card in my mind without pulling it from my deck. I find this very interesting as somewhere in my memory bank I must have them memorized and after all these years of not looking at the cards and not doing any readings all the pictures of the cards are coming in to place.

    On the first of the year I thought this would be a very good year for me to come back. I have had things to deter me this year but I am still trying to go forward with my plan.

    Now with all this said I am not saying that I am psychic nor would I ever become the next John Edward or even be placed in his category or in a more intuitive persons category. I am far from it. I just felt the desire and need to rekindle something I have not used in a very long time. I just wanted to share that with all of you.

    I have a correction in my explanation the word should have be pursue not peruse as in pursue a relationship I think the sentence was. One thing that would help me here greatly would be a spell checker.

    L&L to you all,

    Your friend in Tarot


  • Hi Guys,

    Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you all i just want to clarify that this reading was just an excercise using a make beileve querant so it wasnt for anyone in particular im sorry if i confused you all ,to tell you the truth i would love to do practice readings but as most people were against the idea i thought that this was the next best thing . I found it difficult to interpret this reading as it wasnt for anyone inparticular i just went with what i felt and interpreted all the cards in upright postion . I would love to hear your feedback on how we can make this learning thread better .

    Love and light 2all Loap:)

  • my what jumbled mess thisme the site looks like it is going down I read on her e something about a sleek new look Oh my goodness they need to come and fix the site. Good morning everyone,

    I do not knowabout how you are able to see this site but for me it is allmessed up. I have no curserright now and cannot see what I am typing.

  • Loap you did a great job with this practice No confusion for me. Loap, if you can read this message. No confusion for me in your practice reasing. It was fun and you did a great job with pulling it all together. STillnow curser here in this thread. I cannot see what is bing typed. Waiting for it to appear. Just a blanck reply box. I hope it will post

  • Hi TQOW ,

    Thankyou so much for your feedback yesterday this site was running really slow for me i thought my computer was playing up other than that lately its been fine but in the past ive had error messages on the page . Do you go to the other site as well?

    Love and light Loap:)

  • I'm so excited! I've been thinking about a new deck for awhile now, and waiting for the right one to say "I'm for you!" I know there are differing views on whether or not you should be given a deck. I'm all for if it's in your heart and you're drawn to a deck, it's for a reason. This deck called "Paulina Tarot" (you can see on Amazon) has jumped out at me a few times now. So today, I went ahead and ordered them. Can't wait to get into them and get learning. I still have my first deck, so I can continue learning meanwhile. I am going the "pull a daily card" route. It's very helpful!

  • I agree with you LB, if a deck is standing out for you - calling to you - then definitely go for it. That's how I got a hold of my Tarot deck, Crow's Magick (the animals on there resonated with my Native American ties :))

    And it's working as well. I have really connected with the cards.

    ...I just did a google image search for Paulina Tarot - very nice!

  • Hi everyone,

    Wooo, the site is back for me and looks really good now I can see what I am typing again.

    Now I can answer your question LOAP. I am using web browser explore 9 from microsoft. I have tabs on my web browser page. One of them being my internet connections Home page. I also have a weather page This website page and a few others. Plus you are very welcome for the feed back.

    Yes I do go to other sites. I go to look as in window shopping, I have a game that I play and they have a forum so I go there as well. I do a lot of research of things that I am interested in. Cooking is one of the things that I am interested in so I have many sites saved in my favorates for that.Computers is another interest of mine so I go to look at sites for that. In a nut shell I am only a member on this site for this interest and one for my game. I am really a very boring person. So no great hot shot here of being all over the net.

    LB, Nice to see you stop by. When I had been looking for a deck of tarots I let the deck pick me. One was the Raider Waite and another was the Angel Oricale. Actually mostly anything I buy has to pick me. One of those things is like it jumps out and raises up and says pick me pick me you will not be sorry. Most things that I have purchased like that I really like.

  • Hi Loap, thanks for the invite/heads up. I have been very busy of late so haven't had much time for tarot, but still have a look in here occasionally. I'll keep an eye on this thread and when I have time will contribute. Good to hear from you by the way. Ruth

  • Hi Rukargi ,

    Your welcome i hope all is well its great to see you on the threads again .

  • Hi TQOW,

    Im glad the site is not playing up for you anymore i dont go to many other sites as i just dont have the time i was wondering do you know what the astrological sign for the Queen of Swords is? as in some of my books it says Libra and the other say aquarius .

  • Hi guys just been doing some imagery study on the sun

    A naked child is sitting on a white pony it has a wreath or band of flowers on its head with a red feather coming out from the top of it ,its arms are stretched out sideways and it it holding what looks like to be a long red flag .in its right hand i was wondering what the following things represent

    Red feather , and the long red flag

    Love and light loap 🙂

  • Hi LOAP,

    The element for the suit of swords would be air. The astrological signs that carry the same element are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. the Queen of Swords would represent the those astrological signs.

    That is why your books are saying Libra and Aquarius.Remember the swords represent bring thoughts in to action, analyzing, observation, The mind.

    As for the major arcana card the sun. I look at that card as conquring ones inner fears, ambitions, and has been sucessful in their plans. If you look at the fool card it too has a feather in his cap. The feather could represent the inner child innocents, Where as the banner could represent the courage to congure the inner fears and the wall could represent that obstacles have been over come. The horse like the lion in the Strength card could represent The Beast With In. That could mean what ever is inhibiting the person. As in our reading it was immaturity. This could be any fear one would have. I liken this card as in Riding off in the to sunset. Meaning what ever the inner thought or concern has be eleveated and the fears have been conqured, and or healed.I liken the feather as like a feather in their cap as it represents the recognition of their accomplishments and coming from the beginning of a situation with out the wisdom of it to being wise to it. If ths card fell in the outcome last card of the querent then I would say it means they would be sucessful in their endeavors.

    L and L to you my dear friend,

    Your friend in tarot


  • H TQOW.

    I have a book called a pictures of the heart a tarot dictionary and i was looking up feather and couldnt find it and i thought why wouldnt it be there so i had a look again just now and ive just found it thanks for your interpretation i agree a feather in your cap exactly .it makes alot of sense i just love the imagery on the sun card it beautiful .I the dictionary it says alot of meanings but a feather as a headdress is related to power , the sun and high aspirations .i cant find anything related to banner or flag .

    Thanks for your help with this i really appreaciate it .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • I know of two sources about the symbolism for a red feather.

    1st - In Egyptian symbolism the Feather of Maat was red. It represented truth, justice, morality and balance.

    2nd - From a Native American source the red feather represents physical vitality, good fortune and life. Although as I understand it, in the Native American culture the way in which the feather came to the recipient is more important than the colour.

    As Arthur E Waite was a member of the Golden Dawn and a lot of their teachings were based upon Egyptology, I would have to say that the original meaning of this symbolism was the first option.

  • As for the child riding a horse on the Sun card. Look to the meaning behind the sun gods and goddesses. They usually represent power, glory, illumination, vitality and the life force. These gods/goddesses are usually paired with a twin, brother or other relative ruling the moon, Earth or storm. In the Tarot card the white horse, is the pure (white) emotions and innocent corporeal life which is in partnership with the intellect and the spirit. Notice that the horse has no bridle and the child isn't trying to control the animal, they are in partnership! The two forms indicate balance. The sun gods/goddesses are usually seen as innocents (Apollo, Buldr and Jesus), the child on the white horse again emphasising the balance and morality. he is the truth and has the right to deliver justice because of his innocence. The use of the Egyptian red feather of Maat backs up this symbolism.

    Interestingly enough the a streaming red (or orange-red) banner (called the Baucans) dates back to the Middle Ages, it was raised to signify a fight to the death. Later it has been attributed to revolution and socialism.

    I think there is are lot of hidden meanings in the card and its symbolism, particularly with reference to the sun gods and their roles at the end of time, Armageddon. Ragnarok.

    Perhaps I have gone a little too deep with this. Its the curse of my Mercury being conjunct natal Pluto! lol

  • Thanks Rukargi ,

    It really interesting i must admit i have studied the imagery before only the meanings out of books i was very suprised that there were alot of things that i didnt notice before like the feather in the headdress .

    Do you have the book pictures from the heart a tarot dictionary ?

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