• Hi gracefuldaisies,

    You are so very welcome and thank you so much. I am also having a learning experiance on ths site as well as anyone else. I understand about the planets and the major arcana corresponding with the zodiac. I am understanding now that the minor arcana cards in each suit has a different planet corresponding with them. As Mercury with the 3 of cups. When I look at that card it makes sense as it is Merc being communications social etc.

    I now have to learn about what planets of each card of each suit are in correspondance. If you go back to I think the second page you will see my error and that I was corrected. I find this all very interesting and I am glad for the learning experiance in the tarot. No problem about missing my post. Glad you are here.

    Your friend in tarot,


  • Hi all

    High Priestess

    We dont have to start a new thread we can meet and greet here i thankyou for your impression of me im actually in my 40s and a housewife ( not desperate lol) bringing up 3 kids . Ive been trying to learn tarot on and off for the past 7 years .

  • ok so the list is

    LOAP- Strength

    TQOW-The star

    HP- 3 of Cups

    PH - Temperance

    Ok anyone else want to pick a card? as the outcome i will search for a 5 card spread as an excercise as i feel anymore than that i will have trouble with and the time factor with me wont help either be back soon

    Love and light loap:)

  • What do you guys think of this one ?

    Card 1: The present or general theme of the reading

    Card 2: Past influences still having effect

    Card 3: The future

    Card 4: The reason behind the question (this will probably shed light on 2)

    Card 5: The potential within the situation.

  • Hi LoaP,

    This sounds good as to your 5 card spread. I think you should pick the last card as you are the host of this thread. As for me it is getting late here and at the end of my awake time. If I get up early in the morning here like 5,6 am then I will see what you have and try to do an interpetation. If not then I will be pulling up the rear and see what everyone else posted.

    I look forward to seeing the new card. You have a great day my dear friend.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • hey livingonaprayer I used to do readings for friends now only when I am asked I never do for family as they think I am going to burn in hades evil ya know and I have a baby sister I havent talk to in years because of tarot & my beliefs in wicca I have tried to call on several occasions but she refuses to talk to me and the one time I did do a reading for her (she didnt know) the cards said she was narrow minded & we would not be communicating for a long time

    every time I do a reading for my self the emporer & 8 of swords come up and I get very confused about the cards always popping up

  • Hi TQOW,

    I took your advice and picked the outcome card and it is the Knight of Pentacles i hope you have a good nights sleep chat soon

    Lots of lovew and light Loap:)

  • Ok this is an excercise for a relationship reading the question is Will the querant be in a realtionship soon ?

    Card 1 )The present or general theme of the reading - Strength

    Card2) Past influences still having effect - The star

    Card 3) The future - 3 of Cups

    Card 4) The reason behind the question (this will probably shed light on 2) - Temperance

    Card 5) Card 5: The potential within the situation. - Knight of pentacles

    Will be back with my interpretations soon i hope

    Love and light 2 all Loap:)

  • Hi Sadowmist ,

    My motherinlaw is the same they are evil and i dont want them anywhere near my son blah blah blah my yet my own mother wants me to do the cards for everyone and anyone she knows and she is never happy with the outcome pick 6 more she always says it drives me nuts . You were spot on in your reading for the babysitter , i was chatting to someone the other day and as soon as i mentioned i was into tarot she went all quiet its pretty sad that in this day and age some people still think they are the work of the devil you are very spot on when you use the words narrow minded .

    The Emperor and 8 of swords

    A father figure or someone in a position of authorty he has power and control he is a leader in charge in a postion of strength he is a commanding figure

    8 of swords can represent feeling restriced , powerless,.feeling lost and alone not being able to see past this difficult situation due to the blindfold covering her eyes .basically feeling restricted by circumstances ..

    These cards come across as complete opposites to me one is in control and the other is powerless maybe it could reresent someone in your life who is showing these thaits at the moment im feeling its going from one extreme to another .

  • Sorrry Shadowmist didnt mean to press sumbmit post without being nosey can you relate to any of this ? i hope it helps anyway

    Take care love and light Loap:)

  • gd; great interpretation of the Temperance card! And thank you for the link with the I Ching. I believe all these oracles are related. After all, the information comes from the same source right? With Sagittarius, think of the centaur - half man, half horse. A perfect blending of two different species. Also think of the weapon the centaur wields - the bow and arrow. One is useless without the other right...

    shadowmist, every time I see two cards that seem to imply the complete opposite of each other (as Mags rightly pointed out) I think of the word balance. Think of you are applying power and control in your life and where you may need to surrender that power and control.

    Mags, the Emperor/8 of Swords combination reminds me of Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars 😄

    So the 5 card spread:

    Strength - the querent is finding their strength in the present. They are growing stronger and will continue to do so. They are benefiting from this current situation.

    Star - the querent is following his/her dreams. They know what they want and they are going to get it. Being in the past position, I'd say the querent is actually very close to getting what he/she set their sights on.

    3 of Cups - the dream will come to fruition. Again, that which was wished upon a Star.

    Temperance - There is a need for balance, as well as some of the other words gd used like patience and moderation.

    Knight of Coins - progress will be slow but steady. Like the 3 of Cups relates to the Star, this card relates to Temperance and the need for patience. My advice to the querent would be not to rush anything but let things develop and grow in their own time.

  • Ok-ay as I said before all Minor Arcana cards are planets in signs except the Aces and Court Cards. This is not something I came up with but something already known in Tarot. It all started with Crowly Tarot, where you will find all planets in signs marked on the cards.

    As far as strength interpretation of "overcoming fear by love"- sorry it made no sense to me at all.

    Emperor with 8 of swords is a big WARNING sign. Emperor means in this context authority and 8 of swords can mean imprisonment. I would think you are in some problem with the authorities and the cards are warning you just that. Do pay attention if you paid all your bills on time, if there is maybe some collections involved. That of course if you are not involved or about to be involved in a legal suit. In that context the Emperor will be a judge or a prosecutor that will impose some restrictions on you.

    If I were you, I would review all my bills and notes, not to have something forgotten that will pop up to hit you.

  • My interpretation for a relationship soon.

    The Querent is not ready yet for a relationship. They are too young and have not completely matured yet to handle a relationship. They have lessons to learn in the physical and spiritual world. Which they have many questions about and are not sure if what they have been taught is really true. At this point in time they are busy with their friends and acquaintances and having fun. Which this is where they should be.

    When the querent has progressed to maturity then a relationship could come. However as I see this and as these cards have all in my opinion pointed to growing up spiritually and physically it will be sometime for a relationship to come.

    Now that I have just posted this I will see what everyone else says.

    Your friend in tarot


  • Side note when I pulled these cards I got a few revered ones. I left it as it was pulled the cards that came up reversed when I pulled were The star in the past and the Temperance card in the potential wiith in the situation.



  • Sorry Temperance was reversed in the card 4 the reason behind the question and shed light on card 2 the star.


  • Hi all it would seem there there are alot of major issues in this querants life with Strength being the first card they need to have courage and face theirs as i feel this is holding them back from find a new realtionship

    With The star in the past they have felt the longing for a relationship wanting it so badly but they are still harbouring past hurts that they think they have completely put to bed but deep down they still cant let it go so this is still whats having an effect an inability to move forward even though their faith has been they want to move forward they must release all this past energy to do so properly .

    .with the 3 of cups in the future position i feel that there is a long term relationship coming in which will be full of joy and happiness total commitent a birth of a child a family unit everything the querant has hoped and wished for will come true but they want to make sure and this is were the Temperance card come into play that they are treated fairly and its a good balance between both parties as they are going into this relationship with their eyes wide open this time to avoid past hurts . The Knight of Pentacle what more could you want in a partner ok they are not wild and unpredictable like the wands or romanitc and dreamy like the cups or quick wittedand analytic like the swords but at the end of the day they are reliable , commited , hardworking cautious ( like our querant ) and down to earth .

    So i feel they are going to meet the person of their dreams

    Love and light 2 all Loap:)

  • Hi Loap,

    Now that we have the readings done what else do you want to do with them? Should we go over the readings and explain how we did them and came to our conclusions of the readings? like as in Critique them. I have to step out for about an hour but I will be back? Or do we pull a card and go from there?

    Your friend in tarot


  • bump?

  • Thank you for this thread, I've been reading with my deck for years now off and on. I'm slowly learning the deck, what each card means. I'm picking up some great tips from you all, so thanks again. When I feel like I can keep up, I may join in a little more 🙂



  • Hi everyone,

    I am back now so I think what I will do is critique my reading. As you know I mentioned that I had a few cards reversed.

    Card 2 the star Reversed in the past, influences still having an effect.

    Card 4 temperance reversed in the reason behind the question and sheds light on the card 2 the star.

    When I went through the cards what I got from them was Maturity growing up in all phases, from mental maturity as well as physical maturity and spiritual maturity.

    The question as we know was about being a relationship.

    Card 1 the present or general theme of the reading.

    As I looked at that card I got a feeling “controlling the beast within" from the lion. someone keeping in check what is a part of their personality. In this case maturing. The inner beast being immaturity. The lady represents maturing and embracing oneself fully. Embracing the fact of wanting to grow up but yet knowing they are still not fully grown up.

    Card 2 the past influences still having an effect. The star for me was reversed. The still having an affect is immaturity, not fully grown up and the wishing to have a relationship.

    Card 3 The future 3 of Cups This is the card of celebration whatever it may be graduation from school a major accomplishment. Something to be celebrated and honor for the person. In this case to me due to the first card and the knight of pentacles. I got the impression of having a good time with ones friends enjoying their youth and doing what a young mind not fully grown up immature person would do.

    Card 4 Temperance reversed for me. This is a spiritual card as well is the star card. This card is mixing the spiritual world with the physical world. Spirituality in this case would be conscience. That would mean commitment to the relationship. To commit oneself to responsibility, and to another person, and to the relationship. With the wish, the star to have the relationship.

    Card 5 the knight of Pentacles this to me represents someone young a teenager or someone young of mind as well as physical. They appear younger looking as well as young minded. This represented to me coming from immaturity to maturity. Growing up in mind as well as body and as well as spiritually.

    Based on the question and based on the star card reversed I felt the wish would not come to be at this time. Due to the correspondence of the cards that where chosen. I felt that the querent was not ready to peruse a relationship, a commitment and to except the responsibilities that come with a relationship. That they at this time are not mature enough to handle all that entails with a relationship. To me the knight of Pentacles made me think of a teenager someone thinking the time was coming to get in a relationship with someone they are interested in but just not ready yet to go forth with all that would be involved. They are still questioning what would it take and what can I bring to the table. How would I handle a situation in regards to the relationship. They are still growing up and have many questions of life in general.

    In regards to an adult I would say this querent wants one but is in what I call the Peter Pan Syndrome. “I am a toys R us Kid”. I don't want to grow up. They do not become committed when in a relationship and still are in the mood of partying with their friends and doing things like they did in their teenage years.

    In the other interpretations I would also say that the querent will get their wish as they have matured mentally and physically, and spiritually, and are now ready for a commitment in a relationship and want to take it to the next level as marriage and responsibility and all that is entailed with the relationship and commitment.

    You all can critique my interpretation is you like. This is just how I saw the cards as they were picked and laid out in the spread.



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