• Thanks Marc

    I thought it would be good for us to practise is their another way we can go about it ? Do you have any ideas?

  • I agree, there is no place for readings here. There are too many threads for that.

    I am not sure why we cannot stick with sharing information about cards, and how they connect with each other.

    The Hierophant will do for Taurus, but the Empress/ Venus would probably be better.

    I asked Tarot if I should stay around or continue on writing in my I was suprised of the answer I received..My reading gave me un idea for another thread, but we should still keep this one going too.

    Lets talk about Knights. As people they would be unmarried men, but when they do not mean people what do they mean? From what I read, it all depends on the position of the horses: if standing still (pentacles) or on the move (like swords).

    Piscean Healer, what was the exact name of the book of Mary K Greer?

    Best to all, and I hope you will join me in the new thread as well.

  • Practice readings are fine. I was just pointing out what happened last time. But then it is your lesson to enforce boundaries. How do you want to proceed? 🙂

    Since no-one has come forward with a new card I will pick again. The Ace of Swords.

    This to me is one of the victory cards (the other being the 6 of wands), depending on where it turns up in the spread. It signifies the raising of the sword in triumph, but it also signifies a milestone only. "The battle has been won, but the war goes on". Battles and wars are strong terms, so maybe a different analogy...

    Marriage is a victory, a significant milestone. But the journey is far from over (or should be. Too many people give up shortly after their wedding thinking the whole thing is over...). There are plenty more milestones to aim for and reach. Anniversaries for one thing.

    Another analogy I have is to Martial Arts. So many people focus on reaching their Black Belt grade and then quit when they get there thinking they are done learning. But that is just the first degree and there are ten degrees. The tenth degree taking a lifetime to reach. And in some cases even a lifetime isn't enough.

    The Ace of Swords is also a signifier that the querent is ready to move forward. Their minds are set to the task, though they are just beginning and haven't made any moves just yet.

  • Sorry HPriestess, we were replying at the same time. Lets do the Knights and the Ace of Swords, and from now on I will leave others pick the cards lol

    The name of the book is Tarot for Your Self.

    Knights can signify movement and/or travel. The Knight of Swords is about fast movement and can indicate travel by air. Since the Swords represent mental processes, the Knight of Swords can signify a period of rapid ideas, plenty of things going on in the mind for good or for bad.

    The Knight of Pentacles is almost the complete opposite. This Knight moves very slowly and methodically. In complete contradiction to how we perceive Knights to move. Again, whether this is for good or for bad depends on the situation at hand. Sometimes we need to move things along slowly and other times we need to pull our proverbial finger out...

    Travel is of the slow variety; walking, cycling etc

    The Knight of Cups again signifies rapid movement. As the Cups relate to our emotions this Knight signifies a time of things changing quickly emotionally speaking. It can be a period where we suddenly feel very happy after being so down or feeling depressed after feeling on top of the world. In some cases it can signify a period of these ups and downs.

    When signifying travel it is travel over water.

    The Knight of Wands is a bit of an enigma to me. Travel wise it's about exciting journeys by land. Movement wise, this Knight again moves very quickly, but it has to do with the Wands suit. That spark of creativity, the passions we experience. I guess it can be called "energy", but as I said, haven't quite put my finger on this card yet.

  • Just saying hello! Good day Mates!

  • hello poetic 🙂

  • Loap,

    The King of cups that is how I see that card in general. Also as well as the hierophant and the empress and the hight Priestess. I would look to the minor arcana the court cards the Queen of Pentacles. Element of earth as is taurus. Now if I was doing a horoscope tarot reading then I would look to the Major arcana. I too would suggest the empress and the high priestess. As to me these are good representations of your zodiac sign of taurus in the Feminine. Masculine I might pick the Hierophant and the emperor. I would then use that card to represent you in the reading.

    I am not going to comment on the cards mentioned in this new page here as I think again it is pretty well covered. As for doing practice reading I agree with all here keep it to the learning information.

    I will now go back to the representation of the zodiac cards. As being a gemini, I would be represented by the lovers major arcana. The Queen of swords in the minor arcana. As my moon is in Aires I also can go with the Queen of Wands as I mentioned in your other thread. However the card that I resonate with and feel more drawn to is the magician. For the card comes up in most of the prominent sections of a 10 card spread.

    Well you all have a good day.

    Your friend in Tarot


  • Hi TQOW ,

    Thanks for you insight ive taken your advice and started learning the animal cards one a day until i grasp the meanings. Im very grateful that you have chose to join in our thread .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • ok guys since practise readings is out and i feel that we are all past the one card stage what about random cards ? lets each pick a card from our deck and interpret them together in order so i will go first i got strength . If you pick the same card as someone else just pick another one .

    so card 1- Strength

    Keywords finding strength and courage from within to face your fears .

  • Hi Loap and everyone,

    Good for you Loap on trying the animal cards. I think you will do well with them. Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to be here. Thank you for inviting me to come over here.

    Now here is a funny thing. As I took my deck out it was face up and there she was staring at me the Queen of Wands. I went to shuffle my deck and three cards fell out. We all know what we do with those cards. We read them. The cards that fell out are the moon, the sun, the star.

    The star. Hope, spirituality,mystery. Those that use all of their senses that are spiritually charged through prayer and meditation. a connection between the spiritual world and the physical world.

    the pol of water that she gazes in is the magical waters of the universal consciousness. She is supported by both water and earth. Suggesting that when one seeks spiritual knowledge and reference in ones life they appear.

    Loap funny how you picked the strenght card I was thinking of that card yesterday but in referance to Leo. I could see it as plan as day in my mind and what stood out to me was the lion. Interesting.

    Well you have a great day.

    Your friend in tarot


  • Hi TQOW,

    Thankyou i really love your interpretation of the star what i was suggesting is if everyone pulls a card from their deck we can then put them all together in order so for example i pulled strength and i will put you down for the star of thats ok and wait and see what comes out for others then we can interpret how they fall as i do feel that this will be a good excercise for us beginners like myself to learn on how the cards blend together so i hope you dont mind that i put you down for the star as i would really value your input .

    I hope you have a great day as well

    Lots of love and light Loap:)

  • so the list as of now is

    LOAP- Strength

    TQOW-The star

  • LOAP- I was thinking we should introduce ourselves. I started a thread under let's meet.

    It would be nice to know who we are talking to, and the areas they come from. For example I am in finance, and I have two degrees in business and personal finance.

    What about yourself? Are you a student? Forgive me if I am wrong, but you seem very young to me.

    Ok-ay Strength is a strange card. I will explain: when I took my exams for professional qualification I got this card as a result on how will I do in my test. I passed the exam, but not with a high score. I had similar outcome in different occasions, so for me Strength means I need to perfect myself and work on my weaknesses. It is quite the opposite from the direct meaning of being strong, as one might expect. So, if I were you I would look and see what areas of (my) your life Tarot wants you to improve.

    I did the card pick and I got the 3 of cups which is Mercury in Cancer.

    I hope we were not supposed to pick our cards from the Major Arcana only, as I used all the cards. Please let me know.

    IF you used all the cards and you got a MA card it means there are important events happening in your life right now, and that you have little influence over what will happen. By contrary I got a pip card, meaning nothing very important and outcome of events are simply dependent on my course of action.

  • I like your description of "courage from within", LoaP.

    Strength is the major arcana card I choose for myself, so it's one I've studied extensively. Interestingly, it was originally the 11th major arcana card and so ruled by Libra, but was switched by Rider Waite to the 8th position so that Justice, as the 11th card, would be properly ruled by Libra (scales), while Strength is ruled by Leo. Although my sun sign is Libra, I have Leo rising, and as the 8th card it's also one of my numerological birth cards (the other is 17, the Star).

    Strength to me signifies the ability of yin, the feminine principle of receptivity, to tame and direct powerful yang forces. It is the strength not of brute force but rather of the Serenity prayer or of Gandhi's principle of nonviolent resistance. I think of it as embodying self-discipline, tempered with compassion, patience, and gentleness toward both oneself and others. It is the inner struggle to conquer fear with love.

  • p.s. Also, please accept my apologies for just barging in here with my two cents, all : ) I've been away from the forums for a while, but I hope you'll still welcome me here … blessings, gd

  • Beautiful interpretation of the Strength card gd, and you are more than welcome here.

    The card that most recently presented itself to me was the Temperance card. Mags knows it's to do with a future relationship, but how do you interpret the card?

  • Hello gracefuldaisies,

    I am TheQueenofWands, I think LOAP will be very glad you stopped by. I am as I read your post. my thought was what an awesome interpretation . Good for you. No apology needed. I think Loap would feel the same.

    Hi HPriestess, I did see your meet post and choose not to reply. Personally I feel the less I know about someone the better. Meaning that if I know what your sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, career etc is then I might associate all that with the person and pull only general information. Sometimes when I know too much I cannot read them. When I have a reading done and the reader asks me what my birth date is then I do comply. However it makes me think that they are associating me with my zodiac sign.

    I would like to take this time to congratulate you on your education endeavors. Good for you. Education is the utmost importance in my book.

    With the strength card maybe one of your weaknesses is patience and maybe perfection. Perfection in meaning in reality nothing is perfect but we can strive for it and hope to obtain it to our best of ability. Patience in taking the time to develop what we want to achieve in what is perfect to us.

    I have a question for you. How did you get cancer and mercury in with the three of cups? Cancer I can understand but I do not understanding mercury. If you are associating cancer then I would think the moon as that is cancers planet. So I do not get it. Could you please explain so that I might add it to my knowledge bank.

    Also if you would like to know more about me here goes. I will post it here in this thread as this is where I am right now posting.

    Sun in Gemini Major Arcana the lovers, minor Arcana the Queen of Swords Element is Air, Planet is Mercury

    Moon in Aires Minor Arcana the Queen of Wands Major Arcana the Chariot. Element is fire Planet Mars

    Rising in Taurus. Minor Arcana the Queen of Pentacles Major Arcana the Hierophant, The empress the High Priestess Element earth the Planet is Venus

    East Coast of US.

    I am not working at this time so no career in the works at this time.

    Careers: working with the general public teaching in the arts not in the school system. Learning computer repair, and maintenance.

    To you all your friend in Tarot,


  • Many thanks, Marc. I'm glad and grateful to be back : )

    Temperance is such a lovely card. As a Libra I can certainly appreciate the message of the necessity of balance! And its number, 14, corresponds to the I Ching hexagram of Abundant Blessings, which I think are the product of achieving that balance, the "perfect mix". Although the traditional image is of blending liquids, the analogy that comes to me with this card is that of baking bread—the ingredients are few and simple, yet every ingredient and every element must be present in proper proportion (moderation) through every step of the process, from mixing to rising to baking. It requires practice, patience, and finesse (more of my keywords for the card) to achieve a delicious loaf. But oh, how the final product nourishes and satisfies! Yet man "cannot live by bread alone", and that too is represented by this card—the need to blend physical (earth) and spiritual (water) for a truly fulfilling union. So I'll complete my bread analogy with the image of breaking bread together, which (along with going through the process itself) provides the spiritually nourishing aspect—and describes two more key concepts here, that of harmonious union (communion) and that of reciprocity, which ties directly back to the hexagram's message that when we give from our abundance, we receive in like measure—when we share our "bread" with others, the physical is elevated to the spiritual through fellowship, and all are nourished.

    I hope I'm not muddying matters by mixing in the I Ching here, I'm just always marveling at the synchronicities that link apparently disparate systems. The astrological influence, Sagittarius, I have a bit harder time pinning down—but Sag as a "free spirit" makes sense in that when we choose the middle road we free ourselves from the pitfalls that result from going to extremes. And Sag teaches truth and tolerance, which seem to tie in here somehow—the angel is making his-her perfect blend with the materials in hand, which would not be possible without first an honest acceptance of (i.e., truthful tolerance for) what we have to work with. Or so it seems to me : )

    This strikes me as a very positive card for a future relationship, provided you patiently and carefully follow all the necessary steps to achieve that "perfect loaf", keeping all aspects in balance and sharing your gifts (in moderation, of course!) with the other in the relationship. The path in this card does, after all, lead to the Sun!

  • Hi everyone,

    Me again. I think I understand about the 3 of cups cancer mercury. Mercury being social and communicative.sharing of knowledge and conversation. 3 of cups celebration, abundance, cheering one on. Cancer family and friends and acquaintances. I think HPriestess that is a most appropriate card to have drawn for this thread. Good for you.

    Hope you all have a glorious afternoon/evening.

    Your friend in tarot


  • Thank you, TheQueenofWands—I missed your post while I was busy pondering Temperance. And that description of cancer in Mercury sounds spot-on to me : )

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