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  • Hi cant someone help me understand this/.

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    Self-Undoing: The High Priestess

    Main (positional) meaning | General | Position

    Let go of spiritual perfectionism.

    The card in the Self-Undoing position points to self-undermining tendencies, areas where you could be in denial, where you could get stuck -- until you examine yourself and make some corrections.

    When blocked, the High Priestess may be measuring herself against impossible standards. Remember that practically no one in this world is able to live a wholly pure life.

    It is impossible to completely shield yourself from the influences and confusions of modern society, nor is it spiritually desirable. Pride makes us spiritually useless. Stop trying to be too good. Credit yourself with high intentions, but relax your overly egoistic standards.

  • Hi Scully

    Was this card in the reversed postion ? As this is a very good card it tells you to listen to your inner voice and follow your intuiton a very spiritual card. Is this another reading of tarot .com? I see alot of people asking for help with them .

  • Hi Lvingonaprayer.

    Yes it is another from

    Do you think its a good idea or better to learn yourself with your own cards?

    No it wasn't, but it was in the life cycle.

  • Hi Scully,

    The High Priestess as your "self-undoing" brings a few things to mind....

    Do you have a habit of not trusting yourself?

    Are you overly emotional?

    Are you afraid of being alone?

    If yes to the above, do you enter into the physical aspect of relationships too soon?

    Are you a control freak in some ways - unwilling or somehow finding yourself unable to "go with the flow?"

    Do you doubt your inner power?

    Just some food for thought. Think about it and see if any of it resonates with you...

  • Watergirl,

    Thank you, i knew there had to be a reason why this card was bugging me.

    I have been listening to others too much and not totally trusting my own guide.

    I have gone into the physical too quick with different intentions, for various reasons, which i see now why.

    I was afraid or more fed up been alone, am not now.

    I have tried resit the flow, but learnt to try roll with it,

    I don't doubt me now but i did.

    Thank you.

  • Hey guys ,

    I hope you can make sense of this question how old do you think we are in the sevens in the tarot ,is it middle aged or younger? The seven of wands would love to hear anyones interpretations on this card.

    Thanks Love and light Loap:)

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  • He.. 17- 29yrs..

    T hats the outer starting new challenges.. not given into the old age comminuaction.

  • Hi Scully,

    Thats a great interpretation , so eights would be the 30s , nines the 40s and 10s the 50s in age that makes sense . Have you got your new deck yet ? Is so which one is it ?

    Loe and light Loap:)

  • happy Holidays LivingonaPrayer

    I was just looking at your thread hear wish I had seen this before. I am teaching myself the tarot cards. Just got my new deck last month the Gilded Tarot Cards very pretty. But now I want the Mystic Dreamer deck and then I will be ok with cards.

    But I have a question about three cards. I did a spread a day after my birthday in July 12, so on July 13 I did the celtic cross. The first five cards I am not sure how would I read them.

    Card 1 Page of swords (reversed) that is a young person (my son he is 15)

    Card 2 knight of wands - a younger man maybe about 35 or so. I am 50

    Card 3 King of Wands - a very mature man

    Card 4 King of Pentacles

    Card 5 The Empress

    I can't remember the question but it was something like what is in store for me for the rest of the year.

    Can you help me with this. How do you read those first five cards

    Thank You Illona

  • Hi lllona,

    I would be happy to help you try and interpret your reading and you are using the best tool that we have when it comes to interpreting tarot and thats your intuition . In Mary K Greers 21 ways to read a tarot card she describes the four modes of tarot which are,

    Court cards - Who

    These represent who it is personality trait , age and gender and you have figured that out spot on by following your trusted intuition

    Number cards - What

    What is causing everyday situations that are taking place

    Major Acarna - Why

    These cards represent why situations are happening that play a major part in your life .

    Aces -Where

    These represent where new opportunites that have great potential will happen i your life .

    Ok other than the court cards you have the Empress and being a major acarna this is a major issue, so can you relate to this at all ? As to why the Empress came out for you as she is the mother archetype in the tarot this could be one of the reasons as to Why this card came out without being to personal are you having issues as a Mother with your children ,or as a child with your own Mother ?

    What other cards came out ? It woud be best if we interpret this reading as a whole celtic cross and do you remember the positions .?

    Anyway i hope this helps

    Love and light Loap 🙂

  • Sorry forgot to add Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to you as well IIIona

    Love Mags (LOAP)

  • Happy Holidays LivingonaPrayer

    Yes one of my boys is acting up in school. He is 9 and very smart in school and just acting up

    he does not like his school that is one thing. So that would be the mother child thing. But here is the cards that I pulled

    Card 1 - Present Situation -page of swords (reversed)

    Card 2 - Obstacles-the one that crossed card one - Knight of wands

    Card 3 - Possible Outcome -King of wands

    Card 4 - Heart of the matter -King of Pentacles

    Card 5 - Past Influences -The Empress

    Card 6 - Future Influences- Ten of Cups

    Card 7 - Present Situation - Eight of Pentacles

    Card 8 -Inifluence of others - Ace of Pentacles

    Card 9 -Inner emotions - The Strength

    Card 10 - The final outcome - the six of cups

    So I had two Major Arcana

    Three Minor Arcana

    Four Court Cards

    One Ace

    2 Fire cards, 2 water cards, 1 air card, 3 earth cards

    So I see there is something that is going to be happening like kind of fast because of the wands and that it as something to do with money I do think that what the pentacles are saying. I am not that good with the cards just trying to teach myself because I have the some kind of intuition and I do believe that I am what they would call a clairesent I can smell things that other people don't. and my dreams are very very movie like. So I hope you can help me thanks so much and Happy Holidays to you too. And thanks so much for your help


  • Good evening LivingonaPrayer

    I am so sorry for emailing again. But I have a question: The knight of wands and the king of wands are the aries sign. Now there is a person that I know that is a aries and he is a old flame of mind is that what the six of cups means. Because he is a musician that loves to draw and every good and very popular with the ladys. He plays in a group and they are very popular. My kids are mom you know somebody that plays in a group and I be like yes I do. And the eight of pentacles that was talking about me going back to school because I start my masters of forensic psychology Dec 5 2011.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • Ahh yes sounds like this old flame he is the Knight of wands for sure , i feel he will never seltle down and has been in and out of your life regularly . Its the King you need he wants to settle his roots to build firm foundations on . Go with what comes to you with the cards text books are a guide but real reading comes from within your heart .

  • Thank you so much. That is so awesome of you to help. So when there are the knights and kings like that they are talking about men. But sometimes the king can be a woman too. That would mean myself. I do believe I am getting this slowly. And I did give you the whole spread on the other page. thanks again


    And happy holidays.

  • Hi Illona,

    Sorry about the quick reply yesterday i had a million and one things happening , with the silly season and all . Ok the cards that came out for you were

    Card 1 - Present Situation -page of swords (reversed)

    Card 2 - Obstacles-the one that crossed card one - Knight of wands

    Card 3 - Possible Outcome -King of wands

    Card 4 - Heart of the matter -King of Pentacles

    Card 5 - Past Influences -The Empress

    Card 6 - Future Influences- Ten of Cups

    Card 7 - Present Situation - Eight of Pentacles

    Card 8 -Inifluence of others - Ace of Pentacles

    Card 9 -Inner emotions - The Strength

    Card 10 - The final outcome - the six of cups

    Ok with the knights and kings yes they can represent female energies as well , What was this celtic spread called ? OK you feel that the page could be your son , this page in the reversed position can represent someone who is doing alot of talking about what they want and where they want to be in life but they are not acting on it , as the pages represent news or messages coming i feel that if have have been waiting on some news it will be delayed. With the knight of wands on the other hand things usually speed up when this card appears in a reading . This knight is very spontaneous he acts before he thinks quite the opposite to the page of swords reversed ,He has little staying power and is non committed when it comes to relationships .The king of wands the card of leadership , i feel this person is going to be a great help to you with the obstacles you face with the knight of wands .The king of Pentacles is the most reliable of kings its all work and no play with him, i feel this card is trying to tell you to let your hair down, you have been working to hard and are in need of a respite from the daily grind .The Empress like i said i feel this has to do with you being a mother or something to do with a mother figure is having an influence on you from the past .Future influence with the 10 of cups is great you will have the complete happiness that you deserve this is the card of complete and utter joy and bliss you couldnt ask for a better card .The Eight of penatcles your hard work is going to pay off you will recive recongnition for a job well done and i feel that this could be to do with your studying forensic psychology it is the right choice that you have made .The influence of others around you i feel have been relvolving around the material world , i feel you long for something deeper as you know that money is only an energy exchange we do need it to get by but it does not bring us true happiness , you know whats really important and are not easlily swayed , others will come to realise this in time as well .The strenght card for inner emotions is a very good one as true strenght comes from within , its ok to open up and let poeple know how you really feel , you need to voice your opinon as this card is telling me that you harbour alot inside people dont truly know how you feel at times .The six of cups in the final outcome tells me that there are indeed issues resurfacing from the past that you need to deal with but they will bring back many happy memories and you feel it is to do with the old flame , i cant really say what it is except it will be a joyess event to walk down memorie lane again

    I hope this helps

    Love, light and hugs Mags xx

  • Hi, LLOP

    Could you inter pate these cards for me please?

    My inner self..Four of swords

    My fears Two of cups

    Am i being me, Knight of wands..

    Happy holidays


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