• Hi all

    Thankyou so much everyone for joining my thread and giving your insights its great to hear others point of view i tryed picking a card of the day as well and found that sometimes i was gettingt he same cards all the time and i know that there is a message behind that but it i wanted to learn all the cards and found it was getting to confusing if i learnt more than one card a day so now ive stopped my daily card and i am studying them in sequences i do 4 minor to 2 major for example i will do all the aces one per day and cross reference the differences between each on, and then the next 2 days i will learn my 2 majors in sequence as well for example the fool and the magician then i will move on to the next lot i found hat this is really helping me gain a greater insight and i seem to remember the meanings alot easier and i have my journal and write everything that stands out to me from the books i have about roughly 8 books form different authors thst i study i know some might say that is to much but it helps because it gives me a different viewpoint of how each author describes their meanings of the cards . The main cards i have trouble with are the court cards as well i would love to hear others interpretations yes im happy to start learning court cards . I will be back with my interpretations of the king of swords later .

    Many Blessings Love and Light 2 all Loap

  • The king of swords

    Is highly intelligent usually in a position of authority as he is well educated is very analytical,is cool calm and collected uses logic and reason is strong willed and powerful .Can represent dealings with the law . that is basically how i interpret him .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Hi All,

    This is a most useful thread for everyone who is trying to learn, so good on you! In answer to what some have alluded to, I have started a journal but I will try picking the cards out instead of just taking them off the top. I am not sure I have shuffled them yet! lol! I will look out for the King of Swords when I get that far!

    Can I just ask, do you think I am better off doing my interpretations of one deck at a time, or could I do one card from each deck, ie one from the Hermetic and one from the RW?

    I really think that the idea of LOAPs for me to practice a reading on her gets me thinking 'Oh no! I'm not that good'! There is alot of faith, confidence and trust in the cards, isn't there - which is fine but I wondered if anyone else felt unsure of themselves getting it right? More practice needed by me, I think!

    Please keep it coming! x

  • Hi The PolyGot

    Do interpretations from whatever deck you feel comfortable with as long as it doesnt get to confusing for you i just googled the hermetic deck the imagery is very nice some cards looked easy enough to understand like the 3 of cups , so is the deck you have in black and white ? I was looking at an image if a deck in colour not sure if im looking at the right deck .

  • Hi TPG

    I understand how you feel about doing practise readings i feel the same i havent done any readings for anyone over the forums only via email as i dont feel confident enough yet but seeing as this is only practise for learning it could be fun if you want to do it its up to you or we could do it as as a group what do you think ? here are the 2 decks i found for the hermetic deck which one do you have ?

  • TPG (love the acronym Mags lol)

    Go for it. That is to say, compare cards across decks and do a reading. I was very doubtful of being able to read the cards, but I thought there's only one way to get better at it and that's to just do some readings.

    What I found very early on was a faith in the cards to always tell me the right thing. Even if I don't understand the message or even if I completely misinterpret it, I know the message was the right one.

    The more I work with the cards the more faith and trust I have in them. I know that for my highest good, these cards will never let me down.

    I can't think of anything else to add about the King of Swords as a person. Does anyone want to add any other interpretations? The one thing I would say to HPriestess is not to put too much weight on the starsign associated with the cards when they denote a person.

    The King of Swords can easily represent me, but I am not an air sign. I've made the same mistake in the past, but the trick is to focus on the qualities of the person then the starsign. Over time you will start to "feel" if the card actually represents someone of a particular astrological sign 🙂

    The only other thing I can think of when it comes to this King is that of ideas and solutions. The King of Swords can represent the desire to solve a problem, find new ways of doing things, and/or come up with new ideas where appropriate.

    I'm going to pick another card then I will hand the reins over to the next person. It's another King, another one that I am drawn to/identify with. The King of Cups.

    For me the King of Cups is the father figure, the head of the family. Indeed, family is the be all and end all for this King. He demonstrates emotional maturity but can be too soft on his own kids. Prone to bailing them out of trouble instead of letting them learn their lessons as well as prone to believing they can do no wrong.

    Somewhat sentimental and sensitive, the King of Cups has a deep understanding of emotions, both his own and others, which makes him the fair judge. He's the diplomat, capable of seeing things from both sides of the coin. But on the negative side, he can tend towards emotional manipulation in order to get what he wants.

    As with the King of Swords, if the King represents desire or motivation then the King of Cups is a desire to start a family. Or to be a better father. Or to be more emotionally mature.

  • I have doing tarot on an off for about 25 yrs but I seem to do it in phases when I was younger I would do 7 card spreads dont know why always have now when I have time I only do 3 cards and it is time consuming I have a Da Vinci deck it is absolutely gorgeous

  • Hi Shadowmist

    i have the davinci deck as well but it havent used it in a few years will have to fish it out as i have stored all my decks away from the kids 25 years wow thats along time ive only been learning them on and off for 7 and still feel there is heaps more to learn i have heard that it takes years to master . have you read proffessionally or just for family and friends ?

  • Hi Marc The king of cups has come out in my practice reading

    I have done a practise reading for my husband asking will he get a new job soon it was a 3 card spread representing the past , present and the future

    Card 1 The Past- King of cups / The tower reversed

    As this is a court card and im having trouble with those i pulled another card for clarification and got the tower reversed and i can relate to these to cards as i feel my husband went through an emotional time with his last job he was holding on to alot of pent up energy and unable to release this t,he tower reversed is telling me that a change was coming that would be enforced on him it was fated but he just wouldnt let it go he wanted to continue on fighting to keep his job it wasnt mean to be in the end.

    I feel i havent explained about the king of cups much my hubby is a scorpio a water sign but he doesnt show his emotions like the king of cups would so that has thrown me i would say my hubby is more like the king of swords

    Card 2 - The Present - 4 of cups

    This card does describe him at the moment he is very depressed and worried about the future will he find another job soon yet with the 4th cup being held out to him an offer of some sort or help is there but he cant see it or wont accept it yet as he is still focusing on the loss of his currant job he has taken a step backwards he needs to snap out of his currant thoughts and worries .

    Card 3- The future -3 of cups

    Im assuming he is going to get a new job and we will be celebrating as this is a very good card and he will be working in a group enviroment . A happy enviroment where they all work as a team and help each other out .

    What do you guys think ? I mostly went with my gut instinct except for the king

  • Hi everyone,

    I am glad to see so many people involved in this thread.

    Ok, I am very much into astrology as much as I am into Tarot. I was thrilled to discover that Minor Arcana cards (except Aces and Court Cards) are represented by planets (Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun and Saturn) in Signs. Major Arcana cards as well represent 10 Planets plus 12 Zodiac signs, in total 22 cards.

    Astrology was meant to go wtih Tarot, we cannot separate them, still there is a lot of room for us to do our own connections and interpretations.

    I am a leo, therefore I should probably be interpreted by the Queen of Wands, but I did not feel much connection with that card. Leo is ruled by Sun, therefore I could pick the Strength card or the Sun card to represent me, but I did not like them much either. So I went into numerology, and my number is 2 that associates with High Priestess- that is how I chose this card to represent me.

    As much as we like certain cards, we cannot just simply pick them to represent us.

    For example Piscean Healer, if you are a Pisces then you have the option for Hanged Man-which is Neptune, or Moon card which is Pisces. Then again, you can work out your Numerological number and see what card you get. Either way it has to be some evidence behind your choice.

    And you are absolutely right we always know in a reading when a Court Card denotes a person or something else.

    Finally, is your choice what card you want to pick to represent you- but if there is a good reason behind it that works best.

  • I feel the King of Swords and King of Cups represents me, or aspects of me. King of Cups is also a Pisces guy. But I do agree with you on the Hanged man and Moon cards, they do have a certain appeal to me.

    I'll look into the numerology and get back to you. I think it was an exercise in Mary K Greer's book Tarot for Yourself. Great book by the way, I recommend it to anyone that wants to learn about tarot. She also does tarot with astrology and numerology in that book.

  • Hello Loap and everyone,

    This is very good and lots more people replying then one or two. The Hpriestess is correct the tarot is really using all three. Remember Loap in your other thread the page of wands I mentioned about numerology and mentioned about astrology as well.

    I am not going to comment on the King of swords as I see you all have it covered. The king of cups yes represent Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer.. Yes the cups are the element water and yes it is emotions. I think the king of cups try to hid their emotions. They show no emotions on the outside. But on the inside they might be more emotional then you know.

    To me the king of cups represents, control, creativity, protection, secrets, mystery, sensuality, rulers, honor, duty. They are the captains of their own ships. Due to the inward emotions when they are down they are down. Once they bounce back there is no stopping them to move forward and get on with their business. They are the ones that must be the provider the doer. This card could represent a military man, A CEO of a corporation, a foreman. Someone placed in charge of as the boss. They are a family man and love their home and all that it represents.

    This card is ruled by the planet mars and Pluto. God of war and love and protector.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Correction on my planets of ruling this card. Neptune is the planet of water. In my interpetation I was looking at Scorpio for the planets. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Pisces is Neptune, Cancer is the moon. Therefore look to all these planets when looking to the card of the King of Cups. I also stated sensuality, I should have also mentioned sexuality as well as passionate.

    Your friend in Tarot,

    The QueenofWands

  • I believe the suit of cups in general is really ruled by the planet Venus.

  • .. sorry Venus only rules Libra(air) and Taurus (earth).

    As you can see has nothing to do with water= cups.

    I know it can get confusing.. they have all card association with planets right on this site.

    Some of them are different from regular Astrology. For ex. Moon card is Pisces, but generally cancer is ruled by Moon and not Pisces.

    Just take them as they are, do not ask why.

  • Thanks for the correction . I think I seconded guessed myself here with venus. Should have just left my first reply. Typical Gemini. As the element of air I tend to think more and deeper on the thought then need be. Well as we know cups is emotions.

    Your friend in tarot,


  • Hi folks - I have been out all day and so much has been said! At the risk of going back a step, I'd like to answer a question about the Hermetic deck - Yes, it is black and white. I very much like the idea of us practicing on each other. It could be hugely embarrassing, but I suppose that is the way we learn, by making mistakes and also, importantly, by learning to trust.

    Btw, I think the letters TPG are awesome and uber-cool!!!

    Excellent! TPG x

  • Hi TQOW ,

    now when you describe the king of cups they way you did that is my husband all over i know that he is suffering from emotional turmoil inside wow and i had him pegged for the King of Swords. thanks for posting thgat interpretaiton

    Hi TPG,

    It doesnt matter if we make mistakes here look at me with the King of cups lol and your right that is the only way we are going to learn .

    Hi HP,

    Im a taurus so my card would be the heirophant is that right ?

  • So what are your interpretations of my reading ? any takers

  • Trust your intuition comes to mind Mags. Are we really going to do readings in this thread? You know what happened to your last Tarot learning thread - it got derailed by people wanting readings.

    With that in mind...

    The past: He was emotionally invested in a job that was no longer serving his higher good. The tower collapsed, truth came to light and he lost his job.

    The present: He is dissatisfied with his current position.

    The future: Dreams will come to fruition.

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