• A place where we can all learn the cards together and share our experiences . All welcome

  • lets start with the minor acarna

    Penatcles - are what we have - money and possessions

    Cups - are what we feel - love , happiness and sadness

    Wands -are what we do - motivation and actions

    Swords -are what we think - ideas , thoughts unspoken and spoken .

  • Astrologial signs thats represent the four suits ,

    Pentacles - taurus , virgo and capricorn

    Cups - cancer scorpio and pisces

    Wands - aries , leo and sagitarius

    Swords- gemini , libra and aquarius

  • any ideas anyone on anything else i should add ?

  • thank you livingonaprayer I am so rusty on tarot. how is the best way to lay a spread and how should you read it?

  • Hi Shadowmist

    Thankyou for joining me on my thread i am just learning as well i mainly do a three card spread representing past present and future and i ask a question i find it makes it more clearer for me there are more in depth spreads like the celtic cross which is a 10 card reading but i found it was to much for me to interpret as my time is limited as well with having little kids and all ,so how long have you been doing cards for?

  • Hi - I am following your thread with interest. I have just been bought a Hermetic Tarot deck by the lady who reads my Tarots (the reason why she bought it me is another story!!!). She said I should go through the major cards and record what I felt they were 'saying', which I am gradually doing. Then, she said, go to the book and see if anything you felt, matches. I am ages away from using this deck, so I have bought myself a Rider Waite deck.

    I found the explanations above to be useful. Is there any advice anyone would give to take the next step with these cards? And should I practise on myself first? I'm not quite sure how (or if?) I am going to remember all the meanings to the cards. I feel as though I am putting a tentative toe into a very large pond!

  • You are on the right track thepolyglot. Try drawing a daily card for reflection. Note the card in a journal along with your interpretations. Then go read up on other meanings of the card and note down in your journal anything that resonated with you. At the end of the day look back on what you wrote and see how it applied to your day's experiences.

    Over time you will start noticing patterns...

    Shadowmist, start with the 3 card spread; past, present, and future. But then start thinking of other ways the number 3 can apply...

  • Hi The polygot ,

    Do you have a tarot journal ? If not get yourself a notebook and jot down everthing that comes to mind when you are looking at the cards and how they makeyou feel i have many decks and i always go back to the rider waite as i feel i can identify with it more ,ive never heard of the Hermetic deck i will have to check it out has it got anything to do with the hermit in the major acarna ? as thats what its making me think of . I strongly feel that rider waite is the easiest deck for beginners i use my books often ive been learing it for 7 years now off and on and i still havent t mastered all the meanings properly it can take years apparently . Dont stress learn it how you feel comfortable if you have a book you like use that ive tryed to learn keywords for the cards but sometimes one card can have so many meanings its hard to put them into a box if you know what i mean i would go with what your intuition says and still study your book

    I always find it hard to read for myself as i only see what i want to see ,do you have any close family or friends that can be guinea pigs? or you can practise here if you like i will be a guinea pig for you thats if you feel comfortable or you can do an absent reading for someone who is not present try and write all of your readings down so that you can refer back to them at a later date .

    I hope this helps

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Thanks Marc for the two bobs

    Love and light Mags 🙂

  • Ok-ay

    First of all LivingonaPrayer, thanks for starting this "circle"- I had a similar idea earlyer

    but the admin seemed to have a problem with going other sites/ blogs other than this room.

    It is a limited space and hard to get all the info in one place.

    Anyway, you started it then other people started giving advice too.

    I think you wanted just people to get you feedback on what they are interested in. I tried the same, but everyone wants to shortcut to readings. Jumping to readings is like going to the last pages on a book we've just started.

    Since we are talking about reading I do the daily card but I almost never seem to get it Right. I found no connection between the day and the card I draw. Longer readings get closer to the point. I am not sure why that happens? Does anyone has any idea why this happens?

    I have been doing readings for myself since year 2000 and I always get mixed messages.

    Sometimes Cards talk to me cleary, other time they do not at all. I think has to do with the level on concentration I reach. Connecting with the cards is one of the hardest things to do,

    that is why learning at first is so important., even if that takes such a long time.

    I agree with the description of the suits- However on the pentacles they are NOT only things we have (unfortunatelly), but also things we do not have/ we miss.

    I suggest on Minor Arcana we start going over the Court Cards. They can signify people, but NOT always, and therefore are hardest to read.

    Blessings to all,


  • Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone would interpret a 3 card spread for me regarding my relationship.

    Knight of Swords

    8 of cups


    Ive got a feeling about it but want to know what u think?

    Thanks in advance

    ps LOAP, Im from Melbourne too 🙂

  • MsSunshine please start a separate thread for readings, this thread is about learning Tarot. Thank you 🙂

    Start a thread and I'll provide my thoughts for you 🙂

  • Ms Sunshine, I thought we are learning.. and we just talked about not jumping into readings.

    Anyway, your reading is very clear- it means that you or him (a Sagittarius) is thinking of leaving the relationship. I think you reaching the amicable depart point. There is no drama, and there is still the possibility to remain friends, really no hoax.

    take care

  • Okay so lets go for the court cards. As I am drawn to the card, identifying with it somewhat, what does the King of Swords represent to you?

  • Apologies, still getting used to the site

  • King of Swords- is a bit different for me, because I have a libra person that I associate with that card. Excluding that option, in Jane Austen tarot that I am using that will be Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pride and Prejudice.

    Under the perception that King of Swords would represent a person, and that person would be outside the Libra man I know, it would be someone wealthy, a bit conceited, into themselves, but of very good manners. This man can appear cold and calculating. On the positive side would be someone intellectual and of high integrity.

    Now when this card does not represent a person, what would that mean?

    Because Swords represent air signs it would mean the months of June (Gemini), October (Libra) or February (Aquarius). King of swords as a situation signifies patience and endurance.

    That is all I could get on this King. Anything else?

  • Jane Austen tarot - awesome! 🙂

    I agree with what you wrote there. And I can see aspects of myself both positive and negative in the card. I'll elaborate further when I have more time and after Mags (LoaP) puts her 2 bobs worth in 🙂

    So, I am Darcy huh? Lol Seehorse is going to be all over that one.

    Thanks HPriestess. I can see you have a good grasp of the tarot 🙂

  • Dear HPriestess

    Hi There!I find doing daily readings for myself ,a great way to learn.Some cards seem to come true in retrospect and with practice recurring patterns can be seen and a system of meaning that works emerges.Hanswolfgang once said to me that the cards seeming fuzzy or not making complete sense is actually a good thing ,because it means we are being objective in our reading.One cannot always reads ones own situation accurately all the time...thats how I think we evolve with tarot.

    King of swords has often come up for a person who judges things critically,sometimes in black and white.And one who is too overbearing to let one express one's point of view.

    Since every card has a positive and negative energy interpretation,Piscean Healer,the plus side is the effective use of intellect,logical clarity,good and detached judgement.I think the latter applies to you!

    Love and Light

  • thank you suramya 🙂

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