Can someone help interpret this reading?

  • I'm a beginner, and get the followings for my relationship reading. Appreciate your help.

    1. Present situation - Temperance.

    2. My world - Page of Wands.

    3. My lover's world - Death/Rebirth.

    4. Nature of issue - King of Wands

    5. Obstacles - Nine of Cups.

    6. Lessons and signs - Five of Wands.

    7. My hopes, fears, and desires - Eight of cups.

    8. My lover hopes, fears, and desires - King of swords.

    9. Challenges - the Devil.

    10. Outcome - Six of Pentacles.

  • Temperance - You are patiently looking at the relationship, waiting for it to take its course. Waiting for you two to come together and become one.

    Page of Wands - Thats you, learning about the importance of passion and energy in the relationship

    Death - he is going through some major changes in his life

    King of Wands - Thats him, But he is the "king" and you are the "page". You got to at least go halfway because passion (and sex) is really important for him

    Nine of cups - You would like more emotional bonding first. But the the way to a this man's heart is through "you know what":-)

    Five of Wands - There will be small fights regarding this. You feeling you need to spend more quality time, he wanting more intimacy...

    Eight of cups - You hope he does not move away from the relationship

    King of Swords - He wants to be in control of the relationship (and he probably always will be)

    Devil - Lots of passion and sex. Will you be able to handle it ?

    Six of Pentacles - If you are willing to "give", this relationship could work out well in the future.

    Just my take.

    Also was not sure if you are male or female. If you are male please turn the "he" to"she".

  • Thank you so much!

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