The cancer males tests

  • What do people mean When they say cancer men put you through tests? For example....?

  • Comparing you to their mother and seeing if you are the perfect woman they dream of...

  • In my experience it’s the push for you to go to find out how determined you are to stay. Of course in order to know that he’s doing this you’ll need to figure out whether you’re even at that stage and whether it’s his fear or insecurity that he’s acting on.

  • Cancer men are highly psychic and intiuitive. They may know somethings that you think they are not aware of and also to mention they are very sensitive to the feelings and emotions of people.

    So the test has to deal with how truthful and trustworthy you are because 9 times of ten if they are in tuned their ESP is up and running. The test is mainly all about them see if they can trust you to get inside of that shell at the end of the day.

  • what makes a cancer man withdrawal and lie?

  • i quit with mine lol.. he still texts me sometimes but i dont feel like playing games anymore its annoying.

  • The Captain: Why does cancer guys disappear without warning and want make contact? What is the purpose of their disappearing act?

  • When they cannot handle all the emotions they are feeling, they will retreat into their shells until they have become calmer and more able to handle their feelings.

  • captain, is your answer the same reason for why they lie, withdrawal and play games with your head and heart, telling you what you want to hear?

  • I hate cancer men !!!

  • Ok

    I have lately shyed from anything zodiacsign love tumoil because i was SICK to DEATH of you women bashing any male zodiac sign. I was and am SICK SICK SICK of your bashing them ONLY based on their zodiac sign.

    Okay yeah they have their flaws and bad habits BUT what the EFF about you? are you all squeaky innocent clean ? Can you HONESTLY say you didnt contribute to what went wrong? Now dont come back with noo it was all him crap bc i do NOT buy it.

    I wish each woman whom come here to whine bash n badmouth a zodiac male sign to go and find quizzes and ask themselves am i high or low maintains, am i a demanding person, am i a person that needs to whine moan complain alot or do i take it in a stride? What do i send out? How do i act among my friends, family n toward men?

    My grandma who was very wise useally said, SWEEP ur OWN front door first b4 u sweep all elses.

    I feel so sad n upset that so many has had one bad experience with a certain zodiac sign and culprit his entire personality on his starsign, which is basically a small smidge of his whole being. Yeah each male zodiac sign has some dang bad apples among them, but NOT all of em are bad.

    Its too effing simple. What would u do if i claimed all u is is ur zodiac sign, down to the general depictions, not taking into account what year, day, n place u was born in? nor how the times were, how ur folks were, what u was taught n learnt until u found ur way here?

    IF by chance God chose another male from the same zodiac sign as the guy u hate loathe wanna kill if u saw his sorry eff again, are you going to put him into the same catagory or give him a chance?

    What you woman do right now is sickening, demeaning ad not fair. tell me this, when u buy a net full of oranges or apples and some has unfortunately gone bad, do you throw them all out or just the bad ones keeping the good ones?

    Also this next also sickens me. Quite a few of u ladies keep bashing on the giuy who hurt you, downtalking all else who is puzzled by the same sign, scaring them off, having them dump what may be a good guy all bc you got hurt bad. is it fair to ruin something potential good bc u didnt get the happy ever after u desired? how can u say i moved on when all u do is moan whine whine moan moan?

    it tells me u only blame him 4 what went wrong nnothing in ur self. I at some point was also sick to death of 2 certain zodiac signs. I also bashed negatived the sign. until one reader told me bluntly i myself had not moved on n by my behavior no wonder i hadnt gotten what i desired. It hurt like hell n i fumed thundered for days but that nagging voice kept going u know she is right. u effed up n yet u blame the guys.

    i was expecting too much, i was pushing unaware of my bulldozer ways. all had to be done happen on my time in accordance to my specifications n agenda, if that didsnt happen i blamed them. what i havent raved ranted called said n done to get my way.

    N now faced with all this i was DEEPLY ASHAMED. i had been NO BETTER than my school comrades who one day desided i was unwished unwanted undesired n needed to b blamed 4 all that was wrong in their lives.

    before i wss unaware of it, running on subconscious dismissed it bc i felt thought i knew better than the guys. I was a b i t c h in the very sense of the word. a shrew.

    i looked long n hard at myself. I looked skin deep, i looked deeper n boy did it hurt like nothing ever b4. i died. n i resurrected.

    i apologized to the guys but damage was long done n no amount of sorry´s could mend it. I knew time might so i withdrew n kept working in me n my issues.

    Today i can proudly say i won both guys´friendship back and each of em says i have changed, ive grown. They say yes we have fouled up with you in this as you have.

    So you see even the smallest slightest action can be culprit of how it goes wrong and ends.

    So ladies b4 u point that finger of guilt toward a male of a specific sign, point it at urself n truely ask urself deep inside if u aint to blame as well.

    last ill leave u with this in mind, what if that guy u bashed moan downtalk backstab n treat like the worst scum on planet earth csme here n did what u did to him to u? how would it make u feel? it takes 2 to tango, n often 2 to ruin it.

  • charmedwitchbente,

    I happen to still love my cancerman. He was the only one who created a lot of unnecessary drama. Every relationship is different, but as I said before, there are many women with similar experiences regarding cancer sign and others.

    Given that, men are men and women are women and we act and react differently.

    I happen to appreciate the positive qualities in cancerman, not the negative, and yes, th negative as stated in so many of these threads do exist.

    Though I cannot speak for everyone else, There are many similarities in my cancerman's personal issues and the reason because of him that we are no longer together.

    It appears you are lumping everyone together and therefore you are critisizing the very same thing that you are doing yourself.

    I have read many of your threads, and I do find that you have sage advice for the most part, but the anger that appears to be laden in some of your posts, doesn't help others to see your view any easier.

    However, all views are welcome, isn't that what this forum is for, to express and advise, and share experiences.

  • CWB you are right for the most part EXCEPT when it comes to Cancermen...I am sorry but the evidence does not lie 🙂 They are a boat load of games.

  • All i say is keep it up n the next guy who maybe the same sign is s great good one a non liar n nasty person u can kiss him off nc ure so stuck. good luck ya is SO gonna need it.

    n NO i do not pool together based on what happened to me n what i did, i point out im as guilty as the men i blamed. n for u to point it out shows i am right.


  • TheCaptain: Thank you. Have you ever known a Cancer man to retreat for months? Should I let go?

  • Scorp1112 -Yes! I have. Try 8 months...and counting! 😄 The thing is, you have to pretty much write them off in the most positive way possible. You just never, ever know when they're going to come around, if they ever do. So, you need to just continue with life, date other guys, do your own thing, etc. If he contacts you out of the blue, respond, have a nice conversation, and then basically be prepared for him to disappear again. Just don't place too much merit or importance on his random's basically him trying to keep you in his life and in good spirirts with him. If he's not keeping in touch with you, then he's not ready to have you in his life. The best way to deal with this is just to forget it. Because, as I said, there is no way of knowing how long it'll last or if it'll ever be over.

  • MariaRia - Thank you. That is what I am trying to do. It's hard because I think about him all of the time. We had so much fun together at least I thought we did. Thanks for your advice.

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