Help Interpreting Spread Please

  • Hi there,

    I recently did a Celtic Cross spread and came up with the following... I'm having trouble interpreting it but, basically, it doesn't look too good I think? I was generally doing this spread concerning a new job prospect / my job, school, and financial situation... Any insights or ideas on interpreting this spread would be greatly appreciated as I am still rather new to Tarot.

    Thanks a lot. I'll attach an image here. Am I right to be taken aback seeing The Devil as the first card?? 😕

  • Sorry, I'll try attaching it again... it was too big.

  • I just did a quick 3 card reading for clarification... in terms of my job situation and that.

    I got:

    Card 1: Queen of Swords

    Card 2: The Fool

    Card 3: 5 of Swords

    ... To me, card 1 shows how I am very by the book and practical, card 2 is fitting because I am going through a huge transitional phase in my life right now as I am finishing up school, just completed an internship, and am looking at starting a career/job... but, again, card 3 seems like it is indicating a conflict of some sort. It seems like I have been getting a lot of negative (Swords) cards??

    I feel like there is some sort of warning in both of these readings, but I am not sure what exactly I should do to better my situation or what to expect? (Sorry, as you can probably tell I do not have a great deal of experience with Tarot, but I am learning)

    Again, any insight, suggestions, or interpretations are greatly welcomed and I thank you profusely in advance! I'm just kind of freaking out here now as I just had a job interview yesterday that I thought went really well, and I'm waiting to hear back from and now I'm wondering if everything maybe isn't going quite as planned.

    Thanks, I sincerely appreciate anyone spending the time reading my post and helping me out.


  • Hi Chance, I will first try and interpret the Celtic Cross reading because I think that is more important and generally gives a good insight of the overall situation.

    The Devil card is a very strong card and is probably the root of your problem. The Devil indicates addiction of some kind, it could be drugs, alcohol or even too much sex. The EIght of Cups suggests you have tried to come out of it but its caused you great amount of stress and crisis in the past (tower + nine of swords).

    Please note that the Devil may also indicate a relationship you are chained to and can't get out of, so it could be referring to that as well.

    In the near future, you are going to have to deal with this alone and will have to find the answers yourself, by introspecting and looking inside.

    The outcome shows you will be still blinded and unable to make a decision.

    According to me, these cards are not saying much about your financial situation. This suggests you need to deal with this situation first and it is top priority, even more important than your other concerns. So please look at this carefully if you feel it resonates in any way.

    All the best!!

  • Thanks for your help, tarotred. Greatly appreciated. I think I have become so obsessed with my ridiculously busy schedule of work/school/interning that I haven't really been paying much attention to anything else for a while.

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