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  • Coming off of a bad depression that has taught me a lot. I am wanting to know whats coming in the months ahead as far as love and financially . i appreciate it 05-20-73

  • Redzalez, I don't deal with the future - I prefer to deal with the NOW and how you can create a better future for yourself.

    What you can do NOW is work on the issues that may be holding you back from getting what you want.

    From your astrological profile, I see your life mission is to secure your sense of self and to learn to stand firm in who you are. You will be involved in quite a few struggles until you learn the value of steadier habits and less convulsive emotions. You are a naturally magneitc and energetic person who can draw any number of admirers, detractors and assorted basket cases who will sap your energies until you learn to set some limits and see just where you leave off and others begin. You need to find yourself - separate from those around you - and this may involve being on your own for a while to find your real identity. You must force yourself to look inward and become more self -aware. You are unfortunately not blessed with the best judgment regarding matters of character, and you will make some spectacularly bad choices of mates, friends or business partners before you face the facts. You must learn to enjoy your audience rather than depending on it. By developing self-understanding and a more philosophical view of life, and by learning to mute the drama and intensity of your emotional life, your true self will no longer feel swamped by your feelings. You can be a bit of an emotional blackmailer and manipulator when you get too emotional over something, such as your need to be mothered. What you really want is to find a place where you feel safe, protected, cared for and doted on - somewhere you feel you truly belong. To do this, you must let go of the idea that one special person or a group of people cna provide that for you - you must take charge of providing it for yourself by pusrsuing a goal that energizes you or finding an ideal or set of principles that builds your self-respect .You must continuously and relentlessly cut away any counterproductive tendencies and patterns, especially that of sinking back into the shifting sands of emotion. With self-understanding, you can build a solid strong base from which to operate in the world and which will help you to stay in balance both emotionally and psychologically. And then you will feel safe and secure in any circumstance in which you find yourself. Your dynamism, empathy for others, and attractiveness plus your versatility are gifts that can pull you out of even the most extreme circumstances if you believe in yourself enough to use them. If you will only give yourself the respect you require from others, then things will go exceedingly well for you on your life journey.

    Love: In love, you must avoid the types of relationship dependencies you fostered in the past in order to prevent yourself being dragged down. This karmic path requires you to spend less time with old family and friends and more time making new contacts. You will transform from 'nice' to 'tough' which may alarm those who know you but it is necessary if you are to survive any vulnerable times. Of course tough doesn't mean aggressive or uncaring, simply strong and independent. The best kinds of people to spend your time with are more conscious or evolved souls who will strengthen your ego-building process - people who do not judge or take advantage, who will point our your excesses and encourage you to stand up for yourself. And despite becoming stronger in your sense of self, you will still need to find a special someone to whom you can expose your more sensitive side. Thus the choice of partner is critical and especially difficult since your discrimination is not good in this area. You fear being abandoned and you have problems expressing your emotions appropriately. You tend to be ruled by emotion and in love can easily fall back into codependency, maiking some disastrous choices before finding the right person. Which is why you must do the work on yourself before seeking someone to be your partner. Like attracts like so when you are strong and independent, you will find someone who is the same and who will be the most compatible person for you. Relationships are important to you becasue they offer the chance to experience vulnerability wherein the lesson of trust is learnt. They are a means of growth and communication for you.

    Talents, work and finances: When you find your true self, you will excel at being the boss or part of the managment of a team in your working life.Because of an inherent, though not always manifested, love o fthe outdoors, you would make a very good backwoods guide, for example. But you would also excel at a high-tech career. You are creative in terms of finding deeper wisdom and because you like time alone, you would make an excellent researcher. You excel in service and healing-related work in the broadest meaning of those terms. Your natural charisma, which you don;t always appreciate or trust, makes you a compelling dancer, actor or artist but your art would feel more meaningful to you if it is connected to a higher purpose or motive of service. Many people with your profile feel a subconscious subtle negativity or mixed feelings about money and worldly success. If money is scarce in your life, you may want to reexamine your positive and negative beliefs about it. Self-trust issues can also hold you back in some areas of work. Money, like most things in your life, is only a means to learn more about the workings of your own psyche. You most often earn enough money to meet your needs and then some.

    In 2011, your numerology says that it is a 4 year for you, which means that hard work, organization, effort and determination will all pay off for you at this time. It is a shoulder-to-the-grindstone sort of year when skipping steps or taking shortcuts will only result in failure. By paying attention to details and making steady but slow progress, you will prosper. What you put in, you get back this year. 2011 is a year of digging in and hoeing, a reestablishment of self-control. This is an organizational period and you must look at your current and past performance in a very hard light. It is a time to get organized and bring yourself down to earth. Responsibilities will increase, magnifying the effort and hard work needed to maintain a reasonable level of existence. Health and diet should be carefully scrutinized this year, as physical resistance is low and you may become more susceptible to ailments. A tidying up of affairs is now in order, as you must make ready for a very hectic year ahead in 2012.

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