• I am sure you can do more than 15 seconds See Horsey, 🙂 LOL.

    If you can manage 5 minutes, of a short meditation, I will give you a really funny video, and you will laugh your socks of at it, or even pants off.

    Love Bee Xx


  • Hahah 🙂 Ok. LOL. I bet it will be a funny picture.

    Bee Xx

  • THE PROBLEM IS ANGELBEE IF I POST ANY OF THE PICTURES I FOUND I'LL BE BANNED FOR EVER ROFLMAO maybe i'll send you some by e-mail but then you'll never speak to me again lol

    Oh wait i found something hehe

  • Rotflmao,

    Babbling Brook is a keyword for me and my sis. It is our place of sanctuary. I'll never think the same way again now without remembering your sense of humor.

  • lol

  • Now i'm tempted to post the "pants down" pictures i googled but this is much better lol


    BEE xX

  • 🙂 I'm not hehe

  • 🙂

  • oops forgot my picture lol

  • Well you did warn her. LOL

  • Hehehe, Well that is a funny couple of people, huh 🙂 LOL.

    Bee Xx

  • Good morning. Did not mean to stay up so late last night, but I'm up now and got my coffee

    30 min to go.


  • Wow! What a lovely feeling! I could feel the energy coursing through me, and I knew I wasn't alone in it! What a beautiful thing to do ! I would like to keep this up as long as we can.

    Thanks Shee for coming up with such a marvelous idea.

    Blessings to all.


  • Yes, I second that emotion!

    I had a wonderful time out on my deck in the sun with the bird song (and an occassional car, LOL)

    At one point I said good morning to the Angels and an incredible breeze blew in from the west and my 3 evergreens started waving their branches at me. It was so cool!

    I did try to connect with you all and then just send loving thoughts and energy to the universe for its distribution to where it was needed.

    Then I sat and meditated for a while and pulled an angel card for any message they might have to share.

    I got Archangel Raphael (should have had that one figured but I actualy forgot about last week) Anyway the message was:


    Archangel Raphael

    “Take several deep breaths and exhale slowly to awaken your energy and to release old patterns.”

    Additional Message: Often during times of stress, you may unconsciously hold your breath. Yet, as you know, breath is essential to oxygenating your mind , body, spirit and very life. Write a note to yourself to breath, as a reminder of the importance of invigorating yourself with deep and steady breaths. Make trips to places where fresh air is plentiful. You will also notice an increase in air quality when your are near the beach or a lake. Even taking a shower or bath puts you in touch with the positive ions associated with water and air.

    Working with Archangel Raphael: Raphael’s name means “Whom God Heals”, and he is known as the healing angel in charge of physical healings for all living beings. Often Raphael gives us divine guidance (intuition, thoughts, ideas, dreams and so on) about how we can participate in keeping our bodies healthy. When you call upon Raphael for a healing, pay attention to inner impressions, and be sure to follow through upon guidance that calls you to take action.

    My own take is that this was a clear message refering to meditation itself as in "noticing your breath."

    Blessings to one and all.

  • @IBelieve and sunshine were over here now lol sorry IBelieve i couldn't find you yesterday lol..



  • Feelings and Emotions in other dimensions 5-24-2011

    Well I hope everyone is having a good prayer experience ,but do not get discouraged if comp aired to others your not feeling or experiencing what they are ,you will in time .

    My job is to help you understand what you are going threw this has been the reasons of my writings the good and bad ,the ups and downs ,your emotions at times seem rampant .

    It is important for you to read the things I have gone and been threw ,not that I have all the answers and not that I know everything I was advised and ask to write down and share these things with you all and it does not mean I am better or know more I am to just share what I have been going threw so maybe it can help you more in your understanding.

    The praying what I do is I lay down I take about 3 or 4 deep breaths and let out slowly to relax me then I connect to my heart charka and the light within it ,I let the light travel down my body threw my feet into the Earth all the way to Mothers Core then I bring it back up threw my body up threw my head to a couple of feet above my head and connect to my higher self and ask my higher self to join me in the praying and to guide me in my praying .

    Now some of you know Andrea is my higher self and all I have to do most of the time is ask her in and we are together . If you do not experience the light or don’t feel any thing don’t worry about it is the intent that counts and will allow you grow more into the knowing ,also the ones who see and experience the light and even those who don’t think of who you are praying for try to picture them in your minds eye and talk to them it will be their higher self and threw their higher self they will hear and feel you . I know it feels stupid and silly talking to some one who is not there but they are and the more you do this it becomes and will become a 2 way conversation and the time will come when you just call them in your mind and they are there .

    This is why you need to read the writings I have done with my dealing with Father ,Andrea ,Michael and Gabriel and even Jesus and the other guides I have had . All the things I have experienced will be some of the things you will be experiencing and every ones will be different or similar but we are to share these things good and bad or weird to help the others in transition and beleave me sometimes I thought I was nuts .

    The last writing I wrote about the fears I had and even anger about Andrea having the baby and seeing him holding him but I couldn’t feel as we do now here in this reality ,but since that time we have had some talks and I expressed my feelings and anger of not being able to experienced a very precious time for me and all of this is in another dimension and most of the time Andrea and me are in the 5th .

    Since the pray group has started my experiences have really changed , first I have been able to talk to some of you threw your higher selves also I am learning to experience more than one dimension and then it went into experiencing 4 dimensions at the same time . Do you remember what I wrote about with Andrea and me when I was coming back from Oklahoma and how we danced and all kind of things while I was driving down the road , this is how we will be able to experience the new realities and the New Earth and how we can bring the change about and how we think it and it happens and as of today I have experienced 5 dimensions at once this is also what they are saying about we have all this power to bring the change like I was saying about when Father showed me how things began this is also how Father can answer and hear all the prayers and we will be able to be in different dimensions at the same time but don’t get disappointed if you donot experience these things ,you will in time when you are ready .

    I am practicing this some it is a weird feeling to be in different places at the same time .

    Now I want to share some thing with you all that is personal and scary ,fearfull ,frustrating and very emotional for me and that is the relationship I have had with Andrea ,I have had a new experience remember what I was talking about with not being able to feel emotions and touch and smell with Andrea and the baby . You know my emotions have been up and down on this and part of it was I couldn’t feel like I feel for someone here ,this get confussing at times be leave . I wanted to blow all this off as all in my head but I can not forget what I have felt in my Heart so I wanted to see the baby again and he was laying there kinda kicking and oh we named him Andrew Kaibab I bent down to give him a kiss and I did ,but I felt it and I could smell him that fresh baby power smell and I felt his soft skin and I ask Andrea what happen I could feel him and she told me Father wanted me to see and feel and smell and to know I had nothing to fear of not being able to feel or smell so now I can feel it just like they where here , but when this is for me its like I am watching a movie of me and Andrea and the baby but at the same time I am here but it still don’t feel real , what I understand it will become our reality as we know it but at the same time we will be living in different realities , now I don’t know exactly how all this is going to work ,but it seems when I really get concerned about things and ask for information on it I get it most of the time ,but it does seem things are coming a lot faster and I will try and keep you informed on the changes .

    I would also like to share that I know a lot of you have prayed for me and I thank you very much but just remember I needed to go threw certain things to get where I am at this time and that is why I say I do not know what is best for anyone to get to where they need to be but it is important for us to share the good and bad and to give encouragement to each other.

    Looking forward to Sunday prayer and I do hope this might help give some understanding of what you might experience Love Tooter

  • Thanks Tooter, I was worried about you, everything you have said above I have felt in my bones and heart about being on the different dimesions and levels and also what you say about folks being at different levels, I already knew this because Greystar was having much more severe Accension symptoms than I was and I knew she was more advanced or more of an evolved soul than I. I'm glad you are feeling better, lots are going on with me too, saw quite a few images last night and a vision of something but was falling asleep and didn't really focus! Take care! Love all!

  • It's funny, I know I read your post days ago but as I went through drama last night in my own mind I just kept hearing a voice say "just breathe".

    Thanks I needed that. I'll be there will bells on Sunday. Every Sunday if I can. May our unified energy bring healing and strength.

    Oh Tooter, what a remarkable experience. Bless you dear friend.

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