• Then lets send our Love and Light to her, good people

  • And an Angel as well.

  • Hi to everyone, i was scared to post my feelings i was getting my time was draining to put it bluntly...I also asked Raphael to join us, and protect us all with is loving light and to heal those that need, i am about to venture out of my comfort zone here, so bare with me.

    At first i saw beautiful light and behind that were hands reaching out, i started to smile at first then a cloud of darkness swooped in, my body was already in pain, but i started to feel my head about to combust (sp) i know..I heard crying, i felt pain in my heart like grief, i know this pain so i knew that someone,me, or others are in allot of grief, which allot of us have already said they were feeling different emotions on other threads. OK, tears were flowing from me, Angels I yelled,help me help us...I had to break free from the circle, as i was letting go the darkness was turning to light again...i guess i fell back asleep...All i can make of this is that i was either picking up emotions that were not mine or where they...

    Namaste to all


    May beautiful loving light shine around all of us today and always


    I WOULD LOVE TO KEEP THIS GOING, the next time I'm not lying down though lol...

  • Wow, thank you, i guess you were all posting as i was writing, i didn't want to loose my post so i wrote it in word lol...

    Thanks for the Angel and love and light Pedro:) aka seehorse along with too many aka's

    Thanks Paddie and Ibeleive

    and of course thankyou to all of you once again:)



  • If we are going to do this again next week, I am in...... This is definitely an experience, and I will definitely be willing to do this as long as we can. Just let me know!


  • Well i just had to come and see how everyone done even tho i said i wouldent be here for a while cause i am taking a long break but i will be writing the information i got from the prayer this morning and it was good and Sheila will be fine . I even got to talk to some of your higher selves but every one needs to remember and i have been reminded very firm that Father and them are in control of what needs to be done and they know what needs to be done . I was told and to tell to just stay in the Light and in truth and our main job is to guide those in darkness to the light and they will take care of the rest .

    I will write more own what i received and give it to Sheila to pass on ,but was told a lot of knowledge would be coming and our (needs ) would be met . I hope it went well for all of you Love Tooter

  • Funny you write that Sheila because I felt really down, really grumpy, sad actually after sending energy, like it was not my energy because I am doing fine, but as if i had picked something up from someone along the way. I thought maybe it was you because you are in so much pain and I was worried.

    Well whoever it was I hope you are doing alright now and stay positive. We are here at least I am if you need a shoulder.

    Count me in next time too.


  • I too felt down after that. We must remember to protect ourselves next week. Speaking of which I am in. Seehorsey, I am in the UK (GMT)

  • My Journey, I think that you may have picked up my feelings, but I am not sure.

    As i feel very much in the dark at the moment, and lots of things are happening that I do not understand. I have also been feeling some strange things lately, and I am venturing out of my zone here when i say that i have been crying a lot too. and that would probably be me. However i have also too felt others people emotions on here, so i too am confused as to weather they are mine sometimes they are i feel, and sometimes they are not. Which is also why i take a break now and then, to get it figured out, even then that does not always work. I am still in the dark about a lot of things, and i let it get to me too much. I hope you know that could have been someone else, but who knows, i just wanted to let you know that is exactly how i am feeling at the moment.

    Love and light Bee Xx

  • PH- That is cool, i am in the UK too. :O) Why did you not mention this before?

    LOL, Its good to have another person from the UK, I live near london, i mean that by about an hour, or so from london. On the train that is. So just outside of it. in the country lol, well not really in the country, just close enough.

    Love ya Bee Xx

  • tooter, that would be interesting, I sent out my intentions earlier, felt some things, i think they were nice though, well I guess it was. and felt a little better than i had been feeling. So i guess it did work, i did a short meditation though so as i havent much energy at the moment. I hope you know i did try and include everyone, and the thoughts and prayers i suppose count too.

    Love and light Bee Xx

  • I'm glad my feelings i felt were confirmed by others, it was hard for me to write out my feelings, but I'm also sorry for the pain and emotions we felt...But this is something to be aware of like Mark said, i really thought i did protect myself, but I guess the emotions of some of us are buried deep...So , yes to continuing our circle of light...and yes to the releasing of everything and feeling the love and light...

    @PH aka Marc, I'm really glad you jump into this with all of us...I wanted to yell MARC GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE AND THERE YOU WERE...LOL.

    So let me get this straight Pedro aka see horsey from the ozone time going to tell you your time,lol...

    @paddi, i was thinking of you along with the rest of us, some how i got to see poetic because i have seen a picture of her, its easy for me to focus when i have pictures in my mind and also Ramonita, i have a picture of her...It was like everything was going millions of miles per hour it was too much...But I'm OK now...Just felt bad abut posting my thoughts though.

    But i know in my heart we are to continue to be as one....Namaste everyone


  • hey beeeeeeeeeeee, our post times were the same sweety,everything we do out of love works sissy and light

    Namaste Bec


  • Yeah I guess so, Thank you for the picture its sweet, Well going to bed early tonight, its nearly 10 o'clock, but I have my exam at 9 in the morning 2morrow, so I want to get some sleep, as I haven't gotten much lately, well i should have, but sometimes it feels like i havent lol,

    Love you Bee Xx

  • Never be sorry for sharing your feelings. It could have been a collective release that we all needed. I for one am feeling a lot better now.

    Becca, you know I'm from the UK, I said so in my introductory thread all those weeks ago 😛 To be specific I live in a town in South West Wales. One of these days one of us is going to have to hop on a train and meet up. In fact we should all meet up.

    Shee, thanks for yelling, I am now hard of hearing lol just kidding. Sheelagh pointed out the thread for me earlier this afternoon.

  • @ Paddi

    Shee Can we arrange a different time after this prayer group so that I can send you some reiki?


    Only if your up to it Paddi, but i would sure appreciate it.thank you sweetie for your and light to you and your beautiful family...

    Namaste Sheelagh


    @PH, I'm glad you heard the yell, its the Leo Roarrrr that demands attention lol...i'm glad your feeling better, I'm feeling allot calmer now also:)

    love and light to you Marc





  • Next sunday is a good time, same time MyJourney, if your looking for something, to meditate on, i can post some youtube videos, or something to add a little visuals, maybe some chakra ones too, were doing a similar thing on another sight, and i am hoping that works well too.

    Its very cool, though i havent yet had any experiences with meditations, only slight feelings, i am still trying my best. to get the intentions, i havent done much meditating lately, but i get back into it eventually. we can make this a regular circle, perhaps not every day, but the intentions and regular healing sessions maybe good for everyone as well as the earth and things too.

    Here is a good link, that i got from my other sight, its a very good meditation, MyJourney, you may and all benifit from this, tooter maybe interested too, he will love this one. It starts at 48:00 but the introduction to it is a long talk about stuff, you may find interesting. have a play around the sight, is good too.

    Love and light Bee Xx

  • Our prayers are powerful, our thoughts are powerful! God bless all, yeah Shee sheild yourself, I was emotional a lot yesterday too. God Bless All.

    "Where two or more or gathered together in my name, there I will be too."

  • This post is deleted!

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