• Sending light and love to everyone.

  • It will be two hours, ten minutes from now, 4pm GMT for those of us sane enough to live in the correct timezone 😉

  • I see the "HUB" is drawn to the right place hehehe.....

  • Yeah, now to get you out of the Ozone lol funniest thing I have read in a while.

    Or is it the Twilight Zone for you? hehe

  • "those of us sane enough" you mean like me ?! roflmao now i don't know if you've got the time right according to my calculations (lol) it will start in 9 minutes make that 8...... well "see" you all at the party unless i got the time wrong.....

  • I'm in Sending Love and Light.

  • 🙂

  • did I miss it??? I thought there were 20minutes to go

  • Yeah me too Sheelagh lol

    My math sucks. I blame farmers and their DST

  • OK I am going to send out healing to Marc, Delbertc, Sheila, IBelieve, CWB, Maggie, Seeehorse, RC, AngelBee and anyone else taking part in this circle and I am ging to do it in the next 5 miutes.


  • Thank you Paddi.

    I did the same at 7:00 for 15 min with Raphael and included the earth.

    If we try this each week, we could get it all together and get much better at it, i'm sure.

    Maybe everyone could comment on the time and how it worked out for them.

    I liked the time and I wasn't sure how long so I did about 15 min.

    I sort of calmed myself and then asked Raphael to join us and then invisioned us all koining hands around the world as kind of picking up each one in a circle around the globe.

    Then I just sent healing, prayers, togetherness and then breathwork meditation.

    How about the rest of you. How did you invision it or do it? How long etc.?


  • Also thank you to Marc, Delbertc, Sheila, Poetic, CWB, Maggie, Seeehorse, RC, AngelBee.

    and anyone else who joined in.


  • Well I was very relaxed an hour ago but as soon as I started sendiing everyone reiki energy my kids started screaming at eachother and I don't know why so I managed to send but I did not notice any receiving.

    xxwill get back later when the kids quieten down

  • sending My thoughts and prayers 🙂

    Love and light Bee Xx

  • "If we try this each week, we could get it all together and get much better at it," i believe that too, Ibeleive!

    I was at our balcony, felling the sun's warmth, smelling flowers birds singing tried to convey all this light, on and off of synchronicity i'm afraid, my little one wreaking havoc at the flowers eating dirt and other nasty things lol i so understand Paddifluff...

    So people, next Sunday it is ! And same time if it's ok with everyone. Now that we have a whole week we'll be better prepared (and help PisceanHealer define the right time lol) don't worry PH tell me where you live and i'll do the math (i sukk at math but don't tell him that) even expand the circle inviting more people in.

    Hey perhaps we could sing the same song (NOT Blunt please!) or something we could use as mantra any ideas ?

  • I'm in Seehorse,

    I had a big write up but my tarot ate it. I have been having trouble on and off this morning with it and timing out.

    I'm hoping the weather lets me go out on the deck next week.

    So yeah, lets work out some details this week.


  • Yes, this has happened to me as well, however there is a trick for such cases. If i am to post a big message, i right-click- copy it before hitting the "submit post" button. Better safe than sorry....

  • angel hugs with flower petals


  • I hope Sheila is okay.

  • My sentiments excactly.

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