• hey people there's an easy way ! Just google "time difference between(place you live) and vancouver. I clicked a site named happyzebra lol and it says 10 hours, that's correct.




  • Now that's interesting. I consulted my animal cards about this, imagining many minds around the world coming together, becoming one, forming something permanent and important. 7 cards, the sacred number of ancient greeks. So this goes to all participants :

    1. Snake : Healing. You are a healer

    2)Racoon : resourcefulness. You have all the resources you need

    3)Squirrel : Preparation. Get ready for BIG changes

    4)Salmon : Determination. You know where you are going and you will get there

    5)Dragonfly : Illusion. You know who you really are

    6)Fox : Adaptability. Adapt to the changes that are happening

    7)Kangaroo : Gratitude. Be grateful for all you are blessed with.

  • "We are here now to create a new way, to create a new world... to use inspiration as our weapon and love as our shield. And there is no turning back."

    Many thanks to Poetic.

  • Ok dear lady, do you care to pinpoint a time after you have had a breather?


  • Hi Pad, aks paddifluff, yes...Sunday May 15th, 7am morning time in Vancouver which will be 5pm your time:)

    love and light

    Namate Paddi


  • Cool looking forward to that.Love and hugs to you too!

  • Hey you left out Texas LOL

  • Texas is 2 hours ahead unless you factor in daylight savings time then it would be 3 hrs but if you keep it on world time then it would be 2 hrs unless it is day light savings time in Vancouver then it really changes it LOL you know what i bet i bet spirit will hear it regardless of the difference in time remember time is not a factor they rely on just pulling your leg sis Tooter

  • So the world clock is showing you 3 hours behind us. So that puts me at 4am. I'll do my best.

  • RC,

    I did the same thing and counted backwards. But it will be 10 am our time which is much easier to do.


  • Yea I was thinking it was 11 but didn't know which direction to figure the savings time but the world clock made me think 4am. Like I said that is why I thought if we created a window of time, everyone could pop in from their time zone at a some what decent time.

    But no matter what I'll be there.

  • oh,I'm so sorry for the confusion...I forget at times we are from different parts of the world lol..sorry tooter...i assumed everyone is at day light savings time...this poor canuck girl should travel outside her world at times...

    OH, i just realized I'll be visiting all of you tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to this..My spirit can already feel the excitement.

    Take care everyone

    love and light

    Namaste' to all of you


  • @Mags aka sissy,sorry for my late response,i was actually overwhelmed with my Angel Card you posted for me... thank you, thank you Amen

    i am going to re post it here for me and others to see, because the past week i have been reaching out more and more to Arch Angel Raphael. I have been talking to him as if he was standing in front of me.

    This one morning I awoke earlier, my fibromialgia has kicked in big time, my toe nails even hurt. 😞

    My conversation i was having with Raphael this time was different., though I can't explain it in words.Then you posted this...

    OMG Shee ,

    this is the Archangel Raphael card that came out for you on the ask your angels thread

    Hi Shee,

    The card that came out for you is Prayer Works ,

    Archangel Raphael sends this card to inspire you to increase your prayers surrounding your health issues . This may mean putting requests into prayer groups , such as those associated with churches or temples . It also call for you to pray more personally and to ask your spiritally minded loved ones to join you . Hundreds of well documented and carefully designed studies have supported the healing power of prayer and have ruled out the placebo effect . Theres evidence that the more people who pray for a cause the better the result regardless of the type or denomination of the prayer . Raphael joins you in praying for the best possible outcome as well as peace for eveyrone involved , and remember the answer to your prayer is usually better and different form what you may expect .

    Shee as im typing this to you like a prayer is playing on my ipod so its defenetly a sign Raphael is with you .

    Thankyou Amen

    Count me in .

    Namaste Mag's

    sending you a gigantic hug, along with love, healing,answers,blessings, light and laughter to surround you and your beautiful family today and always sissy.


  • Mags, me again, lol. after i posted to you i thought OMG your time will be actually Monday.(

    @RC, it took me awhile but i understand now what you meant by a "window of time" thoughts were trying to find a time that we could connect together at the exact time, but then i realized that won't work, as i was writing to Mag aka LOAP.

    love and light RC


  • Sounds like everyone is confused about time. Anyway, Shee, I am in. From Eastern standard time at 7am, going west in the US, Central standard time is 6am, Mountain Standard time is 5am, and Pacific Standard time is 4am.

    Here are 2 sites for time conversion.

    I hope this helps, I was getting all confused too, until i remembered that I live in Eastern time zone. I hope everyone can join in, I certainly shall. Great idea, Shee, I am glad I decided to browse for a few minutes.

    Love ya, See ya tomorrow!

  • hi sunshine its good to see you, but remember to go a head and not count back thats where some of the confusion was coming in...i'm glad you found your way here...i'll see you tomorrow also...MAY the Universe, hold onto all of us tommorow...i'm so excited sister sun...

    Namaste sunshine


  • Shee Can we arrange a different time after this prayer group so that I can send you some reiki?


  • Good Morning! I'm going to be late getting out of the house this morning but I had to stop for this ....

    Sweet MyJourney, I welled up with tears the moment I read your wishes for me on the other thread --- Thank you so very much!!! It has only been a week caring for my (ex) MIL but it has felt like eons with trying to maintain an even keel, especially around my ex who argues with everything.

    I freaked when I saw this Raphael connection!!! Seriously. I was trying to bring comfort to my MIL and was holding her hand while doing Reiki. As a battle of spirit ensues when trying to let go of the physical body, I 'drifted out' of the nothingness state reiki creates a couple of times. One of these times I just followed my train of thought and suddenly found myself asking Raphael for help.

    This was a mini- miracle! I know names of angels and such but don't know or retain : ) a heck of a lot more! I got home that evening and looked into it .... Raphael means God heals. Wow! I so love the 'ask and you recieve' aspect and then this thread! Wow again!!

    I'm so glad I found this thread and will be present this morning for a multi-time zone Circle of Light Prayer! I will make time no matter what happens this morning to be present at 10am EST.

    Gotta run wicked late! Love to all of you who gather!

  • i will try my best too add my time in too, having a bit of a busy week and weekend, what with exams coming up. next week. Love this thread My Journey, Love and light to all Bee Xx

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