• Hi everyone,

    I would like to have as many people join in a "Circle Of Light Prayer".

    I know there are some of us who are being zapped of our energy!


    I also know with all the different time zones we need to come up with a time that would bring us together day or night as one.

    I'm in Vancouver, some i know are 12 hours ahead, 4 hours a head, and with Australia being a day a head.

    But i truly believe there will be a time that we can come up with, so we can gather all across the world and wrap beautiful light around us all and our families of course.

    Peace,Love and Light

    Namaste to all of you


    ps any input is welcome, this is for all of us:)


  • Great idea !


  • This is for anyone, its not about what our beliefs are, its all about the love and light we send out to each other and the Universe...

    Thanks Pfree, but I can't take all the credit:)

    love and light P


  • If ever there was a time it is now i know for me this is the crazies times i have gone threw and feel like every thing is being trowed at me at once my energy is going way down and its like i have been in battle every day for weeks and i know a lot of others are also ,alone as one we fall together as many we stand let me know when Ok Love Ya Tooter

  • I'm hoping for this upcoming Sunday Bro...I feel like that also:)

    hugs Tooter



  • MyJourney good idea I am in, I am definitely feeling something strange at the moment, Love ya hugs,

    Bee Xx

  • my journey,

    wonderful idea, i will be checking in to find out the time, i am three hours ahead of you. my journey since there are so many different time zones, a suggestion, that we pray at different times for the prayers to be continuies, i know we are all facing some kind of turmoil, and we all can use prayers, great idea, right now my first prayer would be for more spiritual sisters and brothers to join in;


  • Soooooooo good to see youRamonita aka Dr,wizzard ,definitely missed your presence on the tarot forms you lit this page up Bella...thank you

    love and light my dear sister


    now i have to put your picture of you up here lol

  • Thanks MyJourney for carrying the torch. I'm on board for sure. Del I was hoping you'd see this, we're here for you buddy.

    As for the day or time it doesn't matter to me if someone can just tell me what day and what time frame it would be where I am - Delaware, USA.

    So much is happening on the inside and so many things from the outside are affecting the changes taking place. I'm frankly feeling pushed and pulled a lot. I could certainly use prayer for peace in my home. Sad to say but I'm still in need of money, I'm working on changing that focus but it is a necessity of life so I'm trying to go about it in new and different ways. What I am really asking for in that respect is security, a buffer, a rainy day fund, enough to get from one week to the next. But let me say this it's not about the specifics, it's about the general love, energy and coming together to help one another that will have the true impact it's not about the stuff, it's the unifying of energies. So let's do it, just tell me when to be there.

  • Shee are you saying Sunday? I will be with you, try to confirm before the end of the day please, love all! Did you know you can send light from your Heart Chakra too.

    "The moment we break faith with one another, the sea engulfs us and the light goes out." ~James Baldwin

    "So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth." ~Bahá'u'lláh

  • OMG Shee ,

    this is the Archangel Raphael card that came out for you on the ask your angels thread

    Hi Shee,

    The card that came out for you is Prayer Works ,

    Archangel Raphael sends this card to inspire you to increase your prayers surrounding your health issues . This may mean putting requests into prayer groups , such as those associated with churches or temples . It also call for you to pray more personally and to ask your spiritally minded loved ones to join you . Hundreds of well documented and carefully designed studies have supported the healing power of prayer and have ruled out the placebo effect . Theres evidence that the more people who pray for a cause the better the result regardless of the type or denomination of the prayer . Raphael joins you in praying for the best possible outcome as well as peace for eveyrone involved , and remember the answer to your prayer is usually better and different form what you may expect .

    Shee as im typing this to you like a prayer is playing on my ipod so its defenetly a sign Raphael is with you .

    Thankyou Amen

    Count me in .

  • Me too. I'm in, Just pick a time and I will get in on it.

    Thanks Beth for pointing out this thread.

    Loap, I have a set of the angel cards as well. I will pull my Raphael one as part of the circle for inclusion.

    Love & Light

  • ok, this is going to be my 3rd post that has been gobbled up, i'm not in the mood does Sunday 7am pacific time work? I know Mag's is 15 hours something like that ahead of us.poetic and Ramonita 4 hours ahead, bee i think 8 hours ahead. or we can wait till more see this thread and do it on another and light everyone


  • also, another thought...i think i should have stated my words differently on the thread i started, i definitely know others who would have joined in...To much chatter going on in my mind, if anyone is thinking the same way...we can start a new one.

    love and light



  • Hi Everyone 🙂 I'm in!! MyJourney this is an awesome idea.......and much needed for sure, I have no energy....... and have read other posts stating exactly how I feel and I don't even post back, I'm just so blah, its about all I can do to get what I need done and do some reading. I did a great heart-universe meditation last week which gave me an incredible amount of energy for about 12 hours, and I got a lot done. However after that I haven't had an extra ounce of energy. A couple of weeks ago I cried and ranted about being deserted by spirit, I just felt so abandonded, I got over it but its been a tough one. Last week when I would wake up I would feel so disoriented and alone, I have almost never felt alone my whole life. Poetic your posts have helped so much! Also reading how everyone else is dealing helps so much too. I am pacific time too, so will be praying at 7am on Sunday. And LOAP love the synchronisity of the Archangel Raphael card!! Amazing!! Love and Light 🙂 GJay

  • GJay, i'm so with you i'm having trouble with my words,thoughts,body etc. and if it wasn't for knowing others are feeling the same way, ide be in my bed with the covers over my head:)

    Enough already I say lol...Its almost like a virus, its the only way I can explain whats going on with all of us

    love and light


  • I think its fine sis if i can figure out the time i am on central,there is just one problem how we going to get seehorse in own this when his time is in the OZONE LOL

    Now seehorse i am just kidding you Tooter and hey did you find out what that fan is you use ? here we call it a vent a hood ,i can just see you with your head stuck under there LOL now to be honest i put exhaust fan down first and thought that is not right ,as many as them things i have put in over the years i couldn't remember what i called them so dont feel bad, i suppose to know , i think my computer is getting old it has a hard time remembering and connecting LOL Tooter

  • I must be careful what i eat no more junk food (for this week) cause i'm stuck in the WC roflmao

    now about that synchronicity whatever-you-call-it thing i'm in but i may be sleeping at the time no problem i'l meet you in my dream (i just hope it's not the one i am with 2 japanese heifers...;)

  • Well if what Andrea told me earlier its going to be a interesting day ,she did not tell me what but to just hang on ,i am almost afraid to go outside LOL I dont know if its a good thing to have a relationship with yourself i cant get by with anything LOL Her first words Tooter i know you dont want to hear this but i am telling you anyway it will be OK and just hang on so i got my orders today and i am like you seehorse i hop its not on the John again like last night but afterwards i ate nearly a whole angel food cake and seehorse i already know what your thinking we would get kicked off of here if we talk about that LOL Later Tooter

  • I'm in, 7:00 am. Sunday the 15th.! Nice to know it's not just me. I've been" fake'n it "til I'm make'n it" So I know in my heart and soul praying together will definitely give us the advantage to get through all this muck!!!

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