Libra man and gemini woman......

  • I have a male friend who is Libra (9/30/53) who dated a Gemini woman (6/16/73) for 7 years and over together for for a few of those years. She moved a couple of hours away about 18 mos ago. They remained friends until she met someone, got staged within 3 months of meeting new guy and moved in. My friend was devastated. had asked her a couple of times to marry him and she said no. Well... now her engagement is off and libra man and her are in contact. She has told him she wants to be friends only. He has called of a relationship with a wonderful woman hoping for a reconciliation with Gemini woman female past. He is waiting for her in hopes she will move back. Curious as to what anyones read is on this situation. What can I say to Libra male friend? He is so confused and lost.

    Thank you for any input /advise n this .... 🙂

  • hi, I dated a Gem man for about 6 months before he broke up with me stating that he didn't think we could work out. after we broke up, I did a lot of research and read that a lot of Gems like to keep their past partners on the back burner so they can go back to them when they like. I would ask your Libra friend to stay safe and guard his heart. He doesn't know what his female Gem "friend's" intentions are. she came back to him only AFTER the relationship/engagement with the other man was called off. tell him to be careful and tell him to ask his Gem friend what her intentions are and why she is back in his life. if she only truly wants a friendship, then she needs to not lead him on. if she wants something more, then she needs to be open about it and tell him that she wants a relationship. being wishy-washy or on the fence is not a nice thing to do to him. she's playing with his sincere feelings for her. she could have the best intentions are heart, but it just sounds like she's only coming back to your Libra friend after the relationship she left him for failed.

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