Would appreciate it if someone do reading please

  • Hello and thanks for your help in advance..

    please, I need reading on longdistance relationship with foreigner. Im wondering about his motives, and does he really care and love me, and also why has he been unavailable for some days, what do you see about our relationship. His birthdate is Oct 27 1972 and mine Nov 12 1962, thanks for any insight that you give,God bless you. Denise

  • I don't see any love from his end although there may be attraction and passion. You are looking for emotional bonding, whereas he may not be wanting to invest emotionally in the relationship. So this relationship is like an illusion for you. There is not much gelling between you two and I don't see either of you making a move to take the relationship to the next level.

    Pulled out a few cards for why he is unavailable. Sorry, i got quite negative cards, but I am going to say it as it is. For him, the relationship has become a drag and its more or less over for him. You are moving too fast and strongly for him too.

    Overall, I am sorry Denise but I don't think he has much feelings for you. Better to move on.

    Good luck and God Bless!!

  • Hi tarotred

    Thanks for the reading, but was not expecting this..we have made sacred love vows, he is supposedly held now for investigation from his job..is this the truth, or is this his way out? its puzzles me because he has made it clear that he loves me often..im really confused by this..thanks and hope you could shed more light on this..Denise

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