Am I moving backwords?

  • I would love psychic advice from someone who is gifted in that area. I get plenty of advice on what I should and shouldnt do from everyday people,however I feel and think deeper than anyone I know, therefore I dont see things as what "the books" say I should. I dont know what info you need from me (Im new to this) but I am a scorpio, 11/19/79, he is a Gemini 6/8/75. We were together almost a year, broke up last June. He initiated contact with me a lot in the last year but I have been with someone else, so I did not engage in that. The 'someone else' and I ended our relationship in March, so I then began talking/seeing my ex. At first, not much interest in him, I was upset about my recent breakup. But as time has gone on, and we have spent time together, the feelings for him are resurfacing...hard. I do not know whether to back up or let it happen. We are not even sure why we broke up; we asked ourselves that recently and really dont know. He is not suggesting we get back together. Neither am I (openly). He doesnt know I am falling in love with him again. I dont want to get hurt or be stupid..please help.

  • The great necessity here in this relationship is to give structure to the sometimes wild and unpredictable actions of the both of you. You share characteristics that your relationship can magnify, including a cutting, critical, and sarcastic side that can lead to confrontation and conflict. A refusal to be bound by the laws of social behaviour and conventional morality will constantly land you two in hot water, not only with other people but with each other. Your wildness and independence become more pronounced when you are a couple, exposing you to the danger of social condemnation or ostracism.

    A love affair, marriage or friendship here will depend for its survival on the extent to which you two can agree on simple commonsense principles or moral codes that will bring you at least a modicum of stability and support. Marriage has the best chance here (if you can make it that far), for it usually demands the hammering out of stronger commitments and tougher compromises. Simply setting up daily routines, paying bills, organizing meals, and all the other little details of family life will provide both an important element of structure within the relationship and the basis for a more systematic approach to life in general.

    Alas, a love affair or friendship here is likely to blow with the wind. It is not that they cannot be enjoyable - in this sense they are often quite rewarding - but that they are likely to be rootless with little purpose. Unless the love affair or friendship can be steered in a definite direction, the two of you will simply drift apart.

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