Need some help, PLEASE?

  • I consulted the tarot out of curiousity. As background, I consult a pyschic about once or twice a year and I have an astrologer do my birth charts once a year. I have been divorced for a while and I am ready to meet my soulmate. I did a karma spread but I am thinking I don't know how to ask the questions properly, nor do I know how to interpret my reports! Maybe I did the wrong spread....I am so lost...PLEASE HELP!

    It seems favorable but who am I to know? Thanks in advance for your help

  • I use to consult with readers to see if my soul mate was on his way and after conflicting readings I got confussed and then my mind would race and then nothing. I recently did some interpersonal work on myself and I am too ready for a serious committment. Recently a friend told me about and I listened in a teleclass for an hour and then I was able to see what I still need to work on. I also had this book in my relationship corner of my home and I signed up for the seven week course. I am going to try this because 1. they offer a money back guarnantee 2. I know I need to do some more interpersonal work on myself to be able to attract my soul mate. Check out the course. I figure what the heck, I have spent $$ on readings and nothing really came true so I might as well do something about it than to count on a reading.

  • Great idea, I sort of just let it go. I have a lot more going for me than to wait to see what MIGHT happen. I also have great fun being a flirt.

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