The Value of Relation-Ship

  • a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

    The connections that exist between each of you and the people you connect with are based on shared soul contracts, karma and mutual lessons. Every interaction, no matter how long or short, contains a soul intention for healing and learning. There are no accidental or chance meetings or connections, each one represents a karmic cycle and an opening into your healing purpose. As you meet each person or encounter every relationship, connect with your guidance to know the purpose of this connection because each one serves you on your path.

    The human experience is a dimension of learning that each soul experiences in order to return to wholeness. You see yourselves in a singular aspect yet each of you is a collection of lifetimes in which each one has contributed to an aspect of your separation. Your lives are more than linear; they are multi-dimensional and multi-level experiences of a wide range of energetic experiences. Through the connections you make with others you are able to re-capture your soul's essence and bring yourselves back to wholeness in body, mind, emotions and spirit. This is accomplished when you are aware of the value of each connection and its relationship to you and your soul's healing journey.

    The most challenging relationships are those that you give the most attention to but they are not always your most important soul lessons. Sometimes it is the lessons in receiving that you have the greatest struggle with. The path of overcoming which, on an ego level, helps validate past struggles is the one you choose to help you reconcile energetic imbalances, lost power and challenges created by the cruelty, thoughtlessness, abuse or betrayal by others. Through the resolution of these lessons you feel stronger but their true purpose is to assist in your return to wholeness. How did they serve to disconnect you from your power and what was your soul's plan for healing?

    The healing through connection and relationship is lost if you are not aware that these gifts are yours in every interaction. Ask your guides and soul to help you remember that your life journey is one of healing, whose purpose is to bring you into alignment with your divinity. Seek the healing and reconnection opportunity with everyone so you receive the blessings that you have made available to yourself. They are of your creation, for your purpose and serve to enlighten, heal and transform you. Be grateful for them and willing to release them when it is time, so new multi-dimensional pathways of healing, living and being can open for you.

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