Releaseing our emotions and Feelings

  • Frist i would like to thank Tarot for having this forum and to be able to share with each other Thank You .

    Next i would like to say thank you the ones on this forum for letting me use you every day most of the time and hope i have given a little back .

    I know some of you think i am probably nuts and that is ok i have been following the light for 26 years trying my best to do Fathers will not mine and i know a lot of you do also .The reason for this tread is for what i have found in those 26 years is very important for me to do and to grow in spirituality.

    One is identifying why i am having the thoughts i am having ,Two is realizing i have no control over the thoughts that come into my Head . Three is remembering they are just thoughts unless i put them into action .Four i need to understand that thought before i take action on it and what purpose it will serve and to be sure it does not cause harm to others and if i do cause harm then i need to make amends for the harm done ,but i need to understand the exact nature of the wrong so i try and not cause any more harm from it .

    Five understanding the exact nature of the wrong and what part i played then and only then should i go and make amends to those i have harmed .

    For those who want to know more on this you can let me know and i will do my best to help you with it .

    Then comes my prayers and meditations to improve my relationship with my Father , but the releasing of thoughts and emotions come from me sharing what is going own with me at the given time i am writing and i do this here with you all because you understand and also you do not judge me ,but writing the things i am feeling and thinking helps me to release them and let them pass threw . Here lately i and a lot of you have been going threw a lot of weird thinking and feelings our bodies have been acting weird and the emotions have been crazy .

    There are times i get loaded up with thoughts and emotions and if i do not release these and process these sometimes i act on them and it can come out in anger ,resentment ,fear,doubt all the things that cause me problems ,and most of this does not have anything to do with the reality i am in during that time, there are times also from this build up if i dont deal with it by releasing it ,it get to where i want to sleep all the time or not get out of bed at all i get afraid of going anywhere or doing anything with others and when i ask my self why i can not see the answer or a why or what is causing this and the thoughts i am having and i am afraid if i say anything to anyone they will think i am nuts and then i am in fear of what others think and all this keeps building up and up until i feel like i am losing my mind .

    If any of you feel like this it is understandable with every thing going own now with every one most are trying to ignore it some are even to afraid to acknowledge it and others are breaking down from it even thinking they have gone off the deep end and hope no one notices .

    I have found and even practice this the best i can you have seen in my writings to trust your Heart and i still say that to trust your Heart i have all kinds of thoughts come in my head and if i do not deal with them they can drive me nuts in all kinds of ways so a lot of times i come here to share what i am feeling at that time as crazy as it is and i have found if i dont i get sick spiritually .

    When i write it out and see it for what it is it loses its power over me and clears the way for my continued growth sometimes i just say oh its nothing and it grows and grows to the point i dont know anymore what is and what is not . So i have found by keeping this cleared out by writing and seeing it for what it is i am also releasing it and most of this has no truth or fact to it at all and then i can get back to my Heart and know the Truth .

    I hope this might help some of you i know things right now are crazy and one of the other things that help me is just getting out side taking a walk seeing nature working in the garden .

    That is what i am going to do today is work outside this helps me to stay grounded also anyway i hope this helps Love Tooter

  • Hey friend what's up. I don't really know how to put in words all my thoughts, but i'll give it a try what the heck. You'll recieve a message, crazy talk. Conveying it was one of the toughest decisions. I really didn't know what to do, shut up or talk. For better or worse i chose the latter. It was a choice. If you don't talk to me again, that's also a choice, you have every right to make your choices.

    There were 2 voices in my head, Tooter (or Tutor). One of logic : Seehorse you're a loon. You will never admit it, but you're going crazy. It's your troubled mind, the anxiety about the financial crisis, what's gonna happen to you and your family should your country defaults under national debt, other pressing matters as well who make you invent things that aren't really there, just another ego defence mechanism to give you a false sense of security and a reason to exist. You have absolutely no right to try to affect other people lives, even Tooter told you so. So Mr. crazyhorse, shut up, visit a shrink, take your pills and go home to your normal everyday life.

    The other voice spoke differently. You sure you're going crazy Mr Seehorse ? Too many weird things happened lately in your life, too many coincidences. For example, some 40 days ago you were living a completely "normal" life and here you are now playing with power animal cards, talking with people around the world you would never meet in your life, hearing whispers in your ear, thinking of many things and the same day someone posts something here telling the exact same things ? Can all these things be coincidences ? Actually, there's a reason for everything. There's a reason you felt suffocating before, that led you here, these people thoughts triggered reactions inside you, transforming you little by little, or maybe too soon and too violently for your liking, but that's life boy. Growing up ain't an easy thing. It's all about choices Seehorse. No one will force you to take ANY decision. No, that would be too easy. You came to know some things. You have been given some knowledge. No one forces you to share it. Keeping it to yourself or sharing it will be YOUR decision and YOUR responsibility. Because knowing your responsibilities will help you grow up. The confusion you feel is exactly the same you felt when you were at puberty. Anger, frustration, excitement, lust, a thirst for life and knowledge, rebellion against everything all these feelings a storm in your mind then, the same thing now. The biological child was dying then to become the adult, the spiritual infant is dying now to evolve to a spiritual adult. That fear of being no more an innocent child was the reason for those crazy feelings then and now. Grownig up means to take responsibility for your actions, and all children resent that. This too is a choice, To accept responsibility and evolve, or be forever trapped in an infantile immature state of mind.

    So my friend, i made my choice. It wasn't to keep silent. Another person chose not to keep silent also. So this knowledge came to you. From now on you too have a choice or choices to


    I know i'm too new to all this, you have been walking this path for years and compared to you i'm an infant. An obnoxious obstnate stubborn one i know, but that's me and i'm like that for a reason i think.

    Well my firend that's all for now i'm going to my place in the kitchen to have a couple of smoke and coffee, still googling for its name dammit i have same cards for you they say interesting things but i have to type all day to tell you everything each card say and that's quite a lot and i'm lazy and still recuperating from damn diarrhea and it's high time to clear my poor head from all this time for Ozzy the great. "Bark at the moon" full power lol freakin' love it !

  • I opted for a couple of sentences, in the end i wrote the freaking odyssey roflmao i'm evolvin into Tooter...

  • Hey my friend Thanks and i took what you gave very seriously ,so do not fret on what ever decision i make and there is a lot more to that than what you know as you will find on your journey.

    You are going at a high rate of speed to knowing and for a reason, also you and Marc are both pathfinders and are laying out the path for others to follow and for you it is coming fast cause time is short Mark has had a little time for his growing and learning .But you are getting a crash coarse into a existence where norm becomes abnormal ,reality become a ? Knowing or not knowing , if i am sane or insane or going insane becomes a big ? Then we have to figure who is real and who is not where is the Truth or what is the truth and logic becomes a big ? Should I or shouldn't I becomes a big ?

    Now Pedro you have heard me say a lot since you have been here and the most important thing is listen to your Heart for the Truth and you will find a lot of times even then Logic or our Ego jumps in to say this is not so ,so how do we know the Truth for sure ? You know the love you have for your child right , but the mind can try and convince you differently couldn't it ? but no matter what the mind says your Heart knows for sure how you feel about your child . Now you can get angry at the child and even disappointed at the child but that does not change the Love you have for your child does it ? You also want the very best for your child no matter what you see or hear Right ?

    This is what i mean by listening to your Heart for the Truth and yes sometimes we have to dig very deep to find it and when we do we know the Truth for what it is . Sometimes we question the visions or messages we receive and sometimes they do not make any since at all and we ask our selves why am i having these thoughts or hearing these and who is this giving me these thoughts ?

    This is where you have to use common since so to speak , for me it took me a long time to trust the one who i call Father a long time ,but threw that time of growing in trust i also learned his voice or the thought that came into my mind and i learned to trust that voice or thought because it was consistent and the same over the years .

    But also during that time i also learned that there are other voices that have came that was not his and sometimes i listened to them and nothing good came out of them always bad ,so i learned real quick there are good and bad entities in the spiritual realm ,Father has never led me to anything bad ,some times i didn't want to hear it or do it ,but it has never been bad or caused harm to others. Also if i am spiritually fit nothing harms me , but if i am not then i open myself up to the other entities to come in and give bad direction or thoughts . The way i know for sure is ,what good will come from this direction and will it cause harm to others , that is my anchor to the Truth.

    Now during these times we are going threw there are a lot of different entities trying to control us .

    Some want us to stay in fear and beleave everything our governments are doing and beleave they are doing it for our best interest , do i beleave that ? No all we have to do is look around and see the reality of the way things really are , and these entities feed off our fear, but most people would say that's bull and your nuts . If you are a energy entity wouldn't you feed off of energy to sustain you ? Fear is one of our strongest emotions along with Love and Hate and they are a strong energy we produce when in them ,look at the energy we produce when angry or hate ,there are destructive energy some can be controlled to have a positive affect but in hate there is no positive affect it is a highly charged energy that brings nothing but bad results from it .

    So there is a lot that wants to keep us ignorant to the truth so we will stay in fear and allow our governments to keep us under their control for their on best interest. Doubt it ? There are cars that run off self sustaining energy and the same knowledge could be used for anything that has a motor to operate it. There has also been automobiles that run off of water ,there are cures for cancer and almost any illness. But we dont hear of these things because the ones who want to keep us ignorant want to stay in control and keep us dependent on them until we dont serve a purpose for them anymore .

    But how do you keep people from knowing the truth ? You discredit the truth being told or the one telling it or to some extremes you eliminate them .Its like someone at your job comes and says you did so and so but at the same time you know you didn't but if that one person conveniences say five people chances are you will louse your job over a made up rumor now this is kinda extreme but i have even had it happen to me . So with all the information going around and the messages that others get and pass on i myself check and recheck for the fact of them and the source then i have to draw a conclusion on what if any direction i take. Do i do this all the time NO because experience i have and been threw help make a decision .

    So with all this information i have given you to keep it simple just seek your Heart for the direction and just ask your self if it will cause harm to another human being

    Know this Pedro you did receive a message and you did what you felt was right you followed your Heart as you should of, so do not feel bad for doing what you be leaved to be right .

    I give messages also not to cause harm or create fear but to inform and let who sees and hears make their own decision on what action they take . I hope this might give some understanding or enlighten you some . Your Friend Tooter

  • The only thing that made me feel bad my friend was the possibility of hurting another human being (and using another as well). It's your right to take any decision you feel right, the same applies to everyone. After all we are presented with challenges and it's our decisions that define who we truly are. Not astrology signs, dob numbers etc etc. Thank you my friend, for the knowledge you shared and will share in the future.

  • Hey i am waiting for the other messages but i am pretty sure i am going to do that that you said ,i need to to clear out my head i got information overload LOL If you know what i mean .

    I also had a visitor this morning i didnt get to bed til around 2 am and at 4:30 this morning i was trying to have cramps in my feet and toes hate that but i was laying there awake working my toes trying to keep them from cramping and i was laying on my left side and i felt someone lay down beside me like they just eased down , now i have had this happen a few times but the first time i remember me and Brenda were married and things where ok and we where a sleep and i had woke up and was trying to go back to sleep and felt someone lay down beside me , i came out of that bed on all fours hollering get the hell out of here ,scared the craP out of me .

    But it has happen here also before but this morning the first thing i ask was if it was Andrea and if not then leave but it didn't leave so i talked to it a while felt stupid doing it but its a weird feeling you cant see them and i couldn't hear her like i usealy do but i could feel the pressure of her up against me and i ask about 3 times if it was her and if not leave but i still got that fearful feeling at times that kind that feels like you losing your breath this went own for about 30 minutes then i said i have got to turn over and that ended it but its still a spooking feeling but i also got to do some praying for a lot of different people and our world and ask for knowledge and healing but i still haven't heard Andrea yet so who knows anyway i doubt i will be around for awhile taking your message serious and it sure couldn't hurt but i will check emails and i would like to hear the rest so my friend stay true to your Heart and i will tell sis to give you my email. Tooter

  • Well i am going own a walkabout for a while so i want be around for some time if i can say anything wise is to live from your Heart and be true to yourself Love Tooter

  • 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing these messages tooter, I really like reading them. and sometimes it helps.

    LOVE and Light Bee Xx

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