Embrace Your Brothers And Sisters On Sirius

  • Hi Poetic 🙂 I do feel there is more light now! How cool is that! I need to find my painting from about 18 yrs ago at least , of a dream I had showing me in an egg, like an embryo all dirty and curled up in a fetal position and then I was shown that I would become this huge golden glowing being. It was very cool, but wow I had no clue what so ever what the h e c k it meant back then, other than it was a big message and I needed to paint it. Well I knew that it was me in the egg at the time and I had lots of work to do on me, but I thought the big glowing being would be after I passed, maybe I was going to be done incarnating........but now to read all this and feel whats happening is just so amazing, I keep wondering is that how we will all be here after the ascension, well I guess that maybe will bes my aura....oh I still don't know, but we are in some amazing times for sure. I really love these posts Poetic! Thank you for bringing them to us.............Lots of Love and Light 🙂 GJay

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