Questions About Numbers

  • If Anyone has any questions on Numerology or Numbers feel free to ask.

    If you want to know the meanings of a particular number, how to calculate certain numbers in your chart, feel free to ask.

    Or if you would like to share anything that you may know, please do so.

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    markie808, blessings for this offer for the meaning of some numbers.

    My DOB is May 2, 1947

    full name is

    Julianna Louise arnett

    I would appreciate an interpretation of how these numbers influence me in this life.

    the weather is getting hot mail


    loving silver wings

  • Loving Silver Wings,

    One of your most important numbers in your chart is your lifepath. This is derived from your entire date of birth.

    5+2+1+9+4+7= 1

    Since people differ on how they arrive at the compound number, I will describe the single digit.

    You are a 1 lifepath.

    The 1 is always the self starter, originator, and the leader. Usually the 1 is good at starting projects, etc. but not really finishing. They are usually on the go type of people and are looked up to. The 1 also likes to be admired and thanked, when they are not they get upset. Even with admiration the 1 can sometimes feel alone.

    You should also look to the day that you were born for more clues.

    In Astrology the 2 is ruled by the Moon. So this usually means people who have this number in their chart have mood swings, ups and downs. One minute happy, next minute depressed. One of the good things about the 2 is that they know how to gather facts, and bring people together.

    The 1 and 2 are a fabulous combination. You can see the 1 gives the person confidence while the 2 gives one softness and the ability to listen.

    With a combination like this it is a force to be reckoned with in the business world.

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  • Thanks Lovingsilverwings!

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  • Dear Markie,

    If you have time, would you tell me something about my birthdate as well please?

    April 11, 1980 at 12:03 a.m.

    Thank you for any insight you may be able to share. 🙂


  • Hobbles76,

    If you look at your date of birth, you are 6 life path.

    The 6 is the care taker, the nurturer, the one who assumes responsibility. They are typically found in service oriented professions, and tend to get wealthy if they stick to their principals and values.

    Since you are an 11 born, there are always sudden events that come up in your life. Things happen for no reason, or out of the blue. Catches you off guard at times. However, this day also makes one sensitive, kind, and sweet. Relationships and cooperation are needed for peace and harmony in your life.

    Until 40 years of age, you'll be spiritually tested, and called. Listen to your inner guidance, and participate in activities that promote your intuitive skills, and give you spiritual nourishment.

    The 11 is also spiritual. So you will find in some shape or form, throughout your life, you will be called to help guide, advise, and set an example for people. This can be in a big large scale way, or on a smaller scale in your community, with friends/family. Either way, you will help uplift.

    There might also be a creative talent present, singing, dancing, art, writing, acting, etc. Whatever it is, you should cultivate it and express it, people will be drawn to you because of it.

    The personal yearly cycle you are in there is movement. However, don't rely too much on others for your success, or to further you. Stay away from duplicitous individuals. The cycle until mid next year, promises new "starts" in some ares of your life. The movement and how far is always dependent upon you. Money is a motivating factor this year, but don't let that cloud your judgement, remember stay away from corrosive natured people.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Well here is my dates-lets go for it lol May 6th 1992

  • Asia118x,

    I think I did one for you before.

    But the posts may have been erased.

    So from your date of birth, your life path is a 5. Generally the 5 deals well with the public, anything that has to do with self promotion, marketing, sales, etc. The 5 will excel in.

    The 5 also has issues with self control...the key word with the 5 is temperance. (Read my post on the karmic debt number 14). The 5 needs to demonstrate structure and order.

    While the 5 is meant to have many experiences traveling, meeting new people, up's and downs, they need to be persistent in their goals.

    For the 5 it maybe the most difficult to focus on one thing. The 5 sees opportunity in the world, as it should, because the world is its playground. But in order to achieve any sort of notoriety or greatness, it must focus and stick to it's plans. Or the 5 becomes the "jack of all trades" and "master of none."

    The 6 is the homemaker and likes to take care of the ones it loves. Sometimes it comes off to motherly or fatherly in relationships that it smothers the partner. However, the 6 loves like no other.

    The 6 is opposite from the 5, 6's usually view the 5 as reckless as irresponsible, and the 5 views the 6 as attractive but so slow paced and boring.

    With both numbers in your chart there is a clash, balance is required. Attention to home life and relationships, with respect to career and money.

    This yearly cycle can be good for you. You can attract luxuries and the assistance that you need to achieve your goals. However, since your cycle links to your day of birth, there is an increased yearning for a mate/partner and love. While it is natural, this can be counter productive.

    Assertion of oneself is important, however it maybe plagued by insecurity and self doubt.

    Do what matters and what is on your priority list.

    If career is what you choose, you will find that you will make progress quickly in this time frame.

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  • Markie,

    I know how to calculate my personal year for what I may be experiencing or going/worling thru during a particular year but...what is the calulation for personal month and what is the meanings for months 1 thru 9

    This could then be used for timing of issues or such correct. Like what month would be better for putting out your resume or dealing with home issues and such.


  • Hi Markie808,

    Why do I keep seeing 11? Or 111? I have been seeing them for a while now. AndI'm not

    sure if I notice it more because I noticed seeing it a lot. Or am I really seeing it a lot. 🙂 Thank you!

  • Ibeleive,

    The personal month is calculated by adding your personal yearly cycle to the calendar month.

    Example, someone born on January 1 (1+1=2)

    Universal year 2+0+1+1= 4.


    Personal yearly cycle of 6 and then add it to the calendar month of June (6)

    6+6 =12/3.

    So in a personal month of 3 it would be a good time for someone to show off their creative side, and they would be more social and active, would also be attracting admirers from a far.

    The personal monthly cycle is important, however you cannot forget the influence of the personal yearly cycle you are in.

    A personal month of 3 in a 6 personal year is different than a 3 month in a 7 personal year.

    So you have to interpret numbers together.

    A number has the same meaning wherever you see in your chart, the only difference is how it is expressed.

    Hope this helped.

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  • Sdr1980,

    The 11is an illumination of sorts.

    It is pertaining to partnerships, contracts, romance, and unification.

    The 11 is spiritual, so when seeing it know that the Universe is listening.

    If you understand what the basis of a number is, then when you see it all the time, you will have an easier time relating it to you life, and what the Universe is trying to tell you.

    I hope this helps.

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  • Thank you!

  • Markie,

    Yes it does help. I understand now why the 3 would have a different interpretation in a diffrent year. Makes it more difficult to evaluate and yet more valuable for use.

    Thank you so much.


  • Hi Markie808,

    Any significance? My daughter was telling me a few days ago that she had been waking up for weeks several nights throughout and her clock would always have the same time illuminated, 3:44 a.m.???

  • TheTransformed,

    There might be conflict between the emotional and practical sides of her life.

    These numbers also indicate "big dreams", and visions of "success."

    See what's going on in her personal life, you maybe able to figure it out.

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  • Thank you! She has been under a great deal of emotional stress with trying to get through her final year of High School as it was touch and go at one point! She graduates this Sat, yeah!! So she should becoming less stressed prayerfully : ) And yes she does have 'Big Dreams' and frets over whether or not she'll be "successful". Spot on!!

    Would you be so kind as to speak to her numbers: her B/D is 4/2/1993 (April, 2nd)

    Thanks again, Markie!

  • The Transformed,

    No problem! Glad to be of assistance. 🙂

    If you add her birthday straight across you come out with a 1.

    This is her lifepath number. The 1 suggests that your daughter is innovative, a leader of sorts, and wants to be the "best" at what she does.

    The 1 is usually head of organizations, they like to start things, come up with the ideas, but sometimes have trouble following through with it till the end.

    The 1 needs to be sure of itself in all its dealings, without tripping over its ego.

    The 1 is the one who starts things, who invents, and you brings a "different' way of thinking to society. Think Lady Gaga, that is an example of a 1 in action.

    With being a 2 born, this may give your daughter many emotional highs and lows throughout life. This is because the number 2 is ruled by the moon.

    The number 2 has a duality to it, it is soft spoken, and demonstrates tact. Some people take advantage of the 2's kindness, and mistake it for being weak, but when the 2 is crossed, watch out. That is the duality of the 2, it is like day and night.

    However due to having the 1 and 2 in her chart, she should do well. See the 1 will help her come up with brilliant ideas, give her courage and strength. The 2 will help gather the facts to make sure the proper plan is in place, and will help bring people together, to make the plan/idea successful.

    Relationships are a big issue of concern for the 2, they sometimes need it to function. Separate personal from professional in order for success and dreams of grandeur to flourish.

    Right now she's in a fabulous cycle, there's lots of movement. Areas of growth this year for her could be career, school, and love. Money and Love will play a big part in her personality and doings this year, so be on the lookout for that.

    One more note, tell your daughter to be mindful of who helps her. She is independent, and may want to do things herself. But there are going to be "people" that will be important to her overall "growth" and "success." Some people will be good others not, use the discriminating mind to weed out the toxic ones.

    I hope this helps.

    Congratulations on her graduation!

    Create A Great Day!


  • Wow, thank you so much Markie!

    How insightful! You have described characteristics of my daughter to a 'T', lol! She is very headstrong, independent and spirited 🙂 I am so glad to hear about the balancing dynamic that the 1 & 2 in her numbers seemingly will provide! She is a definite self-starter but does not always complete that which is started without multiple promptings to do so. I have noticed from the time that she was a very young child that she had a leaders spirit and I have been telling her so since that time and even still! She will do great things some day I believe! Another thing that troubles me about her is her challenge with 'trusting' the genuineness and sincerity of others; as a result she does not readily ask for help/assistance when she should! Again thank you or this!

    Would you mind then, doing one more for me? My only other daughter's birth date is: 9/14/1990 (Sept 14th)! Thank you so much!

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