Feeling bullish...

  • what the ?????? I do every thing for her and when Its my turn weres the vrigin spending time with me me me me always her do I ever get my turn? or is it always about her and no one else matters?????????? well who knows that one just meditate on that and let me know what God said Ok fellow human..... THE BULL

  • Hmmm. you sound angry and repressed. If you are a Taurus or Leo, you always think you do it all. I think you created this monster and you will have to uncreate it. Are you giving too much or is she just expecting too much? I think you need to ponder on that for awhile and expect no easy answers. Most of the good relationships balance out. You give and she gives. Are you really giving yourself away or is it something else? I would suggest you communicate..........do you love this person more than yourself or are you a doormat? Think rather than feel your way through this paradox.

  • Well, sit back and take a breathe. I get amped-up just reading that. I sense a lot of busy activity between the two of you. Relax. May not be as bad as it seems. Get together w/her (just the two of you) and tell her straight how you feel. Sit back and see what happens. You've done all you can do. Don't get mad or dramatic, just tell her. State your case calmly--ok. Maybe do something you both like. Don't let this get to you--know how you feel. Sometimes you can do too much. Don't let people use you. Know your worth! Good luck and God bless you.

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