Testing a spread...need three relationship questions please

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  • He either respects your boundaries or he doesnt and its then your choice.

  • Thank you for your reading,

    It all makes good sense. I'm a little puzzled about the comment you made "proceed with caution" I know it's not the norm to be crazy for someone so soon in the relationship but I'm not sure where to draw the line as it being "crazy".

    And are you insinuating that I think to highly of my self right now? I'm not offended by the way.

    I hope your enjoying your day!=) blessings..

  • Not in any way- that tells me you may question yourself somewhere in this situation by the way you percieved "preceed with caution"...that means in objectivity......carefull, awareness high, step by step.....making sure boundaries are not being compromised.

  • Lol yes I'm actually slightly worried he may be at a unhealthy crazy. but because you also said I'm in a unhealthy, unproductive situation.

  • Yes if he is and you are involved then it would be an unhealthy situation. ....protect your boundaries.

  • The advise presumed you to be not I.....but yes involvment with one who is will bring you in it as well...let your set and foundated boundaries, beliefs and values followed by you in your truth lead the way....

  • Thank you very very much for the warning. I def will be alert to any abnormal behavior.

  • 🙂

  • wow i have to tell you what happen today.. I spent some time today with. ufcourse as a joking way we made a comment about how he can knock me out and hold me hostage.. i sen him a msg right now and told him, although we were laughing and playing around it scared me and i do take that type of comments very seriouse. i ased him not to do it again.

    this man is an officer, do you see those "life time movies" when they abuse there authority. well i do..

    wow.. thanks again

  • Hello Rapunzle444, are you still taking relationship questions? If so, I'd like to know the outcome of a relationship between myself and Teddy. I'm not sure how to word it as we broke up in March. Maybe if there will be a reconciliation? (you decide)

    my bday is March 4, 1971 and his is February 22, 1969. Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi Rapunzel, are you still taking relationsip questions? I never got an answer to mine

  • I have done well more than three as my thread proposed, at a later time. Thank you all.

  • Thank you Rapunzel. That is much more than I expected. I wil let you know what happens

    so you get some feedback about your reading. I am just kind of floating around here and there trying to get a grip on what I should be doing. There have been so many chages for me recently. Thanks again!

  • Thank you all!

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  • Would someone, please, give me a reading. My partner (10/10/53) has admitted he has been gambling and has lost quite a bit of money. He has done it before...he says he promises he will never do it again, and has got help. I 'm fully aware of empty promises! Of course,there is a lot of good in him and he seems to be in a living hell for doing this. Do I finish with him or stand by him?

  • Antionette thats your choice are you honestly going to let one tell you your path in life and influence your choice? Use common sense, rationality and your guit feeling.

  • We do not need to flip tarot for everyday living and choice. We must be confident in decision making, life is choice:)

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