Testing a spread...need three relationship questions please

  • I conducted a spread and would like to practice with it. This all pure tarot divination. No meditation. Ant three people are welcome to this spread and interpretation.


    Recent past event or influence

    Near future event or influence

    partners mind

    Quarents mind

    Connection or situation

    advice about the partner

    Advice about way foward

  • Hi! 😃 sounds good.. i hope your Sunday is going well.

    my question is, I started seeing a man 2 months ago by the name of Ryan. He tells me he has been crazy about me since he seen me 6 months ago. and talks about me in his future. is he worth trusting. what can manifest from this relationship?

    I hope im helpful to you as you can be helpful for me.. thank you =).


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  • today is my taurus mans birthday. His ex always contacts him on his birthday. is he truly done with her?

  • Ok thank you every one. Ok the objective was to use this spread. So yes or no is not a question but I will put the concern into the question via the posted spread I layed out for ytou all to see.

  • Sweetody;

    The way you are seeing yourself is new hope, fresh start for a long relationship ahead. Star.

    The way you Ryan is one dreamy loving, caring, intuitive. Page cups

    The way you feel is building your luck, stating to initiate, teamwork, intergration. 3 coins

    What is the challenge: tiying up loose ends, recovery fom past relationship burdens, moving ahead. 10 wands

    What could be blocking. past heartache, tying up a resolution pertaining to the past. # swords.

    The way he sees you; a choice, a potential lover..seeing and examing if you are ready and if he is ready for a trusting relationship. Lovers Card

    The way he feels; new spark of passion, creative and empowering energy. Ace wands.

    Advice for the way foward; Devil...the Devils advice...is to remember to address bondages and be free of them....examine your assumptions carefully. Make sure you are not working from a false picture of yourself and the situation. Hold fast to the highest vision of who you are.This card lets you know that you are caught in an unhealthy, unproductive situation.

  • Sweetody sorry about the # swords, it was the 3 swords. The ace of wands would describe his feelings with the the way he expressed "crazy about you". Again question your situation..is it healthy for one to be crazy about one in such little time? Is this person capable and understanding with a sense of real maturity to know what a real relationship is ? Is he flamboyant, easily attached..possibly emotionally dependent? The devil card is giving you warning to precede not with ignorance but carefully rexamine any patterns and your situation.

  • doeyeyedpisces;

    I was friends with a man, his name is Mike July 1, 1966, we stopped speaking about 9 months ago, I haven't tried to contact him for the past 6 months, but today I sent him a message. Will he respond?

    you feel a bit of betrayl or dissapointment. 10 swords

    you are seeing him as free, enjoying himself' 4 wands

    your feeling fast energy towards him, bravery, action, fast words and messages Kn Swords

    Having and not having "resources" time, information....is the challenge 6 coins

    Emotional rebirth or possibly growinjg weary of a situation, moving on is the blockage. 8 cups

    He sees you as chance, a possible intergration, up or down....WF

    He feel 3 swords...not sure what your past actions were or if this is heartbreak or conflict from the past he held..it also could mean he is desiring a resolution..

    The way ahead reveals......Queen Swords.......astute, sharp mind, sees throught the bullshit, independent...

  • Ruby red;

    About the ex..the first card I pulled about from her wiew was the 10 swords. Bottum out of the situation...I take it its over Why he is still communicating..unclear of emotions, illusion..7 cups

    You are seeing yourself as a trusting individual capable of a loving union... 2 cups

    You are seeing him as being a bit burned from a previuos situation, as if he is stil recovering and moving on...9 wands, 6 swords

    Teamwork, intergration, planning, new partnership begining is your situation

    The challenge or bloackage is the mind Ace swords, justice, truth, honesty, clear about the direction eachother is going..

    He sees you as swift passionate energy, inviting, emotions deep..Kn Cups

    He feels, confused, unclear, distracted...Moon

    I shuffled and pulled one advice card for you to examine...this is to be advice for you concerning your relationship..skeptical, self enterprising, disciplined.........Emperor.

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  • Great Spread Rapunzel 444

    Will have to try it out one day .

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  • Hi Ms Rapunzel - can you do this spread without a specific question? I don't really have a partner - I am still married but still going through a divorce - we are just rying to hold the finances together and take care of the kids for a bit more and trying to separate things out. I do have a friend but he has a GF and all that business. would you like to try a reading for me using this spread either my husband or my friend and see what you get? It's an experiemnt for you for you get time. Thanks!

  • I did the three clients as I put in my proposal. I will do a reading for Turtle Dust and Aquarium at this time later tonight. Then I must halt to ensure balance. Thank you.

  • Deyeyedpisces;

    3 swords can depict what is to be a resolution. A conclusion and truth has been exposed now this will enable a clear way ahead even with the heartache, loss or dissapointments involved int he situation it allows a passage to start shedding away the negetive enrergy for a better way ahead for all involved.

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  • Aquarium;

    Since i was proposed to december 2009, the following year my fiance has been making friends with a stready stream of females. Since i was the first relationship he started after an ex cheated on him 22 years ago, how can i be sure he is genuinely committed to me and not just making up for lost time?

    Here are a few questions' how long was it before you initiated with him post his severance with his ex? If he has always been tied up in a relationship and never really a bachelor for a good period of time; do you think he has had enough time to get centered to know what he wants and to be clear about his emotions in a realtionship? What are your boundaries and worth? Is this behavior acceptable concerning the worth and boundaries you hold?

    Here is a reading as I had proposed on the first post'

    initiation in new levels of consciousness. A rebirth for the souls journy. Judgment. The way you see yourself. Waking to aspiration and sudden ambition. Honesty with self is required to experience Judgement.

    A higher power that restores balance. Justice. Your view of your partner.One who rewacts well to others; takes them into account. Steadfast. Integrity in social affairs.

    Beyond bound to and accepting. Feeling twords him; 8 Swords. Excersizing acceptance, trust and patience. Decre4asing power from within the mind infringing the way you can carry out activities within the situation.

    Situation or Challenge; King Cups. Fullfillment within creative intelligence. Idealism and liberall opinions about behavior. Power acheived when spirit and emotions are combined.

    Bloackage; sacrifice. Transition-submission. conscious suffering. A prep time for a transition.A happening of doubtfull nature.

    making way for new efforts. Transformation. The end of something even opinion. Death. Purification; eliminating excess.

    one who has to deal with anxieties, suffering with dignity creates a purification. A female sorrow. Alert and clever. Sharp mind. Feelings towards you.

    Way ahead advice; reflection, introversion. Contemplation in voluntary emotional isolation. Emotional reorientation. A bitter experience. Searching for new rules, tired of self sacrifices. Doubting.Internal division.

  • Turtledust;

    I am still married but still going through a divorce - we are just rying to hold the finances together and take care of the kids for a bit more and trying to separate things out. I do have a friend but he has a GF and all that business. would you like to try a reading for me using this spread either my husband or my friend and see what you get? It's an experiemnt for you for you get time.

    Well your friend has a GF now. You are now still yet to get independent and centered, Only secure with self and centered will attract the same. So I will do a reading for your divine match. This will give you a segue into awareness about the rigth one and when.

    Seeing yourself able to embark on a trusted union. Seeing yourself as now whole and centered. 2 cups. new or renewed union. Mutual understanding.Deep Communication.

    I manifest. Chariot. You see him as dominant and victory. Struggle and success. Determination and will power. Controled emotions. Direct wil and focus.

    You feel love intensely. Intense and elevated emotion. Supressed emotions become liberated. 3 Swords.

    Situation: Influentail woman, energetic broad minded female energy. Sensual practical, attractive, honorable, Independent. Success in external and personal business.

    Challenge: Social indeifference. Reluctance to share "knowledge" with others. Wants saftey and security. Narrow mind. Self is kept hidden. Stingy within resources. 4coins

    He will see you as. Sun. Optimistic, liberated, contentment and centered. Carrying out plans for success. Renewal of all life aspects. Reward of a new friendship. Taking life as it comes and being happy with that.

    Feelings towards you; positive judgemnt. impressive conduct that commands respect. Objective Justice. Intellectual apex. Successfull companionship.

    Advice about way foward; what ever surround impinges this card (ace swords) this really is like deep intellectual and emotional communication. Driven self confident moving energy. Couraged encounterments. Rights defended and won successfully. A master in action.

  • Turtledust. Kn Swords was that last card.

  • This post within new readings is now complete. Thank you all.

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