LivingOnAPrayer,MyJourney,Pisceanhealer, n friends Cwb asks ur help

  • hi

    can u help with the following?

    1. when my sis (born jan 1 1970 ) suggest this or that line of education or work, am i senseing right its more her want n she project it to me?

    2. what does ur tools n u get 4 me come june july august work or n educational wise?

    3. what does charlie think of my sis "meddles"?

    4. what would he advice to me?

    5. is charlie gonna hire me?

    6. will he aide me over to him?

    7. what else im in need to know at this time

    thank u so much


  • Hey Cwb,

    I will pick you some cards will get back to you soon

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Thanx n BUUUUMMPPPP!!!

  • hey Cwb i did you a tarot reading

    i asked the cards what the future has instore for you the cards i got where 2 of cups , 10 of cups and the wheel of fortune now i feel that you must listen to your inner voice when it comes to your sister you need to do what is right for you not saying that your sister doesnt have your best interests at heart i just feel that you need to find answers to your currant situations on education wthin yourself follow your inner guidance dont be easily swayed and do what you feel is right .now i felt that a romance is blossoming for you with the 2 of cups i actually see a long time commitment being, made as your cards focused more on your relationships than anything else , with the 10 of cups well this complete the picture it is a card of happiness joy , peace and abodes well for family so if you are having diffuculties within in your family these will be resloved i also see another addition to your family as i feel that there could be a pregancy on the horizon .Now with the wheel of fortune you will go through alot of ups and downs in your life and it also represent unexpected encounters and twists of fate so be prepared for the unexpected as you will be swept up in new devolpments of all kind .

    Hope this helpslove and light LOAp:)

  • thank u so much sweetie


  • BUMP!!!!

  • CWB,

    there is a definite sense of "meddling" involving your sister, but I'm inclined to say that is coming from you. Not to say that your sister isn't "meddling", she truly believes she knows what's best for you. Which is actually not true, we don't ever truly and fully know another person.

    With regards to your first question, no I don't get a sense of projection, only that she is certain she knows better than you what you should be doing. I agree with Mags here, you can't rely on what others think you should do, including your sister, mother, and Charlie. You must follow your own heart here or you will never be happy.

    Love & light CWB, go do something that makes you happy, irrespective of whether it's career related or not. You need to recharge "you" now.


  • thank u so much marc

    i had to re read it a few times. thank u


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