House MD is the greatest show ever

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    House is probably the greatest show ever. Like the constant twists and characters that you want to view. Dr. Gregory House is a brilliant diagnostician but troubled best known as the best in their field. Dr. House is a sarcastic House MD DVD, manipulative, callous genius to say, however, that absorbs and makes you care for her.

    writing is great, especially between House and Wilson, his best friend and "Star oncologist" in the hospital. Some liners between these two are gorgeous. Nip Tuck DVD

    During the first three seasons of the House "ducklings" fans call them, or "diagnostic team" as they are clearly marked, was dr. Allison Cameron, Chase and Foreman Eric Robert. All the characters are brilliant in their way The Simpsons DVD , each story is their juxtaposition with the House.

    Dr. Cuddy, hot female dean of medicine has been almost palpable sexual tension, Dr. House, and still try to keep it under control. I look forward to more of them. The Closer DVD

    The new "ducklings" are not as interesting, but Dr. Kutner is growing on me. Dr. Remy Hadley, also known as 13, has Huntington's disease, and is slightly interesting story.Dexter DVD

    I'd suggest you rent or buy all the periods of closure, because he knows the whole story will show better.

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