Heartbroken. Reading please?

  • Hello.

    Yesterday, I had the unfortunate experience of discovering the man that I was in love with for over 2 years is in a comitted relationship. 😕

    I'm really heartbroken about this guy. I don't know what to do.

    Can someone give me some insight?

    I want to know: is this guy ever going to be a part of my future at all? should I just accept it and move on? his birthday is 3/10/83

    and...more importantly, is there someone special who's going to enter my life soon?

    my birthday is 9/25/1993

    thank you so much for your insight in this difficult emotional time for me. Your help is much appreciated.

  • Astrology predicts that this match is best for friendship. In a love match, temperamental differences (your precise and direct energies and your friend's more sensitive diffuse ones) are pronounced. You may prove overdemanding at times for your friend, who often wishes to be just left in peace. He would not always have the will or energy to give you the love and attention you crave. On the other hand, his inability to articulate his thoughts would prove exasperating to you. A marriage between you would suffer from indecision and procrastination - the relationship can have a certain comic charm for family and friends, but can ultimately prove highly debilitating for the two of you. A friendship works best here because it is much more relaxed in nature than a loverelationship. A love affair or marriage would likely be a disaster.

    Danibo, you will find true love when you work through the issues and blockages that keep you from achieving it. Your profile shows you often go through a lengthy and nerve-wracking process of second-guessing yourself (and others) owing to insecurity, when you should trust your intuition instead. You can see the pros and cons of any decision or situation and by the time you have thought through all the possible ramifications, it's too late - you have missed an opportunity.

    It's often a process of deciding what you stand to lose if you go one way or the other. By focusing on the negative aspects of a situation, you become more and more insecure. What you really want is to win something so when you fix on a goal and make a firm decision, the universe will support you and everything will work out beautifully. Sometimes you just have to take a chance without weighing up all the consequences. You can never have enough outer information to be sure of what you are doing, so you must stop trying to figure out what other people are thinking so that you can say or do the right or smart thing. You just waste time trying to find the perfect words or behaviour with which to impress others. Everyone makes mistakes and you are no exception. When you speak the words that you intuitively feel from your heart, the situations in which you find yourself will come into harmony. When you live and speak from your inner truth, people will admire and love you for your trustworthiness and honesty. You must also learn to laugh at yourself as you can take yourself and life way too seriously at times.

  • thank you for your insight 🙂 It's somewhat comforting to know that there was never any true potential in that relationship in the romantic sense.

    I do constantly second-guess myself especially when it comes to relationships and think too negatively about the person's views of me. But, how can I even begin to get over that? it appears to be an essance of my personality, unfortunately.

    Basically, I just want to know if there's going to be someone who's going to enter my life soon that will allow me to grow and change so that I may have a real relationship with them. Do you know anything about that?

  • You can change anything in your personality if you want to. You must understand that you cannot guess what other people are thinking. According to the experts on socialization, it's one of the biggest mistakes people make about each other. What you are really doing is only assuming you know what people are thinking BASED ON HOW YOU THINK ABOUT YOURSELF. But nobody thinks exactly like you so you will never know what they are truly thinking. What is happening is that you have low self-worth and judge yourself as lesser than others. But we are all equal - no one is better than anyone else.

    You must do things that make you feel like a valuable and effective person. That is, you must follow your truest passions and trust your intuition. You can only 'fix' your situation by being true to yourself. By acting and behaving from your most honest self, you will draw the appreciation of others for not playing games or being anything that you are not.

    Someone who will allow you to grow and change is yourself. Don't ask people for more than they can or should give. Don't give your power to someone else. Take responsibility for being your own support system, healer, and teacher. No one else is here to change you and help you grow but you. Everyone is struggling to survive and evolve. A 'real' relationship is one where two people have grown to the point where they are independent individuals in charge of their own lives, but who enjoy each other's company without conditions or expectations.

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