Hanswolfgang - May I have a reading please?

  • And you are very philisophical~ It suits you! The first time I went to school, I went for music, because I am a singer. But I found all of the studying and formality sucked the joy out of music, so after a year and a half I dropped out. I had always regretted not sticking it through to at least get the degree. I feel the circle completed. I have enjoyed my studies this time, even as dry a subject as Information Technology.

  • So Hans...I have been letting go of this situation because he never contacted me. Will he ever contact me again?

    Also, I am finding that when I sit down to write songs, they are all about heartbreak and it brings it all back. Will I be able to break out of this rut??


  • Anything on my last questions Hans?

  • All these months later and I still think of him daily. I still will not say anything else to him, but I wonder, will I ever be able to let go completely? Also, does he think about me?

  • Hans....anything?

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