Hanswolfgang - May I have a reading please?

  • Hans, you gave me this reading in March of 2010, saying that I would end up with Mike (7/1/66) but he is now not talking to me at all...completely cutoff contact after finding out how I feel about him...

    Here was the reading:


    But can you tell me if Mike married his Soul mate - her birthday 5/28/64? No.

    (in case you forgot my birthdate 2/20/68): You have intuition. This is a time when your intuition will be stronger than usual. It is also reponsibility in speech and communications and of making compromises to maintain a peaceful surrounding. Situations will arise that promote bringing your life into balance and stability. Whatever is out of balance will have to be adjusted so there may be karmic debts to pay.

    On a more universal level, this indicates a time when you can become aware of a special purpose in your life, something to do with sharing higher knowledge with others. Thus it can be a harbinger of an important mission for you, one which will lead you to a higher purpose and lifestyle in the spiritual sense.

    I know you said that he has romantic feelings for me, but I am wondering to what extent? He suppresses his strength behaving out of fear just like you do expect from him.

    Will we ever be together in this lifetime? Yes.

    I mean maybe in 10 years or so? No.

    The heart is always right-- if there's a question of choosing between the mind and the heart-- because mind is a creation of the society. It has been educated. You have been given it by the society, not by existence. The heart is unpolluted.

    So my questions now are:

    Does he miss me?

    Will we be friends again?

    Will we ever be more than friends?

    Thank you thank you~

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  • doeyeyedpisces,

    just tell him that if he hates enough, he is already in love with you. He cannot escape. He can delay, but hate is already a relationship, and who wants to remain in a relationship of hate? His hatred will torture him. He will have to change it into love. Only then he will be free of that torture.

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  • doeyeyedpisces,

    this will help. It will make you more settled, it will make you more certain of your being, it will give you more confidence in the direction you are moving. You will come back more grounded more centered. It will be a good contrast.

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  • doeyeyedpisces

    What will help, if I tell him what you say or if I just let it lie and keep him in my prayers? If you tell him what I say.

    My whole effort is, that wherever you are, if you accept yourself, you will be happy. If you reject yourself, then wherever you are you will be in misery... and misery is your creation.

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  • doeyeyedpisces,

    So what does this mean exactly: get rid of those cobwebs!!

    He has to let go of the hate to be free from the torture that accompanies it? No.

    Or does it mean that he has to love me to be over the hate??? Yes.

    An ordinary change can be very meaningful for the mind.

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  • doeyeyedpisces,

    but you are brave enough to admit it!

    Renew and expand your Spirit through heart-to-heart exchanges with others.

    Success if you stay on course.

    This is the time for true companionship.

    Exchange energy, ideas and feelings, constantly invigorating and encouraging each other to new heights of Spiritual achievement and Self-discovery.

    This exchange is not for your glory, but for furthering the process of your pure potentiality.

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  • doeyeyedpisces,

    In what way? By always chasing your dreams.

    Not with him obviously, correct? No.

    That's why it is possible to attain a sudden understanding also. The whole gradual process can be dropped. Right this very moment, you can become awakened. That's possible, but it will depend on how intense is your search, how much you are in it. If only a part of you is in it, then you will attain to a fragment, a step. If half of you is in it, then you will reach half the journey immediately, and there you will be stuck. But if your total being is in it and you are not withholding anything, you are simply allowing the whole thing to happen right now, immediately it can happen. Time is not needed.

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  • doeyeyedpisces,

    So companionship with him - Mr. 7/1/66?? Yes.

    Truth is discovered not through swimming

    but through drowning.

    Swimming is a surface happening,

    drowning takes you to the depths without end.


  • Wow....doeyeyedpisces.....hello. I have a similar thing goin on. I am friends with someone and we are involved off and on. I want it to be more and I feel he does too, but keeps pulling back. I feel your fustration.......good luck to you!!!

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