I felt a need to say it, now I'm nervous

  • I feel guilt posting this, but I need to vent

    I dated a guy about a year and a half ago for 6 months. We have now been broken up for 13/14 months or so. I adore this guy, but felt he held back too much and I was simply confused about his feelings for me when I broke it off. I have kept in touch via text and it wasn’t until October, 2010 that he even started responding. A week or so ago he mentioned he misses me. I of course told him I miss him as well. Told him not to chicken out when it comes down to seeing me. Well…..seeing me or even implementing a get together has not happened on his part.

    Within the last week, I have had an old friend pass away and yesterday a friend ended up in ICU. This prompted me to send a lengthy text to Eric explaining that I care for him and understand that he may not feel the same, but I need to let him know that I care. I mentioned that I understand that this may prompt him to never speak to me again as well. I told him that I will no longer contact him. I will let him contact me if he wishes to talk.

    I feel that this matter is driving me crazy. He comes back at a time I am talking to someone I like. I’m nervous about choosing the new guy and then he decides he wants to see me again. I feel many feelings for him and think when it comes down to it, I would pick him. I don’t want to lead another on just to leave.

    I know this is all decisions that life brings and I have to possibly just be patient and let it play out. The text might have very well driven him off.

  • aqua2378 If the text drove him off you should choose the new guy because if you expressing you care about him drives him off he is not the right guy. Just my opinion

  • thanx Cancerman276.....

    emotions do seem to drive him away (my observation). I wasn't sure if it means he is not right or he is not ready. Either way, I can't make my life stay still for him.

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