Aries woman needs help Cancer Man

  • Me: Sun - Aries, Moon - Gemini, Venus - Gemini

    Him: Sun - Cancer, Moon - Aries, Venus - Virgo

    Alright this is my first time doing this let's see if you guys can actually help me.

    When I met this guy, I wasn't interested in him and I was pretty down about a different guy but he noticed my pain and stuck around me and everytime I was with him nothing mattered and I was happy. It was hard for me to call on him because of my pride and I barely knew him but eventually I started to, I never talked to him about the problem. One day we ended up kissing, and I didn't like the kiss nor being in that situation I had a wake up call and it reminded me of the guy that I was depressed over and made me want to run back to him. So I ended up pushing the nice guy away being rude and telling him how bad the kiss was and trying to put distance between us. But after a break when I came back to school he was still there, and we talked about it and he was glad that I didn't want a relationship and asked if I wanted to be apart of his friends group but both of us noticed when we were around each other we were still very much attracted to each other and when he said something about it I tried to blow it off, and then when I eventually said something he blew it off. After awhile I couldn't hide my feelings anymore so I vented with poetry, and told him it was about him but he said I was like a sister to him and he was sorry, I pretended I didn't care and said it was cool eventhough that hurt me I know how to burry my feelings and just move on but he however started acting awkward and distant so I gave him even more space and eventually we just stopped talking completely, his friends started questioning wheter the rest of my poetry was about him or my status and I notice that he started liking pages that said, if you're talking about me then say it. These last two weeks have been our crumbling point, we hadn't seen each other for weeks because he'd been avoiding me. At a relay everytime I came near him and his friends he'd walk faster, or find a reason to leave, or talk about other girls. He'd even leave his friends group to get away, from a distance if I was dancing or enjoying myself I caught him watching me but as soon as the event stopped and I got ready to walk over he'd be gone. (I've been spending time with his guy friend alot, we kind of felt excluded from the friend group so from the moment he started acting funny I've been hanging out with one of his almost close friends.) I started to cut him off there but before I did I wanted to give something to people's families to say thanks for being so nice to me since I'm new here, and he waited until I made it and was ready to give it to him and refused to show up to get it, then I told his friend to tell him to get it or I'm dropping it off and I got a late text from him saying he wasn't trying to come off mean but he didn't want it and neither did his family and to just give it to his guy friend (that I'd been spending time with), and I replied with there is no way you could possibly come off meaner than you already have my feelings and pride is already hurt and I understand we're not friends and I'm done trying it's all good bye.

    I feel like there's things I missed, but I'm not sure what. I prayed on it and let him go and figured if he came back it'd be good if not it'd be a big loss. Thoughts please.

  • he also never replied to that text which shows me he can careless.

  • From one aries female to another... move on dear.. He is gone, let him go and move on.

    I have dealt with many Cancer males and if they are truly interested they will dote over you all the time and they end up being like a piece of static film paper... can't get them off you you throw them to the wind and they keep coming back.. This one does not sound like he is interested anymore. Move on and you will be better off.

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