Reading on old guy friend who Ive reunited with. Capricorn/Pisces

  • Could someone please do a reading for me? The birthdates are 3/8/83 - Mine & 2/16/76 .. This guy I met and fell in love with 6 years ago. He has been back and forth in my life... he had offered last year for him and I to leave.. we were getting close...and I kinda ran off..I felt extremely insecure at the time in my life and very shy with him....we had a falling out last year & I finally got him back in my life. Im terrified of losing him again. I was recently seeing someone else.. who I really want to let go. My guy friend here, who is back in my life he is very protective. Its seems like we are off to a start. I dont want to lose him again. I mean the point is I waited for him for a long time & it would be a dream come true if we could be together.

  • This post is deleted!

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