Shuabby, Thank you for doing this....

  • Shuabby,

    Thank you for saying that you will give me a reading. Here is my situation. I am still hooked on ol Cancerian friend born 7/1/66 and I am born 2/20/68, We used to talk everyday, he stopped talkign to me back in Aug of last year. My husband had contacted him telling him that I loved him and to stop distracting me. He did for a while then we reconnected, but he was different. Ok, he is a elusive to begin with but if you have an answer to these questions, that would be great:

    Did he love me?

    Does he miss me?

    Is it possible to ever be with him in the future? (he is married as am I) Here is why I ask that question, I have loved him for 14 years secretly, if I knew that he would love me say 10 years from now...I would wait. Insane, I know, but he has an unprecedented hold on me. I felt like I could feel him missing me this weekend when I was missing him. Anyway....what do you see?

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