Nency from Shuabby

  • Hello Nency,

    You are in transition and may be feeling a bit unglued at times, trying to deceide which direction to go in or take at this time.I feel you getting down as you think for some reason that you have no choice in matters around you, the angels will help and guide you when you call upon them , and I suggest that you need to at this time.

    I would suggest that you make a list of what you are good at and what would make you happy in a career. I feel that you are empathic and need to be careful of where you place yourself careerwise, as you will pick up others feelings strongly. Do you have a hobby? Do you draw well , interior design comes in for you and also hairdresser or make-up artist as I feel you would be good in these areas. I see the colors green, and yellow around you these are colors that would be helpful for your movement forward at this time. Do you sing? If so please take lessons and pursue this field also, you are gifted in many areas spirit is showing me just how special you really are.

    In the area of love you will meet a man in uniform , means his career makes him wear a uniform. Spirit tells me that he will be in your life for quite awhile and you can take this anywhere you want it to go with your free will.

    You certainly have a lot to look forward to in the days and months to come , so cheer up, dress up and go out there and shine your lovely light for all to see.


  • Thank you very much.:)

    Hm, last year i pick wrong college so i give up.This year i'm planning on philosophy/literature maybe pedagogy.

    Yeah, i think i'm creative and like to do stuff with fashion and art, but in my city there's not much choice of that kind.In my free time i'm trying to write:/ but i can't. I draw well, not really great but 🙂

    I'm really happy to hear that, sinca i've never had no one and i feel lonely.So when i will meet him, in next few months maybe?:)

    Yes, i should, i really have to.:)

  • Nency,

    Even though you may choose literature I feel that if you looked around some you would find a school of fashion that you would excell in, somtimes in life we choose a pathway than we find that 10 yrs later we detour to another which I feel for you will be fashion and art.

    You will meet this man in the next three months. Look forward to it as he will make a difference in your life.


  • Well maybe i will found one day but right now there isn't much choice just some expensive not very well one, but who knows.:3

    Thank you 🙂

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