Here is my reading request Shuabby - Thank you so much!

  • Dear doeeyedpisces,

    The connection between you and the cancer man is from a past life when you were together,but in this lifetime you choose other mates to develope a life with. You are strongly attracked to one another this time around but have not made the deceision to leave your mates and make it a permanant relationship. If you do leave your mates and get together your Cancer man will carry some guilt with him as well as you will, also he will be moody as this is his nature. Can you cope with this withdrawal that he will do , as I feel his father was not an understanding man and did not want his son to show a lot of emotions. A woman always suffers when a man is raised in such a way. You have free will and I really feel that you need to tell Mr. Cancer how you feel and see if he will lay his cards on the table also, if not you will still be waiting and hoping for a man that just may be a romantic dream this time around.


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